Louis Theroux's Forbidden America

11:00 PM to 12:20 AM
Wednesday 15 May

Extreme and Online

Season 1 Episode 1 of 3

The film-maker returns to the US to explore the impact of the internet and social media on some of the most controversial corners of American society. He begins by meeting the new influencers of the far-right who are promoting an ideology that is defiantly racist, misogynistic, homophobic and anti-Semitic, often packaging the most extreme views as 'irony'. Louis attempts to understand their recent surge in popularity and challenges the divisive rhetoric that is being streamed to millions of young viewers online

Louis Theroux's Forbidden America airs on W HD at 11:00 PM, Wednesday 15 May. (Subtitles, audio description.)
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Louis Theroux
Dan Dewsbury
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