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The Day of the Triffids Comments

Utterly useless reading
these reviews as the (equally utterly useless) TV Guide has used the WRONG reviews!
Campaign4BetterTV 10:57pm Thu 12 Nov

As far as I can tell all these reviews relate to the TV series NOT the 1962 film actually being shown! Whoever deals with these reviews wants to sort this out! No point in reviewing another version rather than that being shown. This is not the TV series, so why is that the version being reviewed???
P V 11:42pm Christmas Day
good movie but TV show
The film is good but Eddie Izzard should be flushed down the bog.
Ham 9:38pm Mon 23 Aug
Not the most WTF moment of 2009
The strange visuals & casting of Eddie Izzard & Brian Cox in central roles makes sure of that, but in future they may want to lay off some of the senseless violence & dodgy scripting.
DuchessofSutherland 10:01pm Sun 28 Mar
Modern Sci-fi, Ha!
How can it be that today's Scif-fi shows can deliver on such incredible visuals, but fail on even a retelling of a classic story like this one? The end results are like something Adrian Hodges fished out of his bin after the writing of Survivors, unpleasent acting, to much hit and run action & the use of the word "Triffid" for the umptenth time! However as far as the visuals & casting of Izzard & Cox in main roles go, they may just prevent it from being the "Most WTF moment of British TV 2009/10"!
DuchessofSutherland 10:55pm Thu 25 Mar
Thought this remake was excellent None of you know what you are talking about. It was great easy watching TV!!!! LOSERS
ROMFBOY 11:07pm Sun 17 Jan
day of the dead productions.
remakes do not realy work, do they? take the bible, re written many times, and still loosing the readers, the koran on the other hand, never a letter changed in over 1400 years, and a following of over 100 million and growing.
blog bloke 6:19pm Sun 10 Jan
They could've explored the nature of the triffids a bit more, as is done in the book. The triffids themselves seemed rather incidental to the story here. The nuns was a good and interesting part of the story and a small girl with a big gun was a striking and strangely amusing image. There were a few too many scenes which served no purpose other than to clumsily move the plot on. I like Eddie Izzard generally but I don't think he's a strong enough actor for this, he wasn't particularly menacing. It takes more than a raised eyebrow and a callous shot to the victim's head. Overall it didn't have a lot of tension and seemed to be a lot of running around from one plot point to the next. Sorry.
Flicko T Bear 12:29am Sun 10 Jan
Here's where our license fee goes. Jolly beano for old hacks who need a new conservatory. Why are we putting up with this crap ? If we pay for this service, can we please have a say in its output. BBC outdated cobblers !
cracker barrel 7:18pm Mon 4 Jan
Anything with that infamous supporter of terrorists (check the net) Vanessa Redgrave in it is bound to be a failure. Next time, the beeb should choose actresses with integrity !
Chris 9:25pm New Years Eve
What a load
What a cast, what production values, what a load of old crap. The original was a better, though dire, rendering of this absurd tale. This script was appalling. What is the bbc doing, pumping out effluent like this for Xmas.
rboysdad 8:46pm Wed 30 Dec
Pale Imitation
As many have said before me, this was a disappointing remake, which, in common with a lot of modern films, put the emphasis on special effects rather than real characters, pertinent issues and an interesting plot. Why introduce an airline crash, for goodness sake ! This seems to be a staple requirement for any disaster movie these days. It would also be more effective if the "heroes" looked slightly roughed up and dirty at times, rather than immaculately made up. Finally, unlike the original book, and subsequent films, the reason for the final move to The Isle of White is never given. Sorry, BBC, you need to do better and not just imitate recent recent apocalyptic dramas. John Wyndham would be turning in his grave at this inferior product.
GrumpyT 6:05pm Wed 30 Dec
Very Poor
Very poor adaptation. Bad script, bad acting and terrible special effects. What a waste of 3 hours.
Rozz 1:54pm Wed 30 Dec
Part two is a good gripping watch with some nice set peaces. Eddy Izard makes a good pantomime villan :) If you mised it then iplayer part two but dont bother with part one.
TTB 10:33pm Tue 29 Dec
A Good Remake...
Nice remake of the 80's version in two easy slices, maybe a tiny bit too condensed but the special effects are well done and you have supplied a nice cast. Well done BBC. Can we have a second season of Survivors in 2010 please!
Karrington 9:55pm Tue 29 Dec
really good
seen ist episode it was good but a wee bit story edited this would have been a great series, we need more
jons872 9:36pm Tue 29 Dec
Not a good job
Poor acting, poor script and too many liberities with the original plot. This film was made nearly 60 years after the book and yet does it no credit. Shame, it had potential.
Isamin 9:05pm Tue 29 Dec
Weak... It wasn't the best thing the bbc has made... At least its only 2 eps... Too many things about the plot was weak. I did like the idea of the blinding but thats where everything else lets the show down.
ranD 8:59pm Tue 29 Dec
Flush the global warming rhetoric BBC
When will this histerical global warming propaganda nonsense end?? In a year of record breaking cold weather and snow around the world, isn't it time to give a rest? As for the show, I agree with most of the other reviewers that the 80's series and 60's film were leagues better - I only gave 1/10 just for Joely...who is looking fit.
That man from Bournemouth 8:42pm Tue 29 Dec
really good cant wait to see part two.good job bbc
robertrath 8:19pm Tue 29 Dec
Day of BBC gay paracites
Joely Richardson has the head of an escaped mental patient, the pelvis of a pony, the hands of a sausage maker, and I think the rest of her body was picked out of a bin at the back of an undertakers. Forget the show - it's crap. Just watch Joely Richardson doing dressage.
Eminham 7:39pm Tue 29 Dec
I liked it
See of you have no taste in tv, you would watch crap tv like eastenders and corrie. This is some of the great stuff the BBC do.
pricebe1 6:55pm Tue 29 Dec
Utter Rubbish
Boring plus bad script plus bad acting = another waste of licence payers money.
True Blue 5:58pm Tue 29 Dec
This is a bad carbon copy of 28 days later
Johny Margolis 3:29pm Tue 29 Dec
Dreadful Script
If it had not been for the Rioja i was drinking which was excellent i would have gone to bed early. Dreadful script lacklustre acting dont inflict another episode on me!
Blighty 3:04pm Tue 29 Dec
Stupid Mindless Violent Twaddle
Feeble storyline that follows purely sequences of violence. Little or no attention to anything to do with giant earth-threatening plants which I thought was what this was supposed to be all about. Whoever put their own interpretation to this can I only imagine be unable to create something of their own and muddle through as a parasite of others reputations.
DiscerningDoug 1:22pm Tue 29 Dec
What a load of *****x
Well, where do I start? Everyone else said it already. If it wanst for the beers and the fact that I was 5too knackered to get off the sofa, I acrtually tried watchuing it but fell asleep at some point. Love the idea, but the plot is taken from 'The Day after Tomorrow' Also, how stupiod was the whole world. 'The sun is going to chuck a load of electromagnetic resdiation to the earth, why dont we all just look at it?? When there is an eclipse, poelp are wearned to look properly... There should have been more thought in it. A quick relaese Hollywood movie, using a few good names to pull int he punters...
Bogus 12:11pm Tue 29 Dec
Dont Bother.
Not a patch on the 80,s TV seres. Forgetable people, rediculas sub plots and intrusiv music. What you would exspect from a Holywood B move not the proud BBC!!!
TTB 11:23pm Mon 28 Dec
what about the blind
no hurting them or me!!. thx. "save the weak"
T 11:18pm Mon 28 Dec
Waste of time
What a load of rubbish!
chunkdani 10:30pm Mon 28 Dec
Beginning of the End
The BBC did a better job in 1981. Watch the 1962 Film instead. To much over emphasis on character background, bad special effects, pseudo science and apocalyptic global warming fad.
Beaker 10:25pm Mon 28 Dec
what a load of
mad mucker 10:00pm Mon 28 Dec
I'm actually going to switch this over. What a let down. Over simplified rubbish. Play all the music you like but the the script and plot is so empty.
p 9:46pm Mon 28 Dec
Dr Whoish on the cheap
Intrusive music + cheap emotion and sentimentality + loads of silly effects + gay dialogue + thin plot.
BBC 1-trick poney 9:19pm Mon 28 Dec
Veggie peril. 10/10
Camelid Colin 9:08pm Mon 28 Dec

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