5 December 2019  | 
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ITV are turning a deaf ear to us,or should I say a blind eye
I really don't think that they believe What we say,their motto must be We know best,but they don't
Please listen to us 7:00pm Fri 7 Feb
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A brighter future
Together we can persuade ITV to give us better writing, better plots & brighter actors. Or maybe not.
Jolyon 6:46pm Fri 7 Feb
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Too boring for words
How I miss the Corrie of days gone by
Please bring it back 8:13pm Wed 5 Feb
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WILLIE 7:01pm Wed 5 Feb
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Love it when
Tracy loose's it,poor Rob
Can't wait for Tina's outburst 5:19pm Wed 5 Feb
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Will someone sort out the re curing
Problem with this site,it is difficult to leave a review
Hope it gets done soon 1:42pm Wed 5 Feb
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Still interesting
Roy was the Black Hole everything got sucked into. Last night's was funny and still interesting.
Rod 1:39pm Tue 4 Feb
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I laughed!
Can't believe it! I laughed at some of the scenes in Corrie tonight. Much more like Corrie should be. No Roy!! A bonus!!
treg 12:47pm Tue 4 Feb
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Zippy eps
More zippy episodes like last night's is all we want - but cool the Sophie/Maddie storyline, it's icky.
Doc 7:29am Tue 4 Feb
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Innocent le vell
I ant Kevin Webster back he was found not quilty put him back on our. Screen where he belongs.
Coro addict 10:19pm Mon 3 Feb
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Hooray,I enjoyed Corrie tonight
Love it when Tracy goes of on one,best episode for a while give us more of the same
Mw 10:09pm Mon 3 Feb
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Real treasure
Love Mary - she has such a sharp way of delivering her lines. A real treasure.
Radely 10:02pm Mon 3 Feb
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Celebrate..NO ROY tonight! Is it too much to hope that AT LAST things will start to improve?
Reggie 9:31pm Mon 3 Feb
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Pretty good
Ok. First half of tonight not bad - some laughs some tension and no Roy. Got to be a winner.
Melissa 8:05pm Mon 3 Feb
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So looking forward to tonight's offering - laugh a minute as usual.
Robbie 7:33pm Mon 3 Feb
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Loved it
Loved the last episodes!!! Sorry, kidding.
Brian 11:31am Mon 3 Feb
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Happy Bunnies
We have to help ITV see their miserable stories are turning viewers off. Show them the error of their ways. Make us happy bunnies.!!
Alec 6:11pm Sun 2 Feb
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Kevin Le Vell will soon be back on our screen
Not mine though,he is very lucky to still have his job,he should never have been allowed back,neither should Jack P Shepherd,cheats both of them,they do not deserve the fans support.
Sorry but it had to be said 4:10pm Sun 2 Feb
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This site should be like
The river city site,it has someone that checks it and gets back to the Site and keeps the viewers in the loop,
Great idea 12:36pm Sun 2 Feb
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You have your opinion I have mine. Recently watched an oldie on Drama when the young detective was investigating child abuse - made me feel sick as years later convicted of same. Acting is not exempt from any other working environment!
bemused 9:48am Sun 2 Feb
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Friday 7:30 Episode
Fast forwarded Friday 7:30 Corrie - couldn't stand to watch Roy's miserable face or hear Fiz's whining voice any more!
Treg 9:23am Sun 2 Feb
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They are only actors not the clergy or statesmen. Be more concerned about the lack of exciting storyline - that's the reason we watch it.
Doc 8:08am Sun 2 Feb
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previous comm
Coronation has had its fair share of sexual predictors going back as far as the actor who played Len Faircloth. Due to lack of evidence many get acquitted which l still think leaves a big question mark......
bemused 11:05pm Sat 1 Feb
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Misery Farm (part 2)
My comment about Misery Farm (part 1) has not appeared. It was inoffensive so why?
Treg 8:49pm Sat 1 Feb
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I agree with the previous comments.
Yes I agree we are expected to watch actors whose behaviour off Screen is anything but good,quite frankly I think they should be let go And replaced,after all the fans of the soap give up prime time to watch this soap
Respect your fans 8:16pm Sat 1 Feb
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Witty Comments
The comments are far wittier and pertinent than the programme. Keep them coming guys!
Rhian 7:26pm Sat 1 Feb
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Once Michael Le Vell returns to Corrie I will
Not be watching this soap although he was found not guilty to raping the young girl,his treatment of his wife while she was suffering breast cancer and he is an alcoholic in his own words.in my opinion he is not a good character and I find him.offensive,the same will apply to William Roache,I can't stand to look at him now guilty or not,they have both blotted their copy book as far as I am concerned and do not deserve my attention
Hope I never have to watch them 7:18pm Sat 1 Feb
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I Too stopped watching Corrie, wouldn't take the story lines anymore , enjoyed it for years out here in Canada, but enjoy the comments on this site more then coronation right now keep it coming!!!
RR 3:39pm Sat 1 Feb
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I will never be able to watch Michael LeVell
Without thinking about him and his troubles,our values are well above both Le Vell and Roach,as there is no smoke without fire,we have the choice whether to watch it or not,in our case we will chose not to watch
SW 2:29pm Sat 1 Feb
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After watching Corrie
I hope Roy is given a rest from Corrie,his sad face is more than I Can stand,I thought soaps were meant to be light relief and were meant to be enjoyed,It is a long time that this could be said about this soap,I have to say this but the Cast members having troubles outside this soap should be written out,unlike Le Vell who is returning soon after admitting to being a cheat and an alcoholic
Mw 1:39pm Sat 1 Feb
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Thirteen reviews left in one day
And none of them complementary,this is quite a record.It shows that no one pays attention to this site.I agree the latest Roy/Hayley story made me turn off.It certainly did not deserve an award,and has probably lost the soap a fan desertion.The next story,will be a love match between Sophie and the homeless girl,this soap has hit the bottom of the barrel.
Mw 11:03am Sat 1 Feb
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It is ROY who should be rested, preferably alongside Hayley. When will the idiots who write the show realise that it is crying out for humour.
Eddie 10:46pm Fri 31 Jan
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Corrie on Friday
Roy has escaped the clutches of that Terrible Trio, Anna, Carla & Fiz at least for a while. Them 3 should should be rested for a bit. The funeral was over the top but the previews of Sophie's next 'new love' interspersed was too much. Will Corrie now follow the 'the Perils of Sophie?'
scunnert 10:25pm Fri 31 Jan
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God's probably bored by now.
Crev 10:06pm Fri 31 Jan
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WE are all Gods children. Get a life
We are who were born to be 10:01pm Fri 31 Jan
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I too am totally sick of this obsession with all things Roy and Hayley...it has gone on for far too long
Melanie 9:11pm Fri 31 Jan
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Thank you
Thank the Lord for Mary - the ONLY bright spark in an otherwise tasteless smaltz.
Gerry 8:52pm Fri 31 Jan
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Now you've done it ITV. I've got to go and find another soap to get addicted to.
Ralf 8:43pm Fri 31 Jan
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ENOUGH ENOUGH. Please tell us that this will be the last episode of pitiful Roy and whinging Fiz
Lets get back to normall 8:37pm Fri 31 Jan
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Sat down at 7.30 to watch tonights first episode and had to switch off. I was bad enough watching a fictional character 'dying' over the last few months ( although I fast forwarded the 'Haley bits, only to find a full blown funeral,this was a step too far. What type of people are these producers. Obviously none of them havegone through the loss of someone close. This is not what I call entertainment. For those who 'enjoyed' these episodes you are all very sad individuals
ex long time viewer 8:00pm Fri 31 Jan
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Doing the same
How tedious was the funeral! Didn't sound sincere, drawn out too long so I left part way through. Bet the actors wished they could do the same.
Doc 7:58pm Fri 31 Jan
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When we we hear the last of this terrible whining woman, her voice most annoying and stupid, she needs a kick up the backside
jamjarjan1 7:54pm Fri 31 Jan
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Director's Agenda
I think there's a Director's 'agenda' here. And we're the lab rats he's testing it on.
Sandy 4:48pm Fri 31 Jan
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But where's your audience?
Bel 7:02pm Thu 30 Jan
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Whatever next
Tacky gay Sophie/homeless girl, Marcus, Sean, Todd, Sophie's ex. Whatever next? Ooh, breaking ground - try straight!
Rachel 4:45pm Thu 30 Jan
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I also heard that Kal had his eye on Leanne.I also heard that Sophie and Maddie would get together and of course,there is Todd and Marcus!!Not being in the least homophobic I do find the gay story lines disproportionate?How many streets in Britain would have schoolgirl lesbians, gay married couples, a transsexual and children to gay couples? It is a little bit far-fetched.”
Feather HG 8:36am Wed 29 Jan
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Mr Keep Fit/Nick
Where did Pete Gillespie hear this? I thought Kal was gonna pursue Leeann! Anyway there's another story developing with Sophie & what's her name...total turn off!
scunnert 9:55pm Tue 28 Jan
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Graham Ferrier
I find it very off putting that Fizz is portrayed as some kind of Pariah over the death if Hayley;like throwing her toys out of the pram ie "I wasn't told about it". I think the story line totally unbelievable
Fezza 10:21am Tue 28 Jan
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yet another gay storyline developing!!
Why do the writers of coronation street appear to be so intent on featuring gay relationships in recent episodes? Yet again we have another storyline developing with mr 'keep fit' pursuing nick. C' mon......get real!!!
pete gillespie 9:30am Tue 28 Jan
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No great loss....
We haven't watched Corrie for a couple of weeks - the Hayley/Roy saga finished off any last vestiges of interest we had in the soap - and we haven't missed it one bit. Never again!
Bored To Tears 9:10am Tue 28 Jan
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