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I could not have said it better. This TV guide does not carry any weight in decisions and is pretty much useless.
louise 12:09pm Tue 24 Sep
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In reply to your comment, we are not to be entertained anymore but to be preached at and educated (Ha Ha) on every conceivable subject under the sun. It's dreadful viewing
disturbed 11:43am Tue 24 Sep
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This man is so desperate for attention he leaves derogatory comments about himself not deleted and allows us all to laugh at him. Sad sad sad
ellie 8:34am Sun 22 Sep
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He deffo has a very odd toilet habit. Very worrying!
louise 3:34pm Sat 21 Sep
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operates from a back toilet in a London street, pull the flush
matt 10:45am Sat 21 Sep
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Prev comment
No he is still active deleting!
louise 8:35am Sat 21 Sep
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Whats up with Neil. I don't think he's on j#ry service. More likely in the dock for crimes against fashion.
Deano 7:53pm Fri 20 Sep
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Wow!lo Looked him up Tesco. Surprised as he gives the impression he is Waitrose. . His spelling is atrocious and him hanging about a park with children's playground sounds a bit dodgy!
Jed 7:04pm Thu 19 Sep
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Look up tesco Thornton heath. Click on reviews. Guess who's on there. Click on all his reviews. Can't stop laughing. The stage whispering in St Philips ch#rch cracked me up.
Deano 10:47am Thu 19 Sep
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He is too busy doing something else with his digit...poor sod!
Jed 8:41am Thu 19 Sep
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Flippin heck, he's forgot to delete the comms. Is he ill.
Deano. 8:20am Thu 19 Sep
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Only decent kid in corrie is jack. Hope is evil. Once she was so sweet, until she had a head transplant.
Indy. 9:34pm Wed 18 Sep
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Agree Bagpuss
Even cancer sufferers need a release and be entertained and Corrie no longer does that.
louise 6:38pm Wed 18 Sep
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Sad demise
That's me finished with all the doom and gloom building up to Christmas.
Bagpuss 11:44am Wed 18 Sep
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Agree Deani
Anything about him good or bad he will be happy! Sad really.
Jed 8:47am Wed 18 Sep
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Neil obviously likes reading about himself too, note, he hasn't deleted a post about himself.
smiffy 12:14pm Mon 16 Sep
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Only one thing can be said about Corrie
Good soap gone bad
Should be on the adult channel 11:24am Sat 22 Feb
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I should like to know how the person making comments on various shows using 'celebrity' names as their nickname. Is allowed to place so many comments at once when when usyally you are only allowed one cooment at a time? and all the comments I have made in recent days have not been printed at all, although inoffencive?
taylor 9:21am Sat 22 Feb
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lighten my life
Perhaps F and T will go off in search of R and lighten up our lives?
Cherry 7:43pm Tue 18 Feb
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Size 24
If you were so upset why do you sign yourself 'fatty on the street'?
bemused 12:12pm Tue 18 Feb
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Peter's gross tatoos
scenes with Peter and Tina were bad enough but those awful tats! Please, no more!
Treg 8:31pm Sun 16 Feb
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Chirpy self
Wouldn't it be kinder to let Roy stay wherever he is until he's fully recovered and back to his chirpy self? No need to bother him for a while I think.
Mae 7:26pm Sun 16 Feb
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Surely Les Dennis will bring a bit of style, wit and charisma to the show? Or not?
Sara 2:59pm Sun 16 Feb
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Same old, same old ......
Robbie 11:07pm Sat 15 Feb
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Those scenes with Tina and that chain smoking alcoholic were a little bit near the mark for Corrie.....
bemused 6:33pm Sat 15 Feb
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Gone off Tina,what does she see in the street alchoholic
It is certainly not his good looks or his riveting personality,he hasn't got either,but they are both leaving the street
Can't wait til Carla finds out 5:09pm Sat 15 Feb
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Outdoor scenes
ust lately ,whenever we have an outdoor street scene ,we always get the same irritating ,barking dog noises!!?? Give it a rest please! I would quite like to concentrate on what the actors are actually saying. (or doing in Peter Barlow´s case!)
Feather HG 4:37pm Sat 15 Feb
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Anna does look a bit like Nigella though,and we all know what happened to her!
Babs 4:19pm Sat 15 Feb
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The 'Eyes' have it
Liz Taylor's were a beautiful violet! Feel another 'YAWN' coming on involving Anna & the 'crook.' Too much Tina/Peter tonight.
scunnert 9:25pm Fri 14 Feb
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Owen's new business partner said that Anna's eyes were like Elizabeth Taylor's. I thought hers ere violet???
Get your facts right 8:53pm Fri 14 Feb
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What has she done to her face? Looking more like Annie Walker than ever!
bemused 7:47pm Fri 14 Feb
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Whatever your orientation, the writing simply isn't good enough and the characters bizarre two- dimentional figures not really representing anyone
Tara 7:26pm Fri 14 Feb
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Sad to say Corrie is getting like the American Soaps!!!! most of them have gone away.
RR 7:15pm Fri 14 Feb
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Gaynation street
After 15 years I am done with this show---there was 10 of us faithful watchers and now we are down to 2. 3 of the people in our group are gay before anybody comments on that. The writing on the show has dropped in quality and are they trying to make a statement or entertain? The gay/bisexual/lesbian storyline are pathetic and insulting to gay people - I watch the same storyline 30 years ago-lets focus on gay acceptance. Sad but I am done - the American soaps are far more entertaining which is a sad thing to say.
tbsickofdumbsl 6:31pm Fri 14 Feb
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disappearing trick
Let roy disappear for everyone's sake. It might stop Fiz from looking so crazy
Pete 5:07pm Fri 14 Feb
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Anything except Roy
ANYTHING is better than miserable Roy boring us to death every episode
Angie 3:02pm Fri 14 Feb
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Perhaps movers & shakers don'tlive around Manchester!!!
\jo 2:45pm Fri 14 Feb
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It'd be nice
It'd be nice to have a good looking mover & shaker for a change instead of so many deadbeats
Charley 11:56am Fri 14 Feb
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Yeah, he's too old for Tina, but wrinkly he is not but the tach is mistake. This story-line is tacky as is much of Corrie recently especially as it's way too early for the watershed. Too tacky for me actually!
scunnert 9:17pm Thu 13 Feb
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He's too old and wrinkly for Tina so he's getting Dutch courage.
Ralf 3:22pm Thu 13 Feb
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What is Peter doing in the boozer every night?? For a recovering alcoholic is this really the best place for him to be in every night?
Suggs 3:08pm Thu 13 Feb
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To Scunnert
Yes get ready for next one Les Dennis
Hopeless 8:51am Thu 13 Feb
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Peter's 'tache is more Hitler than Charlie Chaplin. The terms 'old' & 'dead' spring to mind.
Jerry 8:41pm Wed 12 Feb
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To Marks out of 10/5
Robin Askwith is the 'ugly old rocker.' I'm of an age to remember him in unsavoury 70's films that I would never have watched. Think Corrie are 'guest' starring old hands that need a bob or two.
scunnert 8:38pm Wed 12 Feb
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Do Anna and Fiz not realise that Roy is a
Grown man and is maybe needing a rest from these do gooders,move on
Hope he has emigrated 7:51pm Wed 12 Feb
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Where's Amber
Where's Dev's daughter Amber? She was good fun and sharp & spiky. The young girls now are very dull & ordinary.
Sally 6:22pm Wed 12 Feb
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Sophie, Todd, Sean, Maddy - all a bit eeugh!!!
Sharon 3:04pm Wed 12 Feb
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We tell 'em but they don't listen. There's only one way and that's to tune out.
Ralf 2:48pm Wed 12 Feb
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Why is Dennis being written out I liked him and Rita and Dennis together
Where did they dig up tht ugly old rocker.Dennis's character will be missed.Not looking forward to Les Dennis ,why bring a has been into the soap,most of the cast are second rate has evens
Marks out of 10/5 11:47am Wed 12 Feb
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Fiz Glad?
She also looks mad. Tyrone looks washed-up and everyone on Corrie should be glad Roy's done a bunk.
Laura 8:09am Wed 12 Feb
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