Goldie Hawn's children didn't want her to marry Kurt Russell.

The 70-year-old actress has been with the Hollywood star for 33 years but says her children Kate Hudson, 37, and 40-year-old Oliver Hudson - her kids with ex-husband Bill Hudson - and her and Kurt's son Wyatt Russell, 30 didn't want their parents to ruin their relationship by getting hitched because they are ''perfect'' without signing a piece of paper to prove it.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women' on Monday (26.09.16), she said: ''About 10 years into our relationship we asked the kids, 'Do you want us to get married?' and they went, 'No!'

''They loved it, it was perfect the way it was. They didn't want any trouble, they wanted us to not be married. Every child wants to be married, but not every relationship works and that is the truth.''

Goldie - who has been married twice before, once to Bill and to 'West Side Story' actor Gus Trikonis - also shared her perfect equation for how much time a committed couple should spend together.

She admitted: ''It depends on what year or era you are in in your relationship. In the beginning you want to be together all the time. And then you get jealous when they are gone for too long. I would say in a healthy long-term relationship, I would say it would be great to be together about 69 per cent of the time. ''

Goldie was on the show to talk about her children's educational programme MindUp, a project that teaches meditation to children in schools and has admitted it was one of the ''hardest'' things she's ever worked on.

However, it was important for her to take a break from acting after more than three decades in the business.

Goldie - who is set to star in her first film in 15 years alongside comedienne Amy Schumer - said: ''I didn't take any time out. The truth of the matter is I took a break because I had so much passion for children. I created this programme 13 years ago and it has been the hardest thing I've honestly ever done.

''And I took a break because I wanted to do something different. When you do the same thing for 35 years it is time to look at life and say, 'What else can I do?' ''