Brian Blessed has asked doctors to fit him with a penis of a ''20 year old''.

The 79-year-old actor - who turns 80 in October - recently splashed out £27,000 on a pacemaker which has made him feel like a ''million dollar man'' in his 20s, and he has now set his sights on purchasing a new member to give him an additional lease of life.

He said: ''Now I can do anything. I just wish they'd given me another c**k. That's what I said to the doctors.

''They said, 'How are you feeling Brian?' I said, 'Great! Now I'd just like a 20-year-old c**k!'.''

The 'Flash Gordon' actor went under the knife to correct an irregular heartbeat after collapsing on stage last year while performing in Shakespeare production 'King Lear', and the star was pleased the operation was over in a flash.

Speaking in this month's CALIBRE Quarterly magazine, he added: ''I saw these doctors who had this new pacemaker, which is made by Boston Scientific, who said they would come over and help fit it.

''Apparently I had no cholesterol, so they just fed the device straight through the heart, and it was all finished before I knew it. I just immediately felt 20 again.''

After collapsing with the heart problem, Brian was treated by a doctor in the audience and then returned to the stage just 20 minutes later to finish his performance.

But less than two weeks later, producers announced he had ''been compelled to withdraw'' from the play, which also starred his daughter Rosalind.