Judy Murray wants Jamie Lee Curtis to play her in a biopic of her life.

The 57-year-old tennis coach - who is the mother of the professional tennis players Jamie and Andy Murray - has revealed she would want the 57-year-old actress to be cast as her in a Hollywood movie, but if a television show was to be based on her she would want 'Cold Feet' actress Hermione Norris to play her because she regularly gets mistaken for the star.

Speaking to Christian O'Connell on his Absolute Radio Breakfast show about the actresses she would love to portray her, she said: ''For TV I'd go for Hermione Norris. I quite often get mistaken for her when I'm out in the street and she's fantastic in 'Cold Feet'. She is fantastic. And I think for Hollywood it has to be Jamie Lee Curtis.''

Meanwhile Judy - who took part on the hit BBC show 'Strictly Come Dancing' in 2014, which saw her paired with the programmes longstanding professional dancer Anton Du Bec - has admitted she watched the launch show over the weekend but couldn't help but feel the same nerves and anxiety she felt when she graced the floor two years ago.

Speaking about the talent show, she said: ''I watched little bits of it. I watched the launch show [of 'Strictly Come Dancing'] to see who they all got paired up with and you remember the terror of that first night of actually standing there when the music comes on and I'm thinking 'Oh s**t, I'm going to have to do it now.' And then suddenly you've got to perform in front of loads of people doing something that you're totally unsuited for. As you could see.''

However dancing on television isn't the only thing Judy dreaded, as she has revealed she still has a strong fear of going to the dentist and driving over bridges.

She explained: ''The dentist. Yes I hate the dentist. The dentist and bridges. I don't like driving over bridges I get a real cold sweat driving over a bridge.''