Marilyn has praised Boy George for being an ''amazing'' friend to him.

The androgynous 53-year-old British singer - whose real name is Peter Robinson - shot to fame in the 1980s alongside his Culture Club frontman pal and is making his return to the pop charts with George's help with their new single 'Love and Money'.

Marilyn and George have been friends with each other since they were teenagers and the pair shared a squat in London, and the blonde star has revealed the 'Karma Chameleon' singer was a rock to him when he was living as a recluse after becoming damaged by the fame game.

Speaking about their life-long friendship in a joint interview on 'Loose Women', Marilyn said: ''George is an amazing person and I feel very lucky to have him as a friend, the amount of time we have been friends and what we've been through. With him, it's like, if he says something he follows through with the actions which for me means I can trust him, I can trust his word, which is so important for me, because so many people say any old rubbish, so to know that he's there, he's like a rock. We've been through parallel journeys and it's great having someone who understands and can relate to it.''

Marilyn - who, like, George has overcome drug addiction - also shared what he thinks make a great friendship and the importance on honesty between people.

He said: ''It (a friendship) needs to be honest without being hurtful. There is a way of saying everything and if your intent is coming from the right place then your words will match that.''

George, 55, quipped: ''Unless you're in a hurry!''

The former 'Voice' coach also revealed how the pair's friendship has changed over the years and insists the jealously that existed between them when they were young men has now gone.

He explained: ''Jealousy is something that you have when you're young and in competition with each other. As you get older you realise that in friendships you have to let people be who they are, you still have rows about things.''

As well as providing vocals, George has co-written and produced Marilyn's new single 'Love or Money' which is out now.