Dog Squad
4:00 PM
Mission: No Dogs Allowed
Season 2 Episode 15 of 20

Tinks is a disability assistance dog for her owner Charli, who has a condition that makes it painful for her to pick things up or to push and pull things. Tinks uses her super fetch skills to help Charli every day. The smallest of the Dog Squad gang, Tinks is a little Lhasa apso with lots of big dog energy. Charli is meeting her friend Annabel for lunch at the local café. They haven't been out for a lunch treat for ages, and the café's speciality is Tinks's favourite - chicken. First, Charli parks her car using her blue parking badge and then gets her wheelchair out of the boot using a hoist. Tinks then helps Charli go into the café, find a table and go to the counter to order their lunch. But when the café owner sees Tinks, he tells Charli that they only allow in guide dogs and that Tinks will have to wait outside. Brave Tinks summons all her big dog energy to help Charli persuade the owner to let them stay and enjoy their chicken sandwich.

Dog Squad airs on CBeebies at 4:00 PM, Friday 8 December.
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