3:00 AM to 3:50 AM
Friday 23 February

Season 6 Episode 8 of 8

When a successful music producer is murdered, Geordie finds himself implicated in the investigation. Forced to consider whether his army buddy Johnny could be the killer, Geordie has to finally face up to some traumatic events from his own past. Meanwhile, Will is on thin ice with the Bishop, who wants to discuss his future in Grantchester. Could both of their jobs be on the line - and can he save himself as well as his best friend?

Grantchester airs on ITV1 London at 3:00 AM, Friday 23 February. (Subtitles, repeat, sign language, audio description.)
Movie ➝ Drama
Historical ➝ Period Drama
Police ➝ Crime Drama
Robson Green
Tom Brittney
Al Weaver