Amanda Holden would go back to waitressing if she loses her job on 'Britain's Got Talent'.

The 45-year-old beauty insists a lot of her career success is down to ''luck'' and she enjoyed her work serving customers before finding fame, so would be open to returning to her old job should the ITV show's boss Simon Cowell, 56, ever decide to sack her.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I describe myself as a waitress who got lucky. I can still waitress I am pleased to say.

''My parents used to have a small hotel and that is how my sister and I earned our money in the holidays, chambermaiding and waitressing. I enjoy it because I like meeting and chatting to people.''

Meanwhile, Amanda - who has been on the talent show since it started in 2007 - recently said she would love to see former 'EastEnders' actress Dame Barbara Windsor [Peggy Mitchell] guest judge on next year's show.

While she doesn't want to change the running of the talent show as she doesn't believe in ''fixing something that's not broken'' she would love to see the legendary actress sit alongside her on the panel during the next series.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, she said: ''I think a guest judge would be fun. I'd love Barbara Windsor, she could sit next to me. She can come to London. Different icons would be fun.''

And, although she thinks the programme is in a league of its own, Amanda has asked Simon if they can have a Judges Houses round like 'The X Factor'.

She explained: ''I've always wanted to do Judges Houses but there's never enough time so that's never happened. I think it would be brilliant if we were all given a category.

''It's ['Britain's Got Talent'] the most exciting thing. It's like Christmas Day and then when it's over it's like Boxing Day.''

And while she's close to Simon - who works with ITV - Amanda hasn't ruled out rival 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Asked if she would turn down the chance to compete on the show out of loyalty, she said: ''I'd turn it down out of lack of energy. It's a great show and never say never but I don't think I could do it now. It's such hard work.''