Make It at Market

12:15 AM to 1:00 AM
Thursday 7 March

Pointillist Art and Jewellery (Will & Angela)

Season 2 Episode 10 of 15

Looking to change their lives with the help of Dom Chinea and his team of mentors are pointillist artist Will from Birmingham and aspiring jeweller Ange from London. Will can't imagine a world without art, but needs to find a way to make it pay. Mentor Claudia is impressed with his work but thinks he needs to work on creating a more distinctive style so customers recognise his pieces. Ange dreams of making her craft pay, but mentor Rachel thinks she needs to improve the finish on some of her creations, as well as work on making more affordable designs

Make It at Market airs on BBC Two England at 12:15 AM, Thursday 7 March. (Subtitles, repeat, sign language, audio description.)
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Dominic Chinea
Martin Connery
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