Jamie Dornan feels ''insecure about everything''.

The 34-year-old actor has admitted that despite being one of the most sought-after leading men in Hollywood, he still has his own hang-ups.

He explained: ''Of course I'm insecure, I feel insecure about everything. Nothing changes when you become famous.

''I can remember making videos with a camcorder or voice recordings and you always cringe a bit when you see or hear yourself. I don't believe there are any actors who feel totally secure and if they do, well, that's worrying.''

Meanwhile, Jamie has insisted he never feared he would be unable to disassociate himself from his part in the 'Fifty Shades' series and that the role would harm his career.

Jamie told the Irish Independent newspaper: ''I'm a very optimistic and positive person by nature. Some roles can be a bit all-encompassing, but I don't see a lot of negatives when a film makes $300m at the box office.

''My involvement in films like 'Jadotville' is as a direct result of other films I've done which have done well. If I ever find myself taking on jobs for the wrong reasons I'll just stop. I'm not one of these actors who thinks they always have to be acting.''

Jamie also claimed he does not revel in his own celebrity, although he thinks there is more focus on famous females.

He said: ''If you look at people like the Kardashians, they enable it, they seek it. I am living out in the English countryside in the middle of nowhere. The only things that are following me are goats, mostly.

''I think the notion of paparazzi following you is much worse for women than it is for men. They don't care about the guys as much. Women in the public eye definitely get more attention.''