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Bank Slip
Dev gave Chesney a bungle of notes and put them in a bag, you need a bank slip filled in to pay into the bank, noticed last week drinking red wine in Rovers but was being poure3d out of a clear bottle, who wrote this some thick heads, facts please not sloppy storylines
ada smith 9:42am Sat 15 Dec
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How far into her pregnancy is she. She looks about due now.
Confused 8:13pm Fri 14 Dec
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Yes, I see now. It also included the chip shop. I can't see how the kebab shops profitable. Same as the kabin and Audrey's.
TRS 6:51pm Thu 13 Dec
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The 3000 takings were a combination of takings presumably from the corner shop and the kebab shop. Devon gave Chesney two lots of takings.
Jackdaw 6:17pm Thu 13 Dec
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Get rid of Phil the horrible teacher.
Fi. 9:52am Thu 13 Dec
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£3000 takings from devs kebab shop, what a joke, there's hardly any customers. He must take £20 a day ,max.
TRS 11:18pm Wed 12 Dec
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Boring. Michelle. Baby. Change the record
Sj 7:56pm Wed 12 Dec
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beverly Callard aka liz mcdonald
61 years old and dressed like a cheap tart, can't find the words it might not be so bad if she didn't look her age
bella 10:48pm Mon 10 Dec
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She was dressed like a cheap tart.
Jar jar Bink's. 10:08pm Mon 10 Dec
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Evil cow.
Hopes an evil cow!!!!! Evelyn should chop her effing head off!!!!!
Grim reaper. 8:04pm Mon 3 Dec
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There's no story line for her other than being in a relationship. They all fail because she's always jealous over the slightest thing.It wouldn't surprise me if sallys new cellmate isn't gay and she tries to matchmake her with Sophie.
TRS 3:19pm Sun 2 Dec
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Bella & Pinky
thanks Bella, pleased someone stands up to this, but to no avail from the writers' Pinky yes Gay folk watch corrie, nothing wrong with that I know a lot of gay folk, but few through it at me and say "look at me what a gay day" In 90 years this subject was never raised when we were children, don't want it rammed down my throat.
ada smith 1:25pm Sun 2 Dec
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Live and let live.
Bigotry is alive and well . Gay people watch Corrie as well you know.
Pinky and the brain. 7:20pm Sat 1 Dec
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Ada Smith
You are so right. We know they are gay do we really have to have it so graphically portrayed enough to put a person off their dinner
bella 7:09pm Sat 1 Dec
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Gay Times
Last night too much time taken up with those two gay women cut it please, we have had enough of their liason
Ada Smith 5:29pm Sat 1 Dec
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Sally in prison and Tim won't visit her. Similar story in Eastenders with Mick and Linda. As for the baby storyline with Rana and Kate how ridiculous is that.
Really 10:42pm Fri 30 Nov
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The story line with Tyrone, Fiz and his grandma and whatever possessed Maureen to take such a ridiculous role she must be desperate for work
Elaine 9:01pm Fri 30 Nov
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Comments aren't getting through. Plus the which ones do get through are boring anyway.
Oldiebutbaddie 7:47pm Fri 30 Nov
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Let's face it...
It's had it!!!!
Jeb 7:44pm Fri 30 Nov
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website - users
loads of users - site making a loss
Bojo 5:53pm Fri 30 Nov
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Stage Whispering
Would someone tell me what this 'stage whispering' is?
Bojo 4:21pm Thu 29 Nov
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Sally story
Unrealistic nonsensical drivel
Ian 4:53pm Wed 28 Nov
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Bad researchers.
Hopes going to a new school in Birmingham, so fiz will be going with her, really!!! The education system does not split up families like this. Lazy researchers!
TRS 11:57am Wed 28 Nov
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Ran out if storylines.
Fourteen year old Amy is going to get pregnant. Done before with Faye and Sarah Lou. No ones shocked anymore. The world has moved on.
TRS 6:45pm Tue 27 Nov
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Tardis make overs
When did all the decorating take place in the corrie tardis. Fabulous room sizes and great designer room design...
Sj 1:12pm Tue 27 Nov
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Al Capone
Sorry can't agree about the actor playing the barrister I thought he was dreadful, hope we never have to see him again, he needs a few more years at acting school
bella 1:08pm Tue 27 Nov
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I agree, but at least makes the situation more entertaining. For some reason I think things have improved of late in respect of the scripts.
Jenty 12:48am Tue 27 Nov
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Best actor
I only ever see the show when I visit my mother but I’ve got to say the male barrister in the sally court case is a fantastic actor if this is his debut in acting I hope this leads to more roles for him. It’s sad to see characters I saw as a young man get older in front of my eyes I remember seeing sally meet Kevin he splashed her boots and offered to clean them for her.
Al Capone 9:13pm Mon 26 Nov
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Hmmmm Sally and Tim are going to split so that Kevin and Sally get back together, that is where this is all leading. The whole storyline is nonsense
Yawning 12:14am Sat 24 Nov
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Would her daughters' girlfriend really be allowed to represent her in court. What are the chances that Abi would end up in the same cell as her
Nonsense 9:37pm Fri 23 Nov
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The writer/s need sacking! So unreal unbelievable and a total insult to your intelligence.. how many more ridiculous twists and repeated scenarios but with different characters honestly! Get a grip... this has totally spoilt my life long entertainment...I cringe....and I have seriously considered not watching any more..I am saddened
Lizzy 9:08pm Fri 23 Nov
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My review of Coronation S
20:30-23.11.2018 This episode was funny but responsible. The deputy head made a productive decision to refer the child to the special unit. Tyrone was speaking responsibly to state that the child will need to be on best behaviour. This episode had a few stage whispers, but was okay.
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew 8:57pm Fri 23 Nov
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Do we really have to watch Gemma always talking with a mouthful of food, enough to make a person throw up
Elaine 8:20pm Fri 23 Nov
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My review of Coronation S
19:30-23.11.2018 This episode was humorous. I enjoyed it. There was a little stage whispering in tonight's episode.
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew 8:00pm Fri 23 Nov
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The kabin
Who on earth would buy the sun faded goods in Rita's shop window ?
TRS 7:46pm Fri 23 Nov
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I asked the same question a couple of weeks ago.
Long time viewer 9:55pm Thu 22 Nov
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Does anyone know what has happened to Leanne’s child? Have I missed something!
Jonathan 6:22pm Thu 22 Nov
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We have to be PC these days so can we start a cause to have hetrosexuality to be PC again. Seems us hetro's are a minority group now
bella 3:45pm Thu 22 Nov
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Had enough
Iv'e had enough of this lesbian and homosexual orientated garbage.
stringers 2:01pm Thu 22 Nov
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Of course he was asleep mummy tucks him into his cot before grown up TV starts
dotty 9:44am Thu 22 Nov
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Surely Sally's phone call about pretending to fall I'll in prison was listened to by prison staff. Oh, and Neil would you mind sleeping for a few days and giving us all a break.
TRS 9:27am Thu 22 Nov
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dr. ali
will his head drop off eventually ?
redman 2:22pm Wed 21 Nov
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If you are still with us. Don't worry Neil gets like that when he needs his nappy changing!
Jlo 9:54am Wed 21 Nov
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Thoroughly bored with you now. Haven't you homework to do? Not bothering with this site anymore, life's too short!
RosM 11:08pm Tue 20 Nov
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Beady eye ....maybe that Neil idiot? As for sineads friend, she may not even be ill . We only have her word for it. Homeopathic medicine can't work. You give the same dosage to a mouse as you would a human.
TRS 10:33am Sat 17 Nov
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Sinead stiry
I think her friend is some kind of nutty faith healer who urges her to give up the chemo. That sort would be the first to grab anything that helps if they or theirs were in that place. I could be wrong though. Btw who is this Beady eye......ummm
Jlo 9:11am Sat 17 Nov
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There's something a bit fishy about sineads so called friend. It wouldn't surprise me if she had an ulterior motive.
TRS 11:48pm Fri 16 Nov
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This site.
It should be one nickname per person. Some people have numerous names and stirr up trouble and would think twice if they could only use one name. That's why I don't reply to certain people because I know they are the same person.
TRS 10:13pm Fri 16 Nov
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Previous comment
The person who started the aggressive comments ,somemuvvers has deleted their comment.
Beady eye. 9:17pm Fri 16 Nov
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Are these aggresive comments being printed. Think it's time this site called it day.
Pathetic 9:06pm Fri 16 Nov
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