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Neil for prime minister.
No to boris. 9:22pm Sat 15 Jun
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This site......
has gone MAD!!!!!!!!
Logan 3:09pm Sat 15 Jun
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Neil's got tiny.
Neil's kidnapped tiny the horse. He's keeping it in his office as he's obviously not using it.
INDIANA WANTS ME. 9:46pm Tue 11 Jun
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Oh no.
Neil's family have moved in .
Noo noo. 7:18am Tue 11 Jun
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Neil should be gemmas surgeon. That , or they need taxi drivers at street cars.
£3.50 minimum fare. 7:07pm Thu 6 Jun
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Look at his Facebook page. He's a Walter mitty character. Doctor, surgeon, teacher and taxi driver. He's lonely and I think he may have mental issues. Yes, it's annoying when he deletes, but he's harmless.
Different perspective. 9:59am Tue 4 Jun
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Google Neil leslie Gilbert Williams jacksnephew and scroll down to the Flickr. Look at his pics. He's wearing a high vis coat some of them his face is covered. On one though he's wearing an old man's hat. He looks a right mug. Apparently he's got 13 followers. Probably the outraged people on here.
Sayitlikeitis 9:00am Tue 4 Jun
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I'm surprised if he's got any friends on Facebook.
Sue. 10:55pm Mon 3 Jun
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At Companies House and on his Facebook page he gives his surname as Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew. There's something other than idiocy going on there.
Glynn 8:21pm Mon 3 Jun
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He's a black guy with a company called Neil leslie Williams jacksnephew. Google it. He deletes all soap comments. He's a total idiot.
Sayitlikeitis 10:39am Fri 31 May
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Been sniffing the baby powder again.
INDIANA WANTS ME 3:21pm Sat 11 May
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Bella agree
with you on your comment
wem 9:25am Tue 23 Jun
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Lloyd's Fishing Trip
I genuinely couldn't believe that Lloyd has actually remained on the Norwegian fishing trawler and will remain on board for the whole trip! The crew would have returned him back to the dock straight away considering that trawler fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet! That is poor script writing and demonstrates quite well how dire the current storylines are on Corrie. I could go on with numerous other examples from the past week in particular but other comments here are already doing that.
Megaleodis 12:10pm Sun 31 May
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think the wee dog id going to be the salvation of our previously vibrant Steve (hopefully). I'm a dog lover so I'm going to love this wee canine.
scunnert 11:10pm Mon 4 May
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Chickens, allotments, now a dog - there's a pattern here, get away from the Street and commune with nature!
Roberto 10:40pm Mon 4 May
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Thought tonight's eps were lively - if not believable . Generally though, all the actors look fed up and bored.
Hera 10:34pm Mon 4 May
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Abandon all hope
Please take on board what is been said in reviews. This is suppose to reflect an everyday life of a street. No Way!Were is the humour and reality?
Bored 8:04pm Mon 4 May
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Too Many Youngsters
Why are you bringing in so many youngsters. The Street has gone down hill Sarah, Bethanyeven Faye having a baby story line already done. You are having a laugh.I am stopping viewing.
Tigerfinn 7:57pm Mon 4 May
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Abandon all Hope
Yes, well we all have to survive, don't we? And if it means abandoning a leaky show ,then so be it.
Briony 3:27pm Mon 4 May
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Craig Charles
Bon voyage Rats abandon a sinkingship, spings to mind
wicker 12:15am Mon 4 May
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bad scripts
I have watched coronation street for years and are very disappointed with the storylines. the good actors all seem to be leaving , I think you need better writers to keep me watching. I am so disappointed with the storylines.
jj 9:37pm Sun 3 May
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Strong contender
For the worst tv show in the United Kingdom. All those in favor, say aye
wicker 8:47pm Sun 3 May
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Is Carla going? She's interesting, sharp and glam - that makes her the only one on the show,so don't go losing her.
Belladonna 7:57pm Sun 3 May
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OMG I have continued watching Coronation Street even though it has been in a steady decline since Stuart Blackburn took over but after Friday night's episode no more.Sarah Lou and Bethany are abysmal but given the most screen time and as for golden oldie Erica being pregnant what's next Rita going through the menopause!
Lesley61 7:51pm Sun 3 May
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Old lady pregnant!!!!
Are you having a laugh? Erica pregnant - she's a pensioner - coronation street used to be so good - what's happened
So disappointed 10:51am Sun 3 May
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you have to be joking,Corrie is the worst soap,used to be the best,now the worst,"Sarah and Bethany" need I say more
Mary 10:12am Sun 3 May
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Who told Kevin
he suits the oldman beard,not the best looking male on corrie,the beard is awful,get rid,infact get rid of Kev as well.
browser 10:00am Sun 3 May
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Going, going............
Corrie's desperate - no good writers, poor direction and if they think Sinead & Bethany are ACTORS, then Corrie's producers are blinkered too. #they need help - bring in a resuscitation team before the body's defunct.
Rodders 8:19am Sun 3 May
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Coronation street is at least better
than Eastenders and Emmerdale they are so unbelievable.
Lee 1:08am Sun 3 May
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Erica pregnant - are you joking!!
What on earth is the scriptwriter thinking of with the storyline that Erica is pregnant. Even with the most vivid imagination she is far too old!! Give your viewers some respect - someone in their fifties is NOT going to be pregnant
Incredulous 10:00pm Sat 2 May
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Old hag
Please dont let Nick get sucked in with that old woman, when he was getting on with the lovely Carla, maybe thats why shes leaving, to make room for the old woman who recons she is pregnant. Shame on you Corrie, why get rid of Carla and replace her with that horrible woman.
Jan 7:29pm Sat 2 May
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Get rid of Sarah Lou and her awful daughter can't act thought they spent some year's in Italy send them BACK!!
nanny12 11:08am Sat 2 May
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Dramatic Incidents
It seems to be the pattern to have a disaster every few months..the mini bus accident and now an explosion and fire coming up in a few weeks` time...looks like desperation.
Norma 8:10am Sat 2 May
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Like Jae59
I wondered...but she did say 'I'm 49'. A 13 year old Mum, now a 50 year Old Mum....who dreams up such coincidences?
scunnert 10:25pm Fri 1 May
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Sarah and Daughter
Why Is Sarah and Daughter still on? Get them off and Sinade is getting on my nerves with that bad acting
Jen 9:56pm Fri 1 May
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Where next?
Hot curry, a failed 'Banksie' a pregnant 50 year old , may as well bring back the chickens for a bit of excitement
Rodders 9:07pm Fri 1 May
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Erica pregnant
How can that happen, she must be about 50 it would be laughable if it weren't so tragic.
jae59 8:07pm Fri 1 May
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Bad Storylines
Why do all soaps follow the exact same storylines...awful
bobcaz 8:04pm Fri 1 May
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bad awful
The two females Sarah and the one who plays her daughter are the worst actresses I have ever seen, get rid of them
critic 5:10pm Fri 1 May
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Yet another stupid dramatic storyline
As if we havent had enough misery during these last few years I read that there is to be a big explosion and fire in a few weeks time. That`s it for me, the programme I loved no longer exists.
Elizabeth 12:19pm Fri 1 May
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Why is the show getting so depressing? We've been watching many years.
Bev 10:02pm Wed 29 Apr
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Actually soggy Sinead and depressed Chesney are definitely not love's young dream. Yawn.
Sera 6:29pm Wed 29 Apr
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Nothing wrong with Rita, Audrey, Emily. Rita/Norris once won Best Couple at the awards.The older ladies look good & used to have great lines. It's the script writers who've dumbed them down. As for Roy, well, he's very over- rated.
scunnert 11:27pm Tue 28 Apr
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Bet you're cuter than Corrie's Oldies all the same!
Geraint 5:17pm Tue 28 Apr
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Oh To Be Perfect!!!!!
Older Person 12:09pm Tue 28 Apr
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Like Tim.
I think Tim is the best character on this at the moment, he has some great funny lines, and keeps undermining Sally.
music fan 11:27am Tue 28 Apr
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Where does the producer find such unattractive old people? As pensioners my friends and I are well dressed, witty, sharp and funny. So go on, where on earth do you find these grim, ugly and highly unamusing actors?
Geraint 11:18am Tue 28 Apr
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Sarah and Bethany
Get Sarah and Bethany off! They are very annoying and terrible actressess
Carolyne 10:31am Tue 28 Apr
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It's Too late
In its death throes.Only a miracle can save it now.
wicker 1:04am Tue 28 Apr
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viewers aren't happy with Corrie Producer isn't listening - does that mean ITV don't care if Corrie disappears?
scunnert 10:52pm Mon 27 Apr
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