'X Factor' boy band Yes Lad thought fellow contestant Honey G was a prank.

The group - made up of Luke Gregory, Cian Gleeson, Sonny Hardman, Joel Healey, and Lewis Maxwell - couldn't quite believe their eyes when they first met the 35-year-old rap artist during the Boot Camp stage of the competition, and have admitted they didn't think she was a real contestant.

Speaking to website Digital Spy, Lewis said: ''When we first met her and we were filming Boot Camp, we thought she was fake. She was all out there.''

Luke then added: ''Because they [X Factor] play tricks on you, don't they? She had a mic on her. Then we found out she was an act on the show. She is such a lovely woman - when you get to know her she is a really nice woman. There is no one like Honey G.''

Yes Lad got given a second chance on Sunday (25.09.16) after they were kicked off of the show by mentor Louis Walsh during his six chair challenge, but were later reinstated as a wild card.

Honey G was also kicked off the show after she failed to impress Sharon Osbourne, but after original hopeful Ivy Grace Paredes had to withdraw from the competition due to visa complications, the North West London rapper was drafted back in to take her place.

And now the boy band actually know who their fellow contestant is, they can't wait to see what she does next.

Cian said: ''She'll do well. I'd love to see her in the charts in a year. It would be amazing. Imagine going to a Honey G concert in Wembley?! She was saying last night that she was the next Jay Z. Everyone loves her - she's funny and she's out there and it's refreshing.''