Get Well Soon
12:30 PM
Episode 1 of 5

Visiting Dr Ranj at the Children's hospital is Deep. Dr Ranj heard a funny noise when listening to Deep's heart so Deep is having an echocardiogram to make sure everything is okay with it. Dr Ranj explains how an echocardiogram will let him see inside Deep's chest to check and hear how Deep's heart is working. He puts some gel and wires on his chest and uses a probe to scan Deep's heart. He shows Deep his heart on the monitor and shows him a close up of a valve and explains how it works. Everything is fine with Deep's heart and the funny sound Dr Ranj heard was just Deep's blood rushing around. Dr Ranj and Deep then sing a song about how the heart works and the echocardiogram. Deep gets a special sticker for having being so good during his visit.

Get Well Soon airs on CBeebies at 12:30 PM, Monday 4 December.
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