John Travolta's youngest child kept the family together after the tragic loss of his son Jett.

The 'Saturday Night Fever' star was left devastated when his son passed away after suffering a seizure in 2009 at the age of just 16 but he says the arrival of Benjamin a year later helped the family to ''rebond''.

Speaking on Good Morning America, he said: ''We certainly have bonded together.

''Certainly having little Ben has been a beautiful kind of glue for us to rebond after a tremendous loss.''

Meanwhile, John - who also has Ella Bleu, 16, with his wife Kelly Preston - previously insisted he won't ''interfere'' in his daughter's love life.

He said: ''I don't interfere with that. I'm saving her because she has two guys that she hangs out with, [and] I don't ask anything about what they say or do with each other.''

And John is thrilled that his son Benjamin is interested in following his parents into the film industry.

He added: ''I took him to Toys 'R Us recently, and he said to me when we got out of the truck and in the cart, 'Why are all these people wanting my photograph?'

''Because I didn't know if he knew I was in films or not. He said, 'Well, maybe they saw one of your movies!' And he said, 'I want to work with you!' So we'll see how that evolves. I don't want to force it.''