Robbie Williams wants his wife to go out and ''shine''.

The 'She's The One' hitmaker is so proud of his wife Ayda Field for carving out her own career after taking time out to follow him around the world.

He said: ''The biggest reason I fell in love with Ayda is because of her personality. I'm incredibly proud of her and I'm not only in love with her but I really like her.

''And I want her to be out there, and I want people to be experiencing what I'm experiencing, because it's unique what she's got. I'm like a proud parent, even with the wife. I'm like, 'Go out there and shine, my love.'''

The 42-year-old singer has had his time to tour the world and is now happy to be Ayda's ''dressing room b***h''.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''When we met, I kind of took Ayda hostage. I kidnapped her and took her away from her career. I needed her with me, and that was how it was going to work.

''I was like, 'Look, we're going to England and I want you to come with me. This won't work.' And for the last nine years she's kind of been my dressing room b***h. Now I'm her dressing room b***h.''

Meanwhile, Ayda - who has Theodora, four, and Charlton, 23 months, with her husband - previously admitted she is too tired to have sex with Robbie.

She said: ''I find your honesty really refreshing, it's a dialogue that some women don't feel comfortable having about but it's something that a lot of us experience, I've got two young kids, I'm knackered, I'm really tired I want to put some sweat pants on, I want to eat chocolate and I want to go to sleep, and sleep under the covers in the foetal position.''