Get Well Soon
12:30 PM
Plaster Cast
Episode 4 of 5

Visiting Dr Ranj at the hospital is Petal. Petal needs the cast on her arm changing because it has got dirty and is crumbling. Petal has a fractured arm. Dr Ranj shows her an x-ray of her fractured radius. She is going to have her plaster cast replaced with a fibreglass cast. Dr Ranj cuts off the plaster cast. Petal thinks her arm is thin and smelly but this is because she hasn't been able to wash it. Dr Ranj says Petal can choose the colour of her new cast. Petal picks her favourite colour - purple. Dr Ranj puts the new cast on Petal. She loves it and sings a song with Dr Ranj about taking care of your bones and wearing a cast. Petal then gets a special sticker for having being so good during her visit.

Get Well Soon airs on CBeebies at 12:30 PM, Thursday 7 December.
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