15 September 2019  | 
Film The Colditz Story
A medieval castle in Germany is turned into a PoW camp during the Second World War, and used to house the most rebellious Allied prisoners, all of whom have made repeated escape attempts. Although breaking out is supposedly impossible, the determined inmates refuse to be beaten and continue their bid for freedom. Second World War drama, starring John Mills and Eric Portman
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Film Blitz
An uncompromising police detective's career is under threat when his violent methods are exposed by a reporter. However, he is kept on duty as he is considered the only man capable of stopping an elusive serial killer, one who is preying on police officers. Crime thriller, starring Jason Statham, Aidan Gillen, Paddy Considine and David Morrissey
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Film Groundhog Day
An obnoxious TV weatherman reporting on a small town's annual festival finds himself caught in a bizarre time loop, and is forced to relive the same day over and over again. While at first he tries to exploit his predicament, he is ultimately driven to mend his ways and adopt a less cynical attitude. Comedy, starring Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, Chris Elliott and Stephen Tobolowsky
271 Votes
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Film Sea of Sand
Allied troops fighting in North Africa in 1943 are redeployed as saboteurs behind enemy lines to blow up Rommel's desert fuel dumps. A clash of personalities between officers initially causes problems, but the men overcome their differences to work together. Second World War adventure, starring Richard Attenborough, John Gregson, Michael Craig and Vincent Ball
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Film The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Frodo and Sam continue their quest to destroy the all-powerful ring, bringing them face to face with the magical artefact's twisted former owner Gollum. Meanwhile, their allies prepare to make a desperate last stand against the vast armies of the corrupted wizard Saruman, who has declared war on a neighbouring kingdom. Part two of Peter Jackson's fantasy adventure trilogy, starring Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Viggo Mortensen, Ian McKellen, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, Andy Serkis and Christopher Lee
311 Votes
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Film The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
As hobbits Frodo and Sam near the end of their journey into the dark lands of Mordor to destroy the One Ring, the evil Sauron unleashes the full might of his armies on Middle-earth. Meanwhile, Aragorn must fulfil his destiny of becoming king by leading his people into a climactic battle with the forces of darkness. Conclusion of the fantasy adventure trilogy, starring Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Ian McKellen and Sean Astin
390 Votes
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Film High Plains Drifter
A mysterious stranger is hired to defend a remote frontier town from three outlaws who are making people's lives a misery. Although he rids the community of the troublemakers, the residents' lives take a turn for the worse as their saviour seizes control of the town and seeks to punish them for their past sins. Western, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, alongside Verna Bloom and Marianna Hill
116 Votes
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Film Safe
A former cage fighter enrages a Triad gang, who respond by murdering his family. Seeking redemption, he saves the life of a 12-year-old girl being attacked by gangsters, only to learn she is a mathematical genius in possession of a valuable code - which several criminal factions will kill to get their hands on. Action thriller, starring Jason Statham and Catherine Chan
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Film Good Will Hunting
A troubled maths genius refuses to use his gift, preferring to work as a janitor and lead a normal life with his friends. Eventually, a university professor persuades him to see a psychologist, who befriends him and proves the only person able to help him come to terms with his talent and past traumas. Drama, written by and starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, who won Oscars for their screenplay. With Robin Williams, Minnie Driver and Stellan Skarsgard
116 Votes
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Film Miracle on 34th Street
A woman raises her six-year-old daughter to believe that Santa Claus does not exist, but they both have a change of heart after meeting a department store Father Christmas who claims to be the man himself. When the kindly fellow is accused of being a charlatan, his new friends engage a lawyer to prove his true identity. Remake of the 1947 family drama, with Richard Attenborough, Elizabeth Perkins, Mara Wilson and Dylan McDermott
216 Votes
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Film Matilda
A gifted youngster is packed off by her selfish parents to the prison-like Crunchem Hall School. Once there, she befriends a sweet-natured teacher who convinces her that not all grown-ups are bad - and urges her to use her special powers to turn the tables on the nasty headmistress. Fantasy comedy, adapted from the children's book by Roald Dahl, with Mara Wilson, Pam Ferris, Embeth Davidtz, Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito, who also directed
118 Votes
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Film Bruce Almighty
God tires of a down-on-his-luck reporter's constant complaining, so passes on His powers to give him a taste of ultimate responsibility. The newsman falls in love with his extraordinary abilities - but a never-ending stream of incoming prayers and his ambitious attempt to please everyone soon prove there is more to the job than meets the eye. Comedy, starring Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman
397 Votes
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Film Unforgiven
Two notorious gunslingers come out of retirement to help a young assassin collect the $1,000 bounty on the heads of a pair of cowboys who attacked and mutilated a prostitute in the backwoods town of Big Whiskey. The local sheriff, however, has no intention of letting the pair impinge on his own authority. Oscar-winning Western, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, with Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Jaimz Woolvett and Richard Harris
400 Votes
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Film Proof
A woman mourns the death of her father, a brilliant professor whose genius deteriorated as he succumbed to dementia. Afraid of sharing his fate, she shies away from human contact - until one of his former students uncovers an unknown mathematical theorem that will have ramifications for both their futures. Drama, with Gwyneth Paltrow, Anthony Hopkins, Jake Gyllenhaal and Hope Davis
52 Votes
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Film She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
A cavalry officer on the brink of retirement takes drastic steps to prevent an impending war with the Arapaho people, stirred up by double-dealing agents and Custer's recent defeat. After a series of skirmishes and minor victories, he decides the best solution is to ride into the Arapaho camp and negotiate a truce. John Ford Western, starring John Wayne, Joanne Dru, John Agar and Ben Johnson
80 Votes
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Film The World's Fastest Indian
A pensioner motorbike enthusiast travels from New Zealand to the salt flats of Utah in the hope of getting a chance to break the world land-speed record on his vintage Indian Scout. However, he encounters many obstacles, since not everyone he meets on his journey shares his passion and optimism. Fact-based drama, starring Anthony Hopkins, Diane Ladd and Paul Rodriguez
81 Votes
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Film In the Line of Fire
An ageing secret service agent, tormented by his failure to save the life of John F Kennedy in 1963, is drawn into a battle of wits with a sinister CIA-trained assassin out to kill the current president. As the day of reckoning draws closer, the agent's nerves are tested to the limit - and nothing seems to be going his way. Wolfgang Petersen's thriller, starring Clint Eastwood, John Malkovich, Rene Russo and Dylan McDermott
116 Votes
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Film The 39 Steps
An innocent man becomes embroiled in international espionage as he tries to uncover the meaning behind the cryptic last words of a mystery woman, whom he knew for only a brief time before finding her dying in his flat. He must flee for his life from foreign spies and the police, who think he is a murderer. Spy thriller based on John Buchan's novel, starring Kenneth More, Taina Elg, Barry Jones and James Hayter
129 Votes
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Film Hero
A warlord in ancient China sends out messengers throughout his kingdom to declare a reward for whoever can kill three assassins intent on murdering him. In response, a warrior arrives at the ruler's palace and claims that he has already defeated the would-be killers, but his story does not quite ring true. Martial arts adventure, starring Jet Li, Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk. In Mandarin
138 Votes
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Film Die Hard 2
Tough cop John McClane arrives at an airport to pick up his wife, but finds himself plunged into a bloody life-or-death struggle. He must battle terrorists who have seized control of the terminal as part of a campaign to secure the release of a convicted drug baron. Action thriller sequel, starring Bruce Willis, Bonnie Bedelia, William Sadler, Franco Nero and William Atherton
250 Votes
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Film Columbo: Any Old Port in a Storm
A vineyard owner's financial security is jeopardised when his playboy younger brother threatens to sell the family winery. He resorts to killing his sibling and rigging the death scene to look like a scuba-diving accident. However, the crumpled cop sees through the ruse and in the process reveals he is something of a wine buff himself. Detective drama, with Peter Falk, Donald Pleasence and Julie Harris
30 Votes
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Film Columbo: Old Fashioned Murder
A woman who has devoted her life to running her family's museum is outraged when her brother decides to sell it. Knowing of someone with criminal connections, she arranges to have her brother killed. However, just when she starts to think she has got away with it, a certain shabby sleuth is assigned to the case. Crime drama, with Peter Falk, Joyce Van Patten, Celeste Holm and Tim O'Connor
31 Votes
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Film Columbo: Dead Weight
The dishevelled detective suspects a highly respected general is guilty of murdering an associate who was about to expose the war hero's shady business dealings, but Columbo has a hard time backing up his hunch with evidence because of the lack of a body or a weapon. Crime drama, starring Peter Falk, Eddie Albert, Suzanne Pleshette and John Kerr
31 Votes
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Film The Train
As the Allies look set to liberate Paris from the Nazi forces, the Germans resolve to take all they can from the city - and plot to transport national treasures back to Berlin. However, bold French Resistance forces vow to stop them, enlisting the help of a train inspector along the way. Second World War adventure, starring Burt Lancaster, Paul Scofield, Jeanne Moreau and Michel Simon
58 Votes
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Film Mysterious Island
Soldiers escaping the American Civil War take flight in a giant observation balloon and land far away on a strange uncharted island, where they encounter giant creatures, cut-throat pirates, two shipwrecked Englishwomen - and the mysterious Captain Nemo. Sci-fi adventure based on Jules Verne's novel, starring Michael Craig, Herbert Lom, Joan Greenwood and Michael Callan, with special effects by Ray Harryhausen
60 Votes
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Film Limitless
A failed writer acquires a supply of an experimental drug that enables his brain to process and learn information at a superhuman rate. His new-found abilities allow him to make a killing on the stock market, but he soon attracts the attention of shadowy forces who have sinister plans for him. Sci-fi thriller, with Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Abbie Cornish
94 Votes
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Film Air Force One
The American president is forced to take drastic measures to save his family when their plane is hijacked by Russian terrorists demanding the release of a jailed radical general. Meanwhile, the vice president tries to manage the crisis from Washington and has to decide whether to shoot the aircraft down. Action thriller, starring Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Glenn Close, Dean Stockwell and William H Macy
120 Votes
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Film Madagascar
A gang of streetwise penguins decides to escape from New York's Central Park Zoo and return to a life in the wild, but when Marty the zebra and his friends follow suit, they end up stranded in Africa on a jungle island without a clue about how to fend for themselves. Animated comedy, with the voices of Ben Stiller, David Schwimmer, Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett Smith and Sacha Baron Cohen
182 Votes
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Film The Martian
A manned mission to Mars is abruptly abandoned, with one crew member left for dead. However, the astronaut has survived and faces a series of challenges - to contact Earth and arrange his rescue and to survive for the years it will take for a spacecraft to reach him on resources intended to last the crew a month. Ridley Scott's sci-fi drama based on the novel by Andy Weir, starring Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig and Chiwetel Ejiofor
29 Votes
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Film The Vault of Horror
Five men in a lift end up trapped together in a basement, and share their recurring nightmares. A private eye tells a story of vampires, a man obsessed with tidiness drives his wife to murder, a magician learns the folly of crossing an Indian mystic, an author fakes his death, and an artist uses voodoo to get revenge on his enemies. Horror anthology, starring Daniel Massey, Denholm Elliott, Tom Baker, Anna Massey and Terry-Thomas
37 Votes
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Film Columbo: Murder by the Book
An author of mystery novels kills his former writing partner so he can claim sole credit for their collaborations, and tries to appear innocent by offering to help Columbo solve the crime. Detective drama, directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Peter Falk, Jack Cassidy, Rosemary Forsyth and Barbara Colby
39 Votes
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Film Snow White & the Huntsman
An evil queen learns that her reign will last for ever if she kills a princess, so sends a renowned warrior to find and murder her. However, he comes to realise his mistress's evil ways, and instead trains his intended victim to fight so they can bring the tyrant's rule to an end. Fantasy adventure, with Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron
62 Votes
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Film Outbreak
An expert in infectious diseases races against time to find a cure for a rapidly fatal airborne virus which is wiping out the population of a small town, and is threatening to turn into a pandemic. However, his task is hampered by senior military men, who are bent on burning down the town and incinerating the virus with it, regardless of any casualties. Thriller, with Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey and Donald Sutherland
67 Votes
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Film Black Death
As the bubonic plague sweeps across medieval Britain, one isolated community seems to be completely unaffected. A naive monk is sent to accompany a band of mercenaries to the village to determine if they have used witchcraft to ward off the disease. Thriller, starring Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne and Carice van Houten
72 Votes
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Film The Proposal
A Canadian publishing editor working in New York faces deportation to her own country. Desperate to stay in America, she offers her assistant a promotion if he will marry her, but an immigration official becomes suspicious and the pair are forced to go to desperate lengths to look like a happy couple. Romantic comedy, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds
82 Votes
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Film Cinderella
During a royal ball, Cinderella discovers a prince has been turned into a mouse by an evil witch, and his place has been taken by a fraud. Determined to ensure the cursed prince is freed, she and her friends set off to defeat the forces of evil. Animated adventure, with the voices of Cassandra Lee Morris and Chris Niosi
110 Votes
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Film True Lies
A seemingly ordinary computer salesman leads a double life as a secret agent battling international terrorism. His naive wife is unaware of his dual employment, and goes in search of adventure - only to end up in the clutches of terrorists who have stolen a nuclear weapon. James Cameron's action comedy, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Arnold
158 Votes
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Film 12 Angry Men
Twelve jurors convene to decide the verdict in a murder trial. While 11 of the group are thoroughly convinced the teenage defendant is guilty, one lone voice of reason refuses to cave in to pressure and passionately argues the case for his innocence. Sidney Lumet's legal drama, starring Henry Fonda, Lee J Cobb, Ed Begley, Martin Balsam and Jack Klugman
26 Votes
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Film Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
The vigilante tries to save an army major who has been framed for murder and treason. He discovers that she has been targeted by a secret government conspiracy, and together they go on the run to expose the truth. Action thriller sequel based on Lee Child's novel, starring Tom Cruise, Cobie Smulders and Danika Yarosh
41 Votes
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Film Eddie the Eagle
Biopic of British sporting underdog Eddie Edwards. Determined to fulfil his dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete, Edwards trains as a ski jumper - a field in which Britain had no other competitors. He secures a place in the 1988 Winter Olympics, where his can-do attitude makes him a media sensation in the face of a losing streak. Starring Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman and Christopher Walken
43 Votes
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Film Men in Black 3
An alien criminal escapes from a prison on the moon and goes back in time on a mission of revenge, changing the course of history. Agent J of the top-secret Earth defence organisation follows him back to 1969, and joins forces with a younger version of his mentor Agent K to set things right. Sci-fi comedy sequel, starring Will Smith, Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones
47 Votes
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Film Harry Brown
An elderly retired marine leads a law-abiding existence on a south London estate, until his best friend is murdered by a local gang. Furious at the police's inability to bring the killers to justice, he takes the law into his own hands to get revenge. Crime thriller, starring Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer, Charlie Creed-Miles, Ben Drew, Iain Glen and Sean Harris
74 Votes
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Film Jeepers Creepers II
Sinister batlike creature the Creeper continues his murderous activities, with only one day left to sate his bloodlust before he goes into hibernation for another 23 years - and a coachload of teenagers looks like the perfect place to start. Horror sequel, starring Ray Wise, Jonathan Breck, Garikayi Mutambirwa and Eric Nenninger
123 Votes
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Film Sin City
Three crime stories unfold and intertwine on the streets of an ultra-violent and unforgiving city, involving a soft-hearted disfigured vigilante on a mission to avenge the murder of a prostitute, a shamed detective bent on saving a beautiful stripper, and a mysterious tough guy shielding street girls from a corrupt cop. Thriller based on Frank Miller's comic book, with Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Clive Owen, Jessica Alba, Elijah Wood, Rosario Dawson and Benicio Del Toro
219 Votes
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Film The 300 Spartans
The ruler of the Persian empire vows to expand his realm by conquering Greece. The king of Sparta steps forward to defend his homeland and the other kingdoms of Greece, but when he is betrayed by a political council, he finds himself without an army and must fend off the vast invading army with a mere 300 warriors. Historical drama, starring Richard Egan, Ralph Richardson and Diane Baker
24 Votes
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Film Me Before You
A woman hired as a carer for an embittered man who has been paralysed for the past two years following a motorcycle accident. She tries to show him he still has something to live for, but he fears becoming a burden and considers ending his life. Romantic drama based on Jojo Moyes' novel, starring Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin, Charles Dance and Jenna Coleman
30 Votes
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Film The Natural
A baseball prodigy's dreams of sporting stardom are cut short when he gets shot. Once he has recovered from his injuries, he rejoins his team as a rookie recruit at an age when most players are thinking of retiring - only to enjoy an unexpected run of success. Drama, starring Robert Redford, Glenn Close, Kim Basinger, Robert Duvall and Barbara Hershey
37 Votes
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Film Witchfinder General
A lawyer callously destroys innocent lives while performing his duties as a witchfinder, earning a terrifying reputation for brutality and injustice. However, he meets his match in a courageous soldier seeking revenge on the man for having raped his betrothed. Michael Reeves' 17th-century period horror, with Vincent Price, Ian Ogilvy, Rupert Davies, Patrick Wymark and Hilary Dwyer
41 Votes
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Film Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Secret agent Ethan Hunt and his team are implicated in a bombing at the Kremlin, forcing the American president to declare them fugitives. The spies plan to clear their name by abducting the real terrorist, which leads them into a pursuit around the globe. However, Hunt cannot be sure his colleagues are trustworthy. Action adventure sequel, starring Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Paula Patton
53 Votes
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Film About Time
A single man gets the chance to turn his unhappy life around when his father reveals that they both have the ability to travel through time and change their personal history. He uses his newfound talent to try to improve his love life and win the heart of an American woman he has fallen for. Romantic fantasy comedy, with Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy
71 Votes
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Film The Fly
A scientist's botched teleportation experiment results in his atoms getting mixed up with those of a fly, leaving his wife with a terrible choice - let him continue living in his mutated, dangerous state or put him out of his misery. Horror, starring David Hedison, Vincent Price and Herbert Marshall
75 Votes
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Film Coach Carter
A former professional basketball player agrees to coach a high-school team, but he is unimpressed by its lack of discipline and instigates a tough new regimen. All goes well until the youngsters start to become complacent, forcing him to take drastic action - which leads to a backlash of complaints from angry parents and pupils alike. Drama, with Samuel L Jackson, Ashanti, Rob Brown and Robert Ri'chard
76 Votes
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Film Finding Neverland
Fact-based period drama based on the life of Peter Pan author JM Barrie. As a young-at-heart playwright, Barrie is uncomfortable with life in the critical spotlight. However, his friendship with four boys and their free-spirited widowed mother brings him the inspiration for his greatest work. Starring Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Dustin Hoffman, Julie Christie, Freddie Highmore and Kelly Macdonald
81 Votes
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Film Paul
An alien held captive in a top-secret American military base escapes and hides out in the van of two English comic-book geeks on a tour of UFO hotspots. The wisecracking extraterrestrial enlists the duo's help in getting back to his spaceship, but they are soon pursued by government agents and unwittingly become kidnappers. Sci-fi comedy, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, with the voice of Seth Rogen
111 Votes
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Film Stand By Me
Four 12-year-old best friends embark on a life-changing adventure in the Oregon wilderness in search of a missing teenager's body, unaware of the trials and triumphs that await them. Rob Reiner's 1950s-set coming-of-age drama, based on a novella by Stephen King, starring River Phoenix, Wil Wheaton, Jerry O'Connell, Corey Feldman, Kiefer Sutherland and Richard Dreyfuss
125 Votes
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Film The Guardian
A Californian couple hire a nanny to look after their baby son, little realising she's an emissary of Satan sent to unleash Hell on Earth. Horror, starring Jenny Seagrove, Dwier Brown, Miguel Ferrer, Carey Lowell and Brad Hall
234 Votes
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Film Oldboy
A man is kidnapped and held hostage for 20 years, until one day he is mysteriously released. Determined to avenge himself on his captors, he investigates a web of sinister conspiracies to discover who it was that imprisoned him and why. Spike Lee's remake of the Korean thriller, starring Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen and Samuel L Jackson
258 Votes
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Film Total Recall
A construction worker pays to have fake memories of a dream holiday implanted into his brain, but discovers his mind has already been tampered with - apparently to erase his true identity as a secret agent from a colony on Mars. He journeys to the planet in search of the truth, but is drawn into a conflict between the tyrannical ruler and a rebel faction. Paul Verhoeven's sci-fi thriller, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rachel Ticotin and Michael Ironside
405 Votes
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Film The Man from UNCLE
A CIA agent is forced into an uneasy alliance with his arch-rival in the KGB at the height of the Cold War. A criminal organisation is planning to alter the balance of power by making nuclear weapons widely available, and the two spies must work together to foil the plan. Action adventure based on the 1960s TV series, starring Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, Alicia Vikander and Hugh Grant
18 Votes
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Film Now You See Me 2
A gang of magicians-turned-criminals is reunited for a comeback performance by a ruthless technology magnate, who se actual goal is to force the team into carrying out a seemingly impossible heist on his behalf. The illusionists realise their only hope of avoiding the law is to perform one last unprecedented stunt to expose the businessman's illegal activities. Crime thriller sequel, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Daniel Radcliffe and Morgan Freeman
20 Votes
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Film The Last Stand
Disgraced narcotics cop Ray Owens retires into a quiet life as sheriff of a small town on the Mexican border. He gets the chance to prove his worth as a law enforcer when a drug lord escapes from prison and tries to flee the US - with his escape route taking him through Ray's jurisdiction. Action thriller, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Knoxville and Forest Whitaker
29 Votes
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Film Shutter Island
A US marshal, traumatised by his past, heads to a hospital for the criminally insane on a remote island to investigate the disappearance of a woman who murdered her children. As the case unfolds, he begins to suspect the doctors are hiding something - and that a grisly fate awaits all the patients on a sinister ward. Martin Scorsese's mystery thriller, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo and Ben Kingsley
38 Votes
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Film Dredd
An uncompromising law enforcer in a post-apocalyptic city is assigned to train a psychic new recruit. A report of three murders leads them to a tower block dominated by a ruthless drug lord, only for the gangster to seal off the building, forcing them to fight their way out. Sci-fi thriller based on the 2000AD comic-strip, starring Karl Urban, Lena Headey and Olivia Thirlby
44 Votes
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Film Columbo: The Bye-Bye Sky-High IQ Murder Case
An accountant who has a reputation as being one of the brightest men in the world realises he has to kill a fellow genius to cover up his illegal activities. He puts his remarkable intelligence to the task of covering up every possible clue that could lead back to him - but has not counted on the equally sharp mind of slovenly sleuth Columbo. Crime drama, with Peter Falk and Theodore Bikel
57 Votes
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Film Seabiscuit
Fact-based drama set in Depression-era America. A racehorse is written off as too small to be a contender, but a millionaire spots his potential to become a champion, recruiting a cowboy as its trainer and a half-blind former prizefighter to ride him. Their efforts result in a legendary winning streak that captures the hearts of the nation. With Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper and William H Macy
62 Votes
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Film Cruel Intentions
A spoilt wealthy teenager challenges her equally cruel stepbrother to seduce a newcomer at their school, who has pledged to remain a virgin until she marries. The practised charmer agrees to the task - especially since his stepsister has offered to sleep with him if he succeeds - only to find himself falling in love. Drama based on Dangerous Liaisons, with Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair
78 Votes
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Film Fun with Dick and Jane
A highly paid executive loses everything after his corrupt boss's false accounting ruins the firm and leaves him to take the blame. Flat-broke and with no income or savings to maintain his lavish lifestyle, he and his wife decide the only way to support themselves is to turn to crime. Remake of the 1976 comedy, with Jim Carrey, Tea Leoni, Alec Baldwin and Richard Jenkins
126 Votes
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Film Executive Decision
Terrorists armed with the world's most lethal nerve gas take over an airliner and demand a massive ransom - and only a crack team of intelligence experts can stop them before they carry out their threat to destroy Washington, DC. Action thriller, starring Kurt Russell, Steven Seagal, Halle Berry, Oliver Platt, David Suchet and John Leguizamo
137 Votes
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Film Last Man Standing
A tough mobster pitches up at a lonely town on the Texan border during the Prohibition era, and spies an opportunity to cash in on the intense rivalry between warring Irish and Italian crime gangs by offering his services to both sides. Action adventure set in the 1930s, starring Bruce Willis, Christopher Walken and Alexandra Powers
416 Votes
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Next On ITV4 10:05pm Thu 26 Sep
Film Stalked By My Ex
Chloe's abusive ex-husband has been in prison for years, but when she hears he is being released on probation, she takes their teenage daughter Olivia and flees to her small home town. Thriller, starring Tamara Braun and Yves Bright
6 Votes
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Film Snowed in at Christmas
A raging blizzard strands troubled mother-to-be Lisa and professional snowboarder Brad at the once-thriving Rosemont Resort, just days before Christmas. The pair are forced to take refuge with Josephine, the resort's reclusive, embittered owner and Abe the caretaker, and the group's struggle to survive is made even more difficult when the pregnant Lisa goes into labour. Drama, starring Ayla Kell, Brad Dourif, Grace Zabriskie and Brendan Michael Coughlin
6 Votes
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Film FernGully: The Last Rainforest
A fairy living in a forest encounters a member of a lumber crew and magically shrinks him down to her size. He learns about the damage humans are doing to the area, and helps defend it when his fellow loggers unwittingly unleash an evil spirit that had been entombed in a tree. Animated adventure, with the voices of Robin Williams, Christian Slater and Tim Curry
7 Votes
Next On E4 8:25am Sun 22 Sep
Film An Hour Behind
Trish's friends set her up on a blind-date, but when she forgets to adjust her clocks to compensate for Daylight Savings Time, she inadvertently stands her potential sweetheart up. Instead, she arrives at the venue and meets Parker, a sweet-natured but troubled paramedic who decides to play along with the oblivious Trish. The pair hit it off, but their promising romance is threatened when the case of mistaken identity is revealed. Romantic comedy, starring Emily Rose and Barry Watson
9 Votes
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Film Sweet Home Carolina
A struggling single mum from LA inherits a house in rural South Carolina - but she has to live there for a year before it is hers. Romantic drama, starring Kiersten Warren, Paul Greene and Heather McComb
9 Votes
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Next On Movies 24 9:00am Fri 20 Sep
Film My Ex Is Watching
A woman engaged to be married is hired by a wealthy former boyfriend to manage his finances, but she begins an affair with him and soon finds her life spiralling out of control. Thriller, starring Linsey Godfrey and Tilky Jones
9 Votes
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Film Lethal Beauty
Spa owner Aya accidentally bumps into a distraught woman who turns out to be a sorority sister. Learning she has been dumped by the man she just moved to LA to be with, Aya invites Taryn to move in with her - unaware the woman now sharing her home is in fact a liar and a ruthless killer. Thriller, starring Haley Webb and Haley Pullos
12 Votes
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Film The Return of the Pink Panther
The inept Inspector Clouseau sets out to unmask a notorious international jewel thief believed to be behind the theft of a priceless diamond - but anarchy, as ever, follows wherever he goes. Blake Edwards' comedy sequel, starring Peter Sellers, Christopher Plummer, Catherine Schell, Herbert Lom, Burt Kwouk and Graham Stark
13 Votes
Next On Film4 HD 4:40pm Tue 24 Sep
Film Goosebumps
A teenager discovers his new neighbour is the writer of a popular series of books, who harbours a terrifying secret. The ghosts and monsters the author writes about are real, and his stories keep them contained. The youngster accidentally releases them into the real world, and has to find a way to get them back in the books before they can cause chaos. Fantasy adventure, starring Jack Black and Dylan Minnette
13 Votes
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Film Star Trek Beyond
The USS Enterprise sets out on a rescue mission which turns out to be a deadly trap set by a mysterious warlord. The crew are left stranded on an unexplored planet, and join forces with a fugitive alien scavenger to find a way off the hostile world and prevent a terrible weapon being unleashed upon the galaxy. Sci-fi adventure, starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Idris Elba
17 Votes
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Film Welcome to the Punch
A criminal evades the law after a heist and goes into hiding overseas, leaving the detective on his trail tormented by his failure. He gets a second chance when the crook returns to visit his hospitalised son, but the investigation brings to light a conspiracy that threatens both men. Crime thriller, starring James McAvoy, Mark Strong, Andrea Riseborough and David Morrissey
18 Votes
Next On Film4 HD 1:40am Wed 25 Sep
Film Six Days Seven Nights
A headstrong fashion journalist and a grouchy pilot find themselves stranded on a desert island, and face a series of dangers as they struggle to survive. However, the bickering castaways' initially hostile feelings soften with the passage of time. Romantic adventure, starring Harrison Ford, Anne Heche, David Schwimmer and Jacqueline Obradors
21 Votes
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Film A Mother's Fear
A single mother resolves to discover the cause of her son's mysterious illness. Her investigation leads her to a corporation involved in genetically modified food and two scientists who are on the verge of a groundbreaking new discovery. Drama, starring Zoe Lister-Jones, Danny Glover and Victor Garber
25 Votes
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Film Heist
A veteran criminal's charmed life comes to an abrupt end when he is caught on security camera. He is blackmailed by a dealer in stolen goods, who threatens to turn him over to the police if he does not carry out a gold robbery. The thief also suspects his wife is planning to leave him for a younger crook. Thriller from writer-director David Mamet, starring Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito, Rebecca Pidgeon, Delroy Lindo, Sam Rockwell and Ricky Jay
51 Votes
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Film The Man in the Iron Mask
The despotic king of France imprisons his identical twin and sees to it that he always wears a metal mask to avoid being identified, but musketeer D'Artagnan has a plan to restore the rightful heir to the throne. Swashbuckling adventure, based on the classic story by Alexandre Dumas, starring Richard Chamberlain in a dual role, with Patrick McGoohan, Louis Jourdan and Jenny Agutter
65 Votes
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Film 16 Blocks
A burned-out detective is given the task of escorting a criminal to court to testify against a group of corrupt policemen - but what seems to be a routine assignment quickly turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse as the crooked officers try to stop them reaching the courthouse alive. Thriller, starring Bruce Willis, Mos Def, David Morse, Jenna Stern and Casey Sander
70 Votes
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Film The Hound of the Baskervilles
Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are asked to protect the last remaining member of the aristocratic Baskerville family, who is believed to be the target of a monstrous spectral hound roaming the remote Devon moors. Hammer version of Arthur Conan Doyle's mystery, starring Peter Cushing, Andre Morrell, Christopher Lee, John Le Mesurier and Miles Malleson
83 Votes
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Film Stepmom
A successful photographer marries a divorced businessman with two children, but has a hard time adapting to her new role as a stepmother - a task made all the more difficult by the hostile attitude of his ex-wife. However, a tragedy unexpectedly brings the two women closer together. Drama, starring Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, Ed Harris, Jena Malone and Liam Aiken
84 Votes
Next On Sony Movies 4:20pm Tue 24 Sep
Film The Witches
A boy goes on holiday with his grandmother to a seaside hotel hosting a convention of witches, who have come together to hear their leader's plan to turn all the children in England into mice. When the chief hag discovers the young lad eavesdropping at their meeting, she decides to make him one of her first victims. Children's fantasy directed by Nicolas Roeg, based on the book by Roald Dahl, and starring Anjelica Huston, Mai Zetterling, Jasen Fisher, Jane Horrocks, Rowan Atkinson and Brenda Blethyn
88 Votes
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Film 3:10 to Yuma
A rancher seizes the chance to settle his debts and earn his son's respect by agreeing to escort a notorious outlaw to the town of Contention, where a train will take the prisoner to jail. But the journey takes a dangerous turn when the criminal tries to manipulate the rancher into letting him go - while his henchmen lie in wait. Western remake, starring Russell Crowe, Christian Bale and Gretchen Mol
92 Votes
Next On AMC from BT 9:00pm Thu 19 Sep
Film House of Flying Daggers
Two imperial officers are sent to find the head of a rebel group, which threatens to destroy the Tang dynasty's tenuous grip on power. Their search leads the duo to a beautiful blind dancer, who they hope will take them to the mysterious and influential figure - but matters soon take an unexpected turn. Romantic period martial arts adventure from director Zhang Yimou, starring Zhang Ziyi, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Andy Lau and Song Dandan. In Mandarin
112 Votes
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Film Papillon
After being wrongfully convicted for the murder of a pimp, charismatic criminal Henri Charriere forms an unlikely friendship with fellow inmate and convicted counterfeiter Louis Dega in an attempt to escape from the notorious penal colony on Devil's Island. Drama, starring Charlie Hunnam, Rami Malek and Michael Socha
114 Votes
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Film Rocky
Philadelphia brawler Rocky Balboa gets a shot at the world heavyweight title when current champion Apollo Creed decides to give an unknown boxer a chance in celebration of America's bicentennial. Oscar-winning drama, starring Sylvester Stallone, Burgess Meredith, Talia Shire, Burt Young and Carl Weathers
197 Votes
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Film Lost & Found
Comedy drama following seven interconnecting stories set in and around a lost and found office at an Irish train station. Written, directed by and starring Liam O Mochain, with Norma Sheahan Moya and Brendan Conroy
6 Votes
Next On Film4 HD 11:20pm Tue 17 Sep
Film Martha Marcy May Marlene
A woman is subjected to abuse while a member of a cult, but manages to escape and seeks refuge with her sister. She finds it difficult to make a fresh start as she is consumed with paranoia. Traumatic memories keep flooding back, and she finds it hard to tell the difference between reality and her nightmares. Thriller, starring Elizabeth Olsen, Sarah Paulson and John Hawkes
6 Votes
Next On Film4 HD 1:45am Tue 17 Sep
Film Love, Romance and Chocolate
Chocolatiers Emma and Luc compete for Belgium's Royal Chocolatier, and find themselves enchanted by the beauty and romance of Bruges. Romance, starring Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp
6 Votes
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Film The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
A lonely boy living in the Scottish Highlands during the Second World War stumbles on a curiously large egg by the water's edge of the local loch. Astonishingly, it hatches into a cute baby sea monster and, although he tries his hardest to keep it concealed, the task is made almost impossible by the creature's alarming rate of growth. Children's fantasy adventure, based on the book by Dick King-Smith, with Alex Etel, Emily Watson and David Morrissey
30 Votes
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Film Airplane II: The Sequel
Hapless hero Ted Striker tries to prevent the launch of a passenger space shuttle, certain it will end in disaster. Sadly, his prediction comes true when a computer malfunction sends the spacecraft hurtling toward the sun, while a man driven mad by sexual inadequacy smuggles a bomb on board. Disaster movie spoof sequel, starring Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Lloyd Bridges, William Shatner, Sonny Bono and Chad Everett
31 Votes
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Film We're the Millers
A drug dealer is hired to pick up a shipment of marijuana in Mexico and bring it back over the border. To make himself look less suspicious, he recruits a stripper and two teenagers to pose as a perfect all-American family on holiday, only to end up getting on the wrong side of a drug cartel. Comedy, with Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts
33 Votes
Next On Sky One HD 9:00pm Mon 23 Sep
Film Columbo: Last Salute to the Commodore
The owner of a shipbuilding business disapproves of his son's plans for the company, and announces his intention to sell up. However, that night, he is murdered and his body dumped at sea. The crumpled cop, joined by two sidekicks, becomes convinced the victim's son is responsible - but everything is not as it seems. Crime drama, starring Peter Falk and Robert Vaughn, directed by Patrick McGoohan
38 Votes
Next On 5USA 3:10pm Sun 22 Sep
Film Spectre
James Bond goes rogue after receiving a cryptic message that sets him on the trail of a secretive criminal network. While his colleagues face a new threat closer to home, Bond embarks on a globetrotting journey in search of the elusive mastermind behind the syndicate - whom he discovers may have links to his own past and had involvement in previous events during some of Bond's most dangeous missions. Spy thriller, starring Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Lea Seydoux, Ben Whishaw and Ralph Fiennes
39 Votes
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