Dog Squad

2:50 PM to 3:00 PM
Thursday 29 February

Mission: Sunflower Adventure

Season 1 Episode 9 of 15

Tinks is a disability assistance dog for her owner, Charli, who has a condition that makes it painful for her to pick things up or to push and pull things. Tinks uses her superfetch skills to help Charli every day. The smallest of the Dog Squad gang, Tinks is a little Lhasa Apso with lots of big dog energy. Tinks and Charli are planting some seeds at the allotments. Tinks chats to her gardening friends the gnomes and braves the big dark shed to find Charli's gardening gloves, before choosing some sunflower seeds and helping Charli to plant them. But when Charli sends Tinks on a mission to find the watering can, it turns out to be empty. The allotments are a big place for a little dog. Can Tinks find someone to help her and Charli water their seeds? Just wait until the rest of Dog Squad hear about their sunflower adventure!

Dog Squad airs on CBeebies at 2:50 PM, Thursday 29 February. (Audio Description, repeat, subtitles.)
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