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Baby susie
If it hadn't been for toyah, Eva wouldnt have gone through with the pregnancy. So baby susie wouldn't be here now. Hasn't that sunk into Peters head?
The real septic 6:10am Sat 16 Jun
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Please get rid of her can't act looks permanently surprised it's her only expression. Storylines pathetic acting abysmal. Money for old rope and they get paid handsomly
Psm 2:27am Sat 16 Jun
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She looks like daffy ducks ugly sister.
Compo 8:11pm Fri 15 Jun
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Botox not good
Liz has obviously had so much Botox she is totally expressionless. Why bother?
Ambivalent 7:33pm Fri 15 Jun
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And still more moaning misery - will it EVER stop? Gulps, and groans and forced tears - not a winning combo,
Fred 7:26pm Fri 15 Jun
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They will realise as in never. If it's more to do with looks then they ought to go to specsavers especially in the case of Carla the hard faced one.
lila 7:44am Thu 14 Jun
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And when will those at the top realise that barbie dolls and mortician clones can't act for toffee!!!
Bagpuss 7:33am Thu 14 Jun
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Hollyoaks had is long blonde barbie dolls now Corrie has the long dark Morticia clones
lila 9:30pm Wed 13 Jun
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Far too many long dark shiney haired over made up ladies who really can't act on corrie now.for viewers that remember corrie of old with good plots and characters that we got to care about its now got very boring and when as before I didn't like too miss an episode I don't mind a bit if I even miss all week now.such a shame its gone so down hill.
Bagpuss 9:18pm Wed 13 Jun
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What I was trying to say was that at least she’s nice to look at. She’s a beautiful woman.
Seemypointagain 8:32pm Wed 13 Jun
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Stop the weeping!!
Enough is enough! Can't take any more!
Belle 7:38pm Wed 13 Jun
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Previous comment
Totally agree. No need for the whole scenario being shown. We watch soap for escapism. I had to switch it off.
Irritated 7:36pm Wed 13 Jun
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What a yawn
Did we need all this about Aidens funeral.
Shelly 6:57pm Wed 13 Jun
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Load a
Tripe and misery
Sj 6:57pm Wed 13 Jun
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No plot
Dear Lord, more melodramatic tears and sobs with overacting making up for lack of plot.
Rodders 6:55pm Wed 13 Jun
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Where was Nicola's baby last night when they were all in the Rovers.
Confused 5:16pm Tue 12 Jun
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The Rovers
Has turned into a Creche - Alec Gilroy would have a fit!
E J 4:51pm Tue 12 Jun
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Carla great ??? Used to like her but she can't act. Oh and she's in love. With herself!!!!
Jeb 2:59pm Tue 12 Jun
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Will he call his baby John player after a packet of cigarettes?
The real septic 7:16am Tue 12 Jun
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Expectant father in real life. Says it all really.
lila 8:18pm Mon 11 Jun
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Carla great? She is one of the worst actresses on TV.
Andy67 7:41pm Mon 11 Jun
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Are all Corrie women slappers or soft in the head? That's when they're not being boring old bats of course
Breda 4:57pm Mon 11 Jun
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At least we have Carla. She’s great!
Seemypoint 1:01pm Sat 9 Jun
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After years of watching Corrie, I am sorry to say that it has now degenerated into silly stories, impossible coincidences, and some stupid unbelievable characters. Also, it has developed an irritating technique of breaking action into very short bites, which is distracting and spoils the story line.
folate 3:30am Sat 9 Jun
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Days Off
Hardly anybody works these days. How can they get so much time off. As for Steve McDonald.....and Peter Barlow.... well, get my point?
E J 8:51pm Fri 8 Jun
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I thought that too but was questioning myself thought I was having yet another senior moment.
Confused 7:31am Thu 7 Jun
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The reason for the hour time difference on the comments is because they have not changed the times when the clocks went forward in March. I have noticed this for a long time.
Jackdaw 2:32am Thu 7 Jun
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Coronation street Sophie Webster Get the car to see Daniel at in Wellingtonn England ta21 9at Love Sophie ??
James 11:37pm Wed 6 Jun
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The scenario was like the good old days. The con man with Audrey too. Nothing too serious and no violence. Has someone upstairs had a good talking to??
gina 9:24pm Wed 6 Jun
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Back to normal
Pleased to see coronation back to normal
Len fairclough 9:03pm Wed 6 Jun
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Well that was a change a bit of light entertainment at last,
Dovetail 7:47pm Wed 6 Jun
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How on earth
Did Roy hear the telephone call being made from a car so far away. Has anyone noticed that the comments are coming through with time showing an hour earlier than the programme time
Confused 7:06pm Wed 6 Jun
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Well that was probably the most ridiculous, over-acted, childish episode ever.
Pewa 7:02pm Wed 6 Jun
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Prev comm
You do know they have to be careful with irons? Remember what happened to Ken Barlow's first wife. Haha
gina 6:54pm Wed 6 Jun
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Fake acting.
Sally ironing with a iron that is not even switched on, no steam. Do you think viewers are thick. It's a soap not a play. How the hell did coronation street win best soap? Rosie what a joke. She has a kid? god help that child.
Mancunian 6:42pm Wed 6 Jun
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Try using more than one nsme. Others do and I learnt the hard way. I did not agree with it until recently cos I was wasting my time.and getting my comments wiped. Anyone you get the laugh as THEY are wasting THEIR time......haha
gina 8:59am Wed 6 Jun
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Thanks for nothing
Thanks very much for deleting my comment. Will do the same for you next time.
The real septic 8:35am Wed 6 Jun
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Oates exit
I think Kate Oates must have been on the panel that voted for best soap this year!!!
Bagpuss 9:49pm Tue 5 Jun
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After years of not winning Best Soap, Corrie wins after one of the worst years it has ever had! You couldn't make it up. Phelan should have won best actor though.
catbail 8:35pm Tue 5 Jun
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Have they all been given a couple of weeks off while this fiasco takes place in the factory?
E J 4:51pm Tue 5 Jun
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I love Rosie but that story line was ridiculous and boring! Who was the guy with the awful American accent? Let's hope when she returns from Japan??? (maternity leave) she gets better storylines.
Jeb 6:25am Tue 5 Jun
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Kate Oakes
Coronation street Kate Oakes give Me her Mobile number and Love Kate Oakes??
James 11:48pm Mon 4 Jun
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Best soap
?????????????? best soap, what a joke! Got to be voted by all the OAP's. Time to rain it in like brookside did, enough is enough. Fizz and Rosey are a joke.
Mancunian 6:50pm Mon 4 Jun
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Sally - it's acting. Unfortunately this is reality in this case!
Jenty 6:46pm Mon 4 Jun
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Constantly talking with her mouth full. Who is this appealing to?!
Sally 6:39pm Mon 4 Jun
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There's a difference between engaging scripts and outlandish scripts. The last year has been the latter.
Bob 9:52am Sun 3 Jun
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World gone mad!!!
Bethany Won Best Actress!!!! Seriously ? Seen better acting at my kids school play. Best Soap!!! I can't belive it. I am stunned, lost for words. Who votes for this drivel?
Daisy 11:26pm Sat 2 Jun
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1/6/18 The end of Coronation Street?
Utterly ridiculous and not entertaining. I am giving up watching after 55 years. I thought the Pat Phelan tale would never end and it certainly wasn’t worth the wait.
Seonaid B 11:02pm Fri 1 Jun
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Boredom beckons.
Now that phelans gone the only excitement will be a packet of mints being stolen from the kabin. Back to boresville. I will give it a week or so before people will be moaning that corrie's boring. Yawn! Change the record.
Sal 9:38pm Fri 1 Jun
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“Great Acting”
Best “ACTING” ever !! (Sarcasm)
Someguy 9:35pm Fri 1 Jun
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