Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston want to make another movie together.

The couple - who met on the set of 'Wanderlust' - would love to star opposite one another on screen again if they can find the right project, but the 45-year-old actor admits his commitment to TV show 'The Leftovers' has so far made it hard to find something.

Asked if they will work together again, he said: ''I mean we would love to, of course. You know, it's that thing of I have been working for the last three years on the TV show which has prevented me from working on anything else.

''And it has to be the right thing and something the both of us want to do, you know. We'll see.''

'The Girl on the Train' actor is a big fan of his 47-year-old wife's work and finds it hard to choose which of her movies is his favourite.

When quizzed, he told E! News: Oh God, what's my favourite Jen movie? I think 'Cake', not just because it was her most recent one. I loved her in 'Good Girl', and her comedies are fabulous. Loved her in 'Wanderlust'...She's always so present and good.''

Away from work, Justin thinks the key to his happy marriage is simply that he and his spouse ''get along'' with one another, and find the same things funny.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''We appreciate each other's sense of humour, we respect one another and we get along.

''I know it sounds simple but it's true!''

Jennifer - who was previously wed to Brad Pitt - has previously praised her man for making her so happy and she says she's never met anyone who could make her laugh as much as the 'Zoolander No.2' scriptwriter.

And the former 'Friends' star believes the constant laughter in her life helps keep her young at heart.

She shared: ''I'm lucky because Justin is the funniest person I've met, and we make each other laugh. Laughter is one of the great keys to staying youthful.''