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Boring Breakfast
I’m being quickly bored with this programme because it is so repetitious. They constantly repeat one item of news DJOKOVIC today. Constantly repeating the same story over and over.
Blenchy 9:52am Thu 6 Jan

It's the emma radishontheloo show.
Savage. 7:47am Sat 11 Sep
Bully Girl
She's at it again, Naga bullying Charlie, this time about igloos. Can't somebody stop this constant bullying from her when Charlie's there?
Wolfie 7:16am Fri 15 Jan
Anon again with the @ obsession
wearenotfooled 10:01am Wed 21 Oct
Improve Breakfast ratings
If you want to Improve Breakfast ratings, get rid of Naga Muchetty, enough said.
A Viewer 11:09am Mon 19 Oct
triggered again salty b@llocks - you lack humour.
Anon 8:27pm Tue 22 Sep
Walter Mitty Mark 2
Neil is the first and now we have Data Protection Dan also known as Desperate.
nagatherealone 6:04pm Tue 22 Sep
Prev comm
He cannot put deluded. Data protection hah hah! The ugly sisters Fizz and Kim? They are now Sarah and Karen plus when they are using Anon and all the birds.
naga 5:58pm Tue 22 Sep
Delud@d? Why not put deluded. It's not a banned word you muppet. Shows how Ill educated you are. Unless you are the illiterate ugly sisters that used to hog the eastenders site.
A blast from the past. 4:09pm Tue 22 Sep
Not me dangerous, don't want to disclose info about me - tata !
Anon 3:33pm Tue 22 Sep
Yeah definately dangerous...Dangerous Dan! Data protection my backside! You would not know what it meant if it bit you on yours.
naganottherealonestupid 2:49pm Tue 22 Sep
last sentence - delud@d
Anon 2:23pm Tue 22 Sep
Dangerous comment re data protection
Anon 2:21pm Tue 22 Sep
You do data protection. What a Kn0b. Got a collection of keys hanging from your @rse with your white socks and sandals.
Mac 1:09pm Tue 22 Sep
What are you on about this time Donkey Kong - put a filter on it !
Anon 12:23pm Tue 22 Sep
Stop acting like the spotty teenager you are. Correction no offence to spotty teenager!
therealnaga 10:46am Tue 22 Sep
In a muckin' fuddle again - no humour!
Anon 10:20am Tue 22 Sep
Anon .....Walter Mitty ii
OMG! You actually think it's the real naga replying to your comments.
LMAO 10:00am Tue 22 Sep
I do data protection, don't give personal details out - dictat@r!
Anon 9:31am Tue 22 Sep
Wakey wakey - some deleting to do
Anon 1:59pm Mon 21 Sep
Anon 1:31pm Mon 21 Sep
Try a street slang dictionary - on your own.
Anon 12:36pm Mon 21 Sep
Are you thick or something? The site is about TV programmes. It is nothing directly to do with the BBC. They can,t hear you!!! Find another hobby you idiot. No not guilty of your stupid comments getting wiped!
naga 6:45pm Sat 19 Sep
Are you thick or something? The site is about TV programmes. It is nothing directly to do with the BBC. They can,t hear you!!! Find another hobby you idiot. No not guilty of your stupid comments getting wiped!
naga 6:15pm Sat 19 Sep
yes breech of their terms and conditions again
Peter 8:57am Tue 8 Sep
l nominate Nagga Munchetty as the worst news reader on TV, she loves herself, her plastic wig is a joke, , her voice is awful, and she is so far up herself, get rid of her, send her to a desert island with a golf club, l would hate to wake up in a morning and find her in bed with me.
Mike m 7:02am Sat 22 Aug
Defund - robbing Peter to pay Paul! Taking money from the elderly to pay for WOKE r@bbish!
Sarah 12:09pm Fri 14 Aug
shame on BBC
Waste subscription money to employ intimidation methods on the elderly
Keith 9:39am Thu 6 Aug
the BBC should go
Time to defund
Sarah 5:42pm Sat 1 Aug
Time for change
Please BBC save funding and move to one NEWS presenter. Keep the consummate professional Charlie Stayt and lose the self opinionated, self centered Naga Munchetti. She does not present the news but rather her opinion on the news.
Doc 7:45am Fri 31 Jul
d e f u n d t h e B B C
do it now
Anany 10:01am Wed 29 Jul
Self Centered
How much longer are this Bent Organisation called the BBC going to make the general public suffer Naga Munchety on their morning news channel. Our household turn over immediately as soon as we see her on the TV and go to another channel, not one of us can stand either listening or watching her as I presume do thousands of other people, hence the bad ratings.
Insignia08 6:18pm Sun 26 Jul
This dreadful upherself nonentity is a huge blot on the BBC .Please get of this “I love myself” idiot so we all can enjoy some intellegent media content.
Golden boot 1:20pm Fri 24 Jul
Stop this diversity - pointless
Freya 10:37am Fri 24 Jul
d e f u n d t h e b b c
waste of viewing - this appeals to younger audience take it ??
anom 9:03am Fri 24 Jul
The problem is that no matter how much we complain about her the BBC will ignore us. Their attitude is "we've had your money so "p**s off!" Untill they lose their funding they don't need to take any notice of our complaints !
Wob 9:02am Fri 24 Jul
turn volume down when she is on then put on subtitlesher screeching voice puts me right off
greey 8:01am Thu 23 Jul
we turn over if she is on. the most irritating presenter i have ever seen.her voice is awful and she belittles other presenters
carrie 6:14pm Mon 20 Jul
b b c
d e f u n d t h e s u b s c r i p t i o n
anom's 12:18pm Sun 19 Jul
Previous comment
I totally agree.
Irritated 9:13am Sun 19 Jul
Improve ratings
If they got rid of obnoxious Munchetty, perhaps this programme's ratings might improve.
JohnM 6:29am Sun 19 Jul
She's complaining because she is trolled. You don't say!
outoutout 12:32pm Fri 17 Jul
Always turn to sky when this annoying, self-obsessed and completely unfunny presenter is on. Get rid of her!
Artimus Fungit 6:57am Fri 17 Jul
Love to wake to the nasal whine and forced laugh/cackle of the extremely unfunny Naga Moanchetty ???!!!!!
Delboy 5:28am Fri 17 Jul
When she is on breakfast tv, l always switch over to itv. bbc must rid off her.
Rb 6:06am Thu 16 Jul
Annoying Naga
I have found her so annoying, She downplays all her co presenters, how does Charlie put up with her, God only knows. Louise on the other hand is so so different, bubbly fun to be with, her laughter is so infectious. Do us a favour BBC , say bye bye Naga
Gerry21 8:08am Tue 14 Jul
Naga needs to go !
Horrible wiman ...sorry but she she is the most self absorbed .....i actually switch channels to avoid watching and listening to her ......boring, arrogant the list goes on...and on
Mouse 6:34pm Fri 10 Jul
Y the hell is naga still with us she is so boaring we can not stand her so we will watch itv untill she gets going.
K.G.B. 7:54am Thu 9 Jul
I have stopped watching when she is on - so patronising! Time for the BBC to make a change
Wolfpad 5:45am Thu 9 Jul
naga manchetty
how vain naga is. all the time she is making she she is in full view.the distance is two metres not six. is she going to move behind the desk when the distance is reduced.
rosalie 7:00am Thu 25 Jun

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