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A Question of Sport Comments

O dear
The only shows I used to watch on the BBC we're top Gear and QOS now there's nothing left.
Dave 9:56pm Tue 19 Oct

Dear "O" Dear
Paddy McGuinness NO NO NO a thousand NO's (WOTA MISTAKA TO MAKA)
DAYO 5:14pm Fri 15 Oct
Unwatchable. Why change something that worked. No idea why the presenter was chosen and he should not last much longer. I can only think the powers that be want to end this program as it doesn’t fit their ideas for the future.
Frog 10:04pm Wed 13 Oct
change a winning formula. This new format is not a patch on the original.
Looky 2:18pm Sat 9 Oct
Ugo Monye hopeless.
Poor old Ugo Monye. Half decent player but well out of his depth here.
Harry Brown 7:07pm Fri 8 Oct
Bring back Sue, Phil and Matt. Better entertainment, better format
Gilly 7:00pm Fri 8 Oct
Question of sport
The new show is so pathetic and Paddy with his spot on the same.what a shame as have enjoyed the program for years but not anymore.
Flynny 7:10pm Fri 1 Oct
Dumbed Down
So sad. What is the BBC doing? First Top Gear and now Q of S. What’s next on the dumb down list? Maybe University Challenge I’ll meet as these shows but will never watch them again.
Moronmonitor 7:01pm Fri 1 Oct
Not working
Bring back the old team. Dont fix something thats not broken.
Jim 3:35pm Sat 25 Sep
Watch the ratings dive
This muppet McG is even worse on this than he is on Top Gear. And he is useless on Top Gear.
Gill 9:06am Sat 25 Sep
What is this?
NOT a question of sport!!!! What idiot thought this was a good idea. Now we know the bbc is deffo going to the dogs.
REALLY ANNOYED 11:15pm Mon 20 Sep
They no longer need to be sports people. Anton du Beke a somewhat celeb fgs.
Jerome 9:41pm Sat 18 Sep
Why on earth didn't you choose a sports personality to lead this out of all those available? All we have is a failed "celebrity" bloke with a novelty voice. Spoils the whole thing.
Ric 7:26pm Sat 18 Sep
Give it a chance
So the format and teams are very different to what we’re used to over many years, BUT we should give it a chance. We have always loved Question of Sport and I think if it was copying the same format as the one we are used to it would have been more of a disaster. Hope it goes on for many years.
Maz 9:04pm Fri 17 Sep
Question of sport
Bring back the old team and quick
Joss 9:04pm Fri 17 Sep
A poor show
I have to agree with the majority of reviewers here, the new format of Question of Sport is not working. The rounds are so different there is nothing the regular viewer can relate to, which would not matter so much if they were entertaining or interesting. The old show did adapt over the years with new rounds but gradually, may be the producers should consider a mix of the old with a little of the new. I like Paddy in Top Gear and his other entertainment shows but there is something missing on Question of Sport. I will try to keep watching but it is getting difficult to keep my interest.
Les B 1:48pm Tue 14 Sep
Question of Sport
What a shame this programme used to be a great watch, but now it is terrible will not watch ever again. BBC why change something that has worked for so long. !!
Jed 5:42pm Sat 11 Sep
god sake why change the format from captains that had knowledge to the new line up. Have the strength to go back to the tried and tested programme. Not Paddy's fault he should never have been given the gig. It won't get better and will fall in to obscurity.
tozerk 9:35pm Fri 10 Sep
Depressed Viewer
Who decided to annihilate Question of Sport? The new version is absolutely AWFUL- I’ve lasted 15 minutes and it’s cringeworthy! Paddy McGuiness must have a good Agent to get him this gig! It’s dreadful- I won’t be watching again.
Neesee 6:51pm Fri 10 Sep
Not a Question of Sport
This new series is absolutely terrible, I have watched it once for 15 mins & switched over. It will NEVER replace the old version NEVER, will not be watching anymore episodes. -1*
Action Man 1:57pm Fri 10 Sep
Having carried on the tradition of Chris Evans turning millions off Top Gear this numpty McGuinness is doing the same to Question of Sport.
FFS 12:34pm Fri 10 Sep
not so good
how did paddy get this gig
beckncall 8:07am Sat 4 Sep
Poor Remake of QOS
There is an old saying which says 'If its not broke dont fix it).Not a Question of Sport Anymore. A poor imitation Of Skys' A league of their own'. Its a No from Me . Watched it from the beginning and enjoyed the sporting legends and presenters. Having seen the new nonsense wont be watching again. Clueless BBC
BelgianPS 7:05am Sat 4 Sep
Not much a ‘question of sport’
So little knowledge among contestants and such drivel from the question master. Bring back Sue!
Kaysy 7:08pm Fri 3 Sep
New question pf sport
Get that idiot Paddy Mcguinness off he is dreadful
Lou 7:00pm Fri 3 Sep
Matt Dawson
Other people have asked the question: why does Matt Dawson always start first. I have yet to see an answer.
Shiner 11:01pm Wed 27 Jul
Why why does mat Dawson always goes first & sue barker always favours mat
Fed up 10:20pm Thu 22 Oct
Broadmoor Hospital
I's so funny and they are so intelligent. They are all so sincere and genuine.
geg 10:11pm Wed 7 Oct
I stopped watching a long time ago when the team captains started to act like excited children. Bring back someone like David Coleman who had control over the show and the teams.
John M 7:18pm Wed 25 Mar
Question of crap
what no oxbridge athlete or rower on tonight?
bodo 10:26am Fri 12 Sep
'Jimmy' type people
The audience and from special hospitals
har he har 7:40pm Fri 22 Aug
A question of sport
Love the show with Draws, Tuffers and Sue. Hate that thing you put on Saturday evenings though. Bring back the proper show.
cassandra bobble 1:06am Tue 22 Jul
a question of phoney laughing
unchangingly boring
she orange 9:13pm Wed 15 Jan
Why does sue barker constantly favour Dawson. She always puts him on first and almost fawns when he wins. Dawson already big headed.
Beano 9:03pm Sun 4 Aug
Start Again
1. Get rid of Barker, Dawson and Tufnell. 2.Stop the silly questions and turn it into a proper sports quiz. 3. Turn it into a programme for sports fans rather than numpties who will laugh at anything. 3.
Basmatti 7:30pm Wed 10 Jul
Get rid
A pathetic shadow of its former self. BBC are really dumbing down here. Bring on Only Connect.
Fenny 10:44pm Wed 8 May
Whats Up?
Agree with prev comm - not only that but I'm sick of the in-jokes between the regulars and the presenter.
avid quizzer 11:18pm Wed 17 Apr
the regular members try to make it entertaining guess what its cr p
terry 11:10pm Wed 17 Apr
When is the 68kg men teakwado competitions
Hassanyar 1:17pm Wed 8 Aug
It was not Nick Hancock but David Vine then David Colemand - sorry but I easily got confused as They Think Its All Over was equally good.
doubletake 8:22pm Wed 4 Jul
had its day
This used to be a genuine sports quiz back in the days of Nick Hancock. Now its all about celebrity, pantomime turns and in jokes with the inept hostess.
doubletake 1:54pm Wed 4 Jul
bring back willie
miss willie carson true legend infectious laugh
rover63 8:46pm Mon 9 Apr
should be on CBBC these days. Infantile rubbish.
dawg 11:05pm Mon 16 Jan
Infantile rubbish
I suppose that a sports quiz with serious questions and watchable contestants is out of the question. This is liked a dumbed down cousin to "The Weakest Link"
KenDavie 9:32pm Mon 7 Nov
Late Noght
WHY is this on so late?????
Brockle 9:05pm Mon 12 Sep
What moron changed the background behind the teams? It's so awful the program is almost unwatchable!
Marisol 8:39pm Mon 29 Aug
Please please please
get rid of Matt Dawson, he ruins this show, please someone pop a cap in his bottom.
BMJ 12:15am Fri 17 Jun
still like the show but ali is missed
I watch every week but the show is nowhere near as good as it was when it was mccoist and dawson. They seemed to genuinely want to compete whereas tuffnel is a bit boring really. get someone on with some spark
mckay1402 4:44pm Thu 9 Jun
Its really painful to watch
sports personalities who are not comedians "trying" to be funny Captains need to go
Tumbleweeds too 10:54pm Mon 25 Apr
I cant believe all these bad comments. It is a very funny sports quiz with great captains. And with celebrities on it I think thats good because many people only know 1 of the sports stars each week and with a comedian usually on it makes it more funny. A very good show to watch.
David RCD 27 8:06pm Fri 15 Apr

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