Goldie Hawn didn't read the script for her upcoming film for ''one year''.

The 70-year-old actress has revealed she delayed filming for the forthcoming comedy with Amy Schumer, which has yet to be named, because she avoided picking up the script until a year after being approached to star in the movie.

Speaking on ITV's 'Loose Women' on Monday (26.09.16) about the production, the blonde beauty said: ''By the way, I didn't read the script until a year later.''

Although Hawn has claimed she wasn't persuaded to accept the role by Schumer, she has revealed she was ''honoured'' the 35 year old wanted her to star in the film, and after a conversation with Schumer she soon realised she would be the best person to play Amy's on-screen parent.

Speaking about her change of mind, she explained: ''She [Amy] didn't persuade me. But she did talk to me about it. She said she would really love for me to be in her movie. I was very obviously honoured, she's so adorable. And I thought I'd be a good mum for her. It was very funny.

''She [Amy] is crazy, but that is why I love her. Is anyone normal?''

And Hawn has revealed filming for the film, which saw the pair jet off to Hawaii, was ''terrible'' to shoot.

She quipped: ''We go on holiday together and it's an action/adventure mother/daughter comedy. It's not been named yet. It is still 'Mother/Daughter untitled'. I don't know what they are going to come up with. It's done, three months in Hawaii. It was a terrible time [laughs].''

Meanwhile, Hawn - who has daughter Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson and Wyatt Russell - has revealed her on-screen character is nothing like her because her character is scared ''of everything'', doesn't venture out of the house, and has a ''dysfunctional'' child.

Speaking about her role, she said: ''No. She really isn't like me this character, she is frightened of everything and doesn't go out. She has a dysfunctional son and he's dependent on her.''