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Pawn Stars Episode Guide

Season 1 Episode 1
Knights in Fake Armour? First episode of the series following the work of Richard Harrison, his son Rick and grandson Corey at their pawn shop on the outskirts of Las Vegas, as they interact with their staff and assess the value of the items that are brought in to their store by customers, including a vintage rifle and a knight's jousting helmet

Season 1 Episode 2
Boom or Bust Rick Harrison considers buying an 18th-century cannon that could be worth up to $40,000, but before he can make an offer he will need to test-fire it. The staff have difficulty moving a 1.5-ton table saw into the shop and Chumlee Russell tries to negotiate what could be his first and last deal

Season 1 Episode 3
Confederate Conundrum The team is unsure about the authenticity of an 1861 American Civil War sabre, complete with bloodstain. Rick is stumped when a customer brings in a native American totem, and Corey bets the Old Man that he can sell a Rolex watch for $4,800

Season 1 Episode 4
Sink or Sell Corey is forced to admit his mistake after buying a 1984 Chris-Craft boat without testing it. An elderly man brings in an 1849 Colt revolver that he forgot to unload, and there is an opportunity for the staff to buy a rare 1954 Gretsch guitar formerly owned by Robert Duvall

Season 1 Episode 5
Gangsters and Guitars Rick Harrison splashes out on the Mafia favourite, a 1962 Lincoln Continental with `suicide doors', but extensive repair bills cause tension between him and the old man. A customer brings in a billfold from 1857 filled with Confederate money he found while cleaning out his garage, and the staff have a chance to buy a guitar that was played at a birthday party for Al Capone

Season 1 Episode 6
Damn Yankees The Old Man looks to buy a baseball signed by 1951 World Series Champions the New York Yankees, but first needs to verify its authenticity. The team also appraises a rare $20 bill, a stuntman's driving suit, a piano and a KISS pinball table, while Chumlee is delighted when a Harley-Davidson is brought into the shop

Season 1 Episode 7
Time Machines The Las Vegas pawnbrokers are offered a 1941 Philco Radio, Rick Harrison tries to refurbish and sell a vending machine from the 1950s, while Corey authenticates an 18th-century flintlock pistol

Season 1 Episode 8
Brothels and Busses A man trades a 1750 blunderbuss for an engagement ring, and an ejector seat from a Second World War fighter plane is offered to the team. Documentary following the work of staff at a pawn shop on the outskirts of Las Vegas

Season 1 Episode 9
Rick's Big Bet Rick questions the authenticity of a German bayonet supposedly from the Second World War, and considers whether a petrol pump from the 1930s with a bird's nest inside is worth restoring. Corey takes a quiz after misidentifying a Faberge crystal egg - if he loses he works the graveyard shift, but if he wins he gets $2,500

Season 1 Episode 10
Rope-a-Dope The Las Vegas pawnbrokers look to buy a 1929 Ford Coupe, but the deal is put in jeopardy when they cannot agree on a price. A cowboy decides to sell his mechanical calf-roping machine, while Rick Harrison and his father have to punish a member of staff

Season 1 Episode 11
John Hancock's Hancock The team has a chance to buy what is claimed to be an authentic bullwhip used in an Indiana Jones film, and handles a document dating from colonial times, signed by 18th-century American statesman John Hancock

Season 1 Episode 12
Plane Crazy The Las Vegas pawnbrokers consider buying their first aeroplane, and scrutinise a map of colonial Boston, unsure whether it is counterfeit. Elsewhere, Rick Harrison is unimpressed when Chumlee purchases a piece of fake art

Season 1 Episode 13
Peaches and Pin-Ups Rick Harrison is embarrassed when a woman tries to sell her husband's collection of Playboy magazines, and his son Corey contemplates buying a crossbow that has not been fired in more than 40 years. The Las Vegas pawnbrokers also try to sell an ormolu timepiece dubbed `the death clock'

Season 1 Episode 14
Old Man's Gamble The pawnbrokers are tempted to buy a 1979 Kiss pinball machine, and Rick is stumped when a woman brings in a 1914 $20 bill with an unusual serial number. Chumlee tries to scrape together the cash to purchase a classic Harley-Davidson Shovel-head motorbike before the Old Man sells it

Season 2 Episode 1
Fired Up New series. The staff are offered an aeroplane propeller linked to aviator Charles Lindbergh, and a key ring alleged to have belonged to singer Willie Nelson

Season 2 Episode 2
Fired Up The staff are offered an aeroplane propeller linked to aviator Charles Lindbergh, and a key ring alleged to have belonged to singer Willie Nelson

Season 2 Episode 3
Old Man's Booty The team considers buying a mysterious 17th-century treasure chest that no one has yet managed to open

Season 2 Episode 4
A Shot and a Shave The team procures a quilt made from celebrity autographs, and a Sweeney Todd-style barber's chair arrives at the store

Season 2 Episode 5
Hot Air Buffoon The Old Man faces a tough decision when the shop is offered a bottle of Prohibition-era whiskey, Corey buys a hot-air balloon, and a customer tries to sell a classic guitar

Season 2 Episode 6
A Shot and a Shave The team procures a quilt made from celebrity autographs, and a Sweeney Todd-style barber's chair arrives at the store

Season 2 Episode 7
Secret Santa As Christmas approaches, the staff members look over alleged American revolutionary war currency and a battleaxe

Season 2 Episode 8
Pawn Shop Pinot Chumlee produces `pawn shop pinot' using a 19th-century winemaker, and Rick inspects a lorry that looks set to become the priciest item to enter the business

Season 2 Episode 9
Bikes and Blades Corey considers buying a flawed 1996 Harley Road King motorcycle, and the team examines knives dating back to the Second World War

Season 2 Episode 10
Rick's Bad Day The team examines a German bayonet from the Second World War, and Richard takes a gamble with a 1930s slot machine

Season 2 Episode 11
Chum Goes Awol Corey looks for a good deal for a 1901 Edison phonograph, and Rick assesses the value of a set of small sculptures cast in solid gold but painted black

Season 2 Episode 12
Chum Goes Awol Corey looks for a good deal for a 1901 Edison phonograph, and Rick assesses the value of a set of small sculptures cast in solid gold but painted black

Season 2 Episode 13
Shocking Chum The pawnbrokers deal with the most expensive item they have ever appraised, while Rick assesses a 1948 electric shock therapy machine and an off-road vehicle

Season 2 Episode 14
Pezzed Off Corey and Chum are offered 50 pieces of plastic Americana, and an inscription on a coaching gun provides a puzzle for the pawnbrokers

Season 3 Episode 1
Guns and Rangers New series. The pawnbrokers cast their eyes over an antique key that also shoots bullets, a life-size Power Ranger and a trophy presented to Nascar driver Jeff Gordon

Season 3 Episode 2
Pinball Wizards The pawnbrokers get the chance to buy a classic 1973 pinball machine and assess the authenticity of a 1924 gold coin, considered to be the most beautiful ever produced by the US Mint

Season 3 Episode 3
Tattoos and Tantrums The pawnbrokers consider whether or not to buy a saddle used by Kevin Costner in the film Dances with Wolves, and Corey decides if he wants to make his mark in the tattoo business

Season 3 Episode 4
Chopper Gamble Rick tries to persuade his father to buy a helicopter, before checking a 240-year-old lottery ticket that may have been signed by George Washington

Season 3 Episode 5
Spooning Paul Revere The Las Vegas pawnbrokers assess the value of a spoon made by silversmith and American Revolution patriot Paul Revere, a cuckoo clock from the 1800s and a mysterious vintage archery bow

Season 3 Episode 6
Off the Wagon The Las Vegas pawnbrokers get the chance to buy a piece of American history when they assess the value of a Civil War sword. Plus, one of the country's rarest motorbikes is brought to the shop

Season 3 Episode 7
Backroom Brawl The Las Vegas pawnbrokers study a pocket-sized sundial that conceals an interesting secret, and Corey and Chumlee hope to get their hands on a rifle-shooting arcade game from the 1960s

Season 3 Episode 8
Fortune in Flames Rick struggles to get a good deal for a flame-thrower, while Corey and Chumlee head to an auction to bid for a classic gypsy fortune-telling machine

Season 3 Episode 9
Big Guns The Las Vegas pawnbrokers examine an explosive set of Soviet nuclear missile launch keys and a 1920s Gibson ukulele banjo. Rick Harrison also encounters two of the biggest guns he has ever seen

Season 3 Episode 10
Flight of the Chum The Las Vegas pawnbrokers get the opportunity to buy one of the quietest aircraft ever made. They also consider purchasing a famous casino chip called `the one arm bandit' and a signed New York Yankees jersey

Season 3 Episode 11
Bumpy Ride The Las Vegas pawnbrokers get the opportunity to purchase a Grammy trophy and a rare 1930s cola cooler. Later, a couple bring along a rickshaw that used to carry tigers in the Siegfried & Roy stage show

Season 3 Episode 12
Helmet Head The Las Vegas pawnbrokers deliberate over a 1964 Austin Healey, a 2006 NBA Championship ring and a rare diving helmet from the 1800s

Season 3 Episode 13
Bow Legged The Las Vegas pawnbrokers get lucky when a pirate's peg leg is brought into the shop. Rich gets the chance to buy a top-quality archery bow, and a man arrives with a full-sized wooden motorcycle

Season 3 Episode 14
Hell Week The Las Vegas pawnbrokers get their hands on lost footage of President Franklin Roosevelt. Rick examines a cast-iron 19th-century coffee grinder, and Corey and Chumlee compete in an obstacle race

Season 3 Episode 15
A Christmas Special The Las Vegas pawnbrokers present a Christmas edition looking back on highlights from the series

Season 3 Episode 16
Zzzzzzz The Las Vegas pawnbrokers bargain over a Colt revolver, a coffee machine, presidential pins and a spinning wheel

Season 3 Episode 17
The British Are Coming The Las Vegas pawnbrokers inspect a 1965 Chevrolet Impala, meet a man hoping to sell a 1775 Massachusetts war bond, and examine a classic 1946 Seeburg jukebox

Season 3 Episode 18
Licence to Pawn The Las Vegas pawnbrokers get hold of a cast member's script from the James Bond film Goldfinger. They also examine a 10th-anniversary edition Datsun ZX and a Civil War stamp

Season 3 Episode 19
Gold Diggers The Las Vegas pawnbrokers investigate a huge gold bar thought to be from a 14th-century shipwreck, and consider a collection of baseball memorabilia in mint condition

Season 3 Episode 20
Top Secret The brokers come across top-secret maps and plans for the Second World War battle of Iwo Jima. Additional items include a 1967 Ford F-100 truck

Season 3 Episode 21
Trail Breaker The Las Vegas pawnbrokers examine a classic 1967 Rokon Trailbreaker motorbike and a collection of rare Muhammad Ali memorabilia. They also have to decide whether a 1715 Escudo Spanish gold coin is a fake

Season 3 Episode 22
Whale of a Time The Las Vegas pawnbrokers get hold of the first-ever issue of Playboy to feature Marilyn Monroe and examine an engraved whale's tooth that could be a piece of scrimshaw from the 19th century

Season 3 Episode 23
Deals from Hell The Las Vegas pawnbrokers examine an edition of Dante's Inferno that dates back a hundreds of years. They also consider an antique serpent-shaped sword and the rights to photographs of Michael Jackson

Season 3 Episode 24
Aw Shucks! The Las Vegas pawnbrokers get the opportunity to purchase a speakeasy gaming wheel, a hand-crank corn-sheller from the 1900s and a coin believed to be from George Washington's funeral

Season 3 Episode 25
Chumlee's Dummies The Las Vegas pawnbrokers consider a 1939 Second World War plane, an 1812 munitions receipt signed by future president Andrew Jackson and two life-size cowboy mannequins

Season 3 Episode 26
Message in a Bottle The Las Vegas pawnbrokers examine a whiskey flask said to have belonged to an American Civil War spy, two 19th-century English duelling pistols and the contract for the Who's appearance at Woodstock

Season 4 Episode 1
Strike, Spare, Boom The Las Vegas pawnbrokers meet a man selling a home-made mortar that fires bowling balls. They also examine a ticket from a 1965 contest between boxers Muhammad Ali and Floyd Patterson, and an antique spotlight from the 1930s

Season 4 Episode 2
Rough Riders Richard Harrison and Rick examine an American Civil War bugle, and meet a former prime minister's grandson who brings a clock presented to his grandfather by former US president Richard Nixon

Season 4 Episode 3
Moon Walking The Las Vegas pawnbrokers examine a flag from one of Nasa's last missions to the moon, signed by the Apollo 16 crew, before viewing a set of NFL pins

Season 4 Episode 4
Cornering the Colonel The Las Vegas pawnbrokers get the chance to buy the suit of KFC founder Colonel Sanders and a vintage punching-bag game

Season 4 Episode 5
Gone with the Schwinn The pawnbrokers examine a collection of Sammy Davis Jr's personal tapes, and a pair of 1950s Schwinn Phantom bicycles

Season 4 Episode 6
Phoning It In The pawnbrokers discover a collection of personal letters by Kennedy brothers John, Bobby and Teddy, and vintage Mickey Mouse telephones

Season 4 Episode 7
Peeping Pawn The pawnbrokers land the chance to buy a hand grenade made for a Second World War espionage initiative by the Americans, and a 1950s peep-show machine

Season 4 Episode 8
Double Trouble The pawnbrokers celebrate the discovery of a rare, unopened bottle of 1921 Dom Perignon, and uncover a collection of Freddy Krueger dolls from A Nightmare on Elm Street

Season 4 Episode 9
Ace in the Hole The pawnbrokers find an antique professional gambler's kit and ponder a 1950s radiation detector and 19th-century currency

Season 4 Episode 10
Getting a Head Rick is shocked to come across a shrunken human head from the jungles of the Amazon, and also finds a 1969 Buick Skylark and an American Civil War field desk

Season 4 Episode 11
Monkey Business The team evaluates a hat worn by movie legend John Wayne, while a woman arrives hoping to sell her 1950s clapping chimp toy

Season 4 Episode 12
The Eagle Has Landed Rick meets a man hoping to sell several photographs and negatives from the final Apollo mission, and a potentially money-spinning coin is brought into the shop

Season 4 Episode 13
Hello Nurse The pawnbrokers face a tough decision over whether to buy silver plates once owned by Hitler, and the boys set their sights on a rifle from the American Civil War

Season 4 Episode 14
Bare Bones The team inspects a collection of fossils from Mazon Creek in Illinois, before taking a gamble on a blackjack table

Season 4 Episode 15
Like a Rolling Chum The team has the chance to buy a piece of US sporting history, a 1970 Bob Dylan vinyl record is brought into the shop, and Chumlee is on a mission in Las Vegas

Season 4 Episode 16
Ready, Set, Pawn The team makes an unexpected find when it is offered a kit designed to detect Japanese landmines, and a competitive dragster causes a stir

Season 5 Episode 1
Wise Guys The team is presented with a fully functional armoured truck from the Second World War, a cheque signed by a notorious mobster, and a 1980s computer

Season 5 Episode 2
Robosaurus A computer meltdown threatens to bring the business to a standstill. Plus, the team is offered a cast iron Uncle Sam money box and comes face to face with a robosaurus

Season 5 Episode 3
Harrison for President The team is presented with a fully functional antique arcade claw machine, and is offered a piece of fabric with a presidential past

Season 5 Episode 4
Darth Pawn The team comes across a priceless Stradivarius violin from 1763, and a set of life-size Star Wars figures

Season 5 Episode 5
Never Surrender The pawnbrokers examine a holy relic and a letter supposedly signed by Winston Churchill, but are sceptical about both items

Season 5 Episode 6
Packing Heat The pawn shop staff examine a 1960s Cadillac, a collection of baseball world series rings and two antique pistol lighters

Season 5 Episode 7
Honest Abe The pawnbrokers value a ribbon from Abraham Lincoln's 1860 election campaign, an old detonator and a pair of basketball shoes

Season 5 Episode 8
Striking a Chord The pawnbrokers are given an antique book documenting the first laws of Congress, a potentially valuable mandolin and a robot that was considered cutting edge in the 1980s

Season 5 Episode 9
Pedal to the Metal The team receives a handwritten poem by Jimi Hendrix, a 1950s pedal car and a chessboard made for the Titanic

Season 5 Episode 10
Pawn Illustrated The pawnbrokers assess a collection of the first three years of Sports Illustrated magazine, a Second World War pilot's jacket and a half-size musket

Season 5 Episode 11
Ah Shoot! The pawnbrokers value renowned photographer Ansel Adams' lost work, and hope to acquire a Jaguar XJ6 and a ball signed by the 1946 Chicago Bears team

Season 5 Episode 12
Put Up Your Dukes Staff at the Las Vegas pawn shop get the chance to buy a 450-year-old book allegedly annotated by Isaac Newton, a Spanish-American War jacket and John Wayne memorabilia

Season 5 Episode 13
Case Closed The pawnbrokers examine a detective's file on the infamous 1932 kidnapping of aviator Charles Lindbergh's son

Season 5 Episode 14
Luck of the Draw The pawnbrokers examine some of renowned lawman Wyatt Earp's belongings and an Olympic medal, while Rick is suspicious of some 19th-century guns in perfect condition

Season 5 Episode 15
Spidey Cents The pawnbrokers examine some vintage artwork from a Spider-Man comic-book, a piece of the Apollo 13 rocket, and a classic motorcycle

Season 5 Episode 16
Chummobile The pawnbrokers get the chance to buy a re-creation of the Batmobile from Tim Burton's Batman movies, a spy's desk, and a letter signed by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison

Season 5 Episode 17
Houdini's Handcuffs The pawnbrokers come across the shackles used in Houdini's escapology act, the 1999 Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy and novelties from 1940s cereal packets

Season 6 Episode 1
Patton Pending The pawnbrokers assess the value of a pair of boots signed by champion jockey Bill Shoemaker and General Patton's autograph

Season 6 Episode 2
Pablo Pawncasso The pawnbrokers come across a Picasso etching and a rare hot-rod car, while a man visits the shop trying to sell miniature pairs of gold-plated trousers

Season 6 Episode 3
Take a Seat Clients bring in a chair from the US Senate floor, a photo from the 1960s of a rocket being launched, and a driving suit belonging to Nascar racer Ryan Newman

Season 6 Episode 4
Going Postal The team values a recording of a speech by Martin Luther King, a withdrawn poster for Return of the Jedi, and a 1962 US postage printing plate

Season 6 Episode 5
Sub for Sale The team assesses the value of a one-man submarine, a tiny Model T Ford and an officer's commission from the American Revolution

Season 6 Episode 6
Evel Genius The guys value a battered Evel Knievel pinball machine, a collection of antique glass eyes, and a signed photograph of baseball player Babe Ruth

Season 6 Episode 7
Not on My Watch The team ponders whether to buy a watch formerly owned by convicted fraudster Bernie Madoff, and also considers a 1950s bowling game

Season 6 Episode 8
Pom Pom Pawn A cheerleader visits the shop to pawn her ring from the 1989 Super Bowl, and there is a chance to buy a motor home

Season 6 Episode 9
The Great Escape The pawnbrokers consider buying a straitjacket that belonged to Harry Houdini, a letter from activist Helen Keller and a loudspeaker from the Brooklyn Dodgers' stadium

Season 6 Episode 10
Necessary Roughness The guys haggle over top-secret wartime documents, while Corey tries to get a good price for a toy from the 1970s

Season 6 Episode 11
Missile Attack The pawnbrokers consider buying a missile guidance system from the Cold War, a Playboy bunny uniform and a 1986 Buick Regal car

Season 6 Episode 12
Peacemaker The guys get a taste of the Wild West when they value a 19th-century revolver. They also examine a set of Elvis Presley's medical records

Season 6 Episode 13
Honour Thy Father The guys inspect a document signed by one of America's founding fathers and a Rickenbacker electric guitar from the 1930s

Season 6 Episode 14
Late-Night Chum The guys examine a cavalry jacket from the American Civil War, and a book signed by vaudeville performer and silent-film star Will Rogers

Season 6 Episode 15
Broadsiding Lincoln The guys value a wanted poster for John Wilkes Booth, the actor who assassinated Abraham Lincoln

Season 6 Episode 16
Over the Top The guys haggle over a First World War helmet and a holster from the TV series Gunsmoke, while Rick decides they need to get into shape

Season 6 Episode 17
Sharpe Shooters The team members get their hands on an 1863 rifle that proved decisive in the American Civil War, and examine a fully restored 1915 Ford Model T taxi

Season 6 Episode 18
Kings and McQueens The enthusiasts examine a motorbike once owned by actor Steve McQueen, and along the way find a shotgun disguised as a cane

Season 6 Episode 19
Buy the Book The guys value a first-edition copy of an Ernest Hemingway novel and a 1932 Lincoln Roadster, and discover the story behind an unusual belt-buckle

Season 6 Episode 20
Cannons & Klingons The pawnbrokers cast their eyes over a car-load of signed Star Trek memorabilia and an antique cannon from 1980s TV series Magnum, PI

Season 6 Episode 21
Making Cents The buyers are impressed by a script for The Godfather signed by Al Pacino, and consider buying a coin-operated children's ride from the 1950s

Season 6 Episode 22
Off the Wall There are fierce negotiations for an American Civil War musket and Corey feels the brunt of his father's anger when he sells a rare poster from his movie collection

Season 6 Episode 23
Car 57 Where Are You? A customer brings in a ticket to the Beatles' 1966 concert at New York's Shea Stadium, and the team plans a birthday surprise

Season 6 Episode 25
Face the Music The guys haggle over the price of a rare mandolin, a 1950s woodworking machine and the business card of a famous outlaw

Season 6 Episode 26
Buffalo Bill The guys are offered a yearbook containing a signed letter from Ronald Reagan, and puppets from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

Season 6 Episode 27
The Wright Stuff The staff are offered the chance to buy a rare musket and antique pilot licences, signed by one of the Wright brothers

Season 7 Episode 1
Weird Science Items appraised include an antique electrotherapy kit, a 19th-century revolving cannon, a jukebox from 1973 and a 50-year-old electric waffle iron

Season 7 Episode 2
Silent and Deadly The guys are offered a piece of marble from Abraham Lincoln's tomb, an African sword and an antique Charlie Chaplin doll, but are not sure if the sellers are trustworthy

Season 7 Episode 3
Pipe Dreams Corey and the Old Man examine a pipe belonging to President Ulysses S Grant and a shoe from the famous racehorse Secretariat

Season 7 Episode 4
Out of Gas The guys value a hat belonging to a member of Lynyrd Skynyrd and a sports car

Season 7 Episode 5
The King's Bling The experts appraise a collection of vintage toy cars, a pair of First World War German Pickelhaube helmets and a necklace once owned by Elvis Presley

Season 7 Episode 6
High Stakes The experts appraise a 1958 Glastron Seaflight boat, a copy of Dracula signed by author Bram Stoker, and a collection of antique billiard items

Season 7 Episode 7
Pirate's Booty Chumlee investigates a pirate ship parade float, and the boys are given a chance to cast their eyes over a collection of 17 one ounce silver art bars from the early 1970s

Season 7 Episode 8
Bugs Money Corey and Chumlee are offered a Bugs Bunny poster signed by voice artist Mel Blanc, and also consider buying a golf club once owned by Dean Martin

Season 7 Episode 9
Teacher's Pet Chumlee shares his experience of running a successful pawn shop with Antwan, and the team values a rare Second World War artefact

Season 7 Episode 10
Poker Night A customer offers the team a gambling set - complete with concealed weapons - while Chumlee questions the value of a Snoop Dogg doll

Season 7 Episode 11
Security Chumlee takes over from Antwaun as the shop's security guard, while the team values a drum from the American Civil War and a motorcycle club uniform

Season 7 Episode 12
Rick or Treat Customers offer the team some spooky artefacts during Halloween, including a 19th-century vampire-killing kit and a set of equipment used in paranormal investigations

Season 7 Episode 13
Mile High Club The team tries to get a good price on a fighter jet, as well as a baseball bat and glove signed by acclaimed player Babe Ruth

Season 7 Episode 14
Buyer Beware The staff put a price on a 1940s mandolin, and try to determine if a signed print of Abraham Lincoln is genuine

Season 7 Episode 15
Patriot Games The guys are offered a poster signed by Steve McQueen, and examine a diary from the American Civil War - but have a hard time making sense of the writing

Season 7 Episode 16
Looney Dunes Jimi Hendrix's former photographer visits the shop with a selection of unpublished pictures, and the team values two dune buggies and a 1930s denim jacket

Season 7 Episode 17
Pony Up Rick values a device for predicting the outcome of horse races, and is shocked when a customer brings in a secret service ID and some counterfeit money

Season 7 Episode 18
Corey's Big Play The guys value a 1920s car with wooden wheels and a ball and chain from Arizona's oldest prison

Season 7 Episode 19
Silence of the Lambo Rick is placed in a difficult position when a client offers him a set of Saddam Hussein's fingerprints, originally taken by the FBI

Season 7 Episode 20
Blaze of Glory The guys examine a torch from the 1984 Olympics, the world's smallest pistol and a 1937 car that may once have belonged to gangster Bugsy Siegel

Season 7 Episode 21
Apocalypse Wow Rick risks buying a painting supposedly by Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer, but then has to ascertain if it is genuine. He also judges the value of a motorcycle

Season 7 Episode 22
High Tops The team is offered an alternating current motor invented by 19th-century pioneer Nikola Tesla and a pair of trainers used in Back to the Future

Season 8 Episode 1
Help Wanted The guys start looking for a new employee to cover the night shift, and examine a collection of antique cast-iron piggy banks and a triple-barrelled gun

Season 8 Episode 2
$=Mc2 Members of the team get their hands on a rare photograph of Albert Einstein and a collection of top-secret documents from the Pentagon

Season 8 Episode 3
Learning the Ropes The guys interview applicants for the night shift position and examine a valuable first edition of David Thoreau's classic book Walden

Season 8 Episode 4
Smells Like Pawn Spirit The team values a 1920s doll of aviator Charles Lindbergh and a harmonica belonging to Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler

Season 8 Episode 5
Crosby, Stills and Cash The team tries to make a deal on a guitar signed by Crosby, Stills & Nash, and also examines a pair of bomb fins from the Second World War

Season 8 Episode 6
Air Mail The guys value an air mail letter delivered by aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh on the Spirit of St Louis, as well as a collection of mini bikes and a baseball bat from the 1900s

Season 8 Episode 7
Yankee Panky The team values a baseball bat signed by three famous players, a motor racing suit once worn by Paul Newman, and a rare poster of Jimi Hendrix

Season 8 Episode 8
Over the Moon The guys are offered a part from the Apollo 11 spacecraft and a Second World War pilot's jacket, and try to determine if J Edgar Hoover's signature in a book is genuine

Season 8 Episode 9
Cash Cash Bang Bang The guys haggle over the prices of an antique pistol, a mining certificate issued to Mark Twain and a valuable Spider-Man comic

Season 8 Episode 10
Les Is More The guys buy a valuable 1961 guitar, and discover a copy of National Geographic covering the first moon landing

Season 8 Episode 11
Ring Around a Rockne The team values a ring belonging to notorious 1930s gangster Lucky Luciano and a letter signed by a famous American football coach

Season 8 Episode 12
Cash Is King The guys examine memoirs of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor signed by the couple themselves, and a collection of tin army trucks from the 1950s

Season 8 Episode 13
Pawnocchio The guys examine rare hand-made Pinocchio dolls, a harmonica belonging to Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler, and a valuable baseball card from 1909

Season 8 Episode 14
Hole in One The guys are tempted by a musket owned by famous inventor Eli Whitney and a golf ball that once belonged to president Lyndon B Johnson

Season 8 Episode 15
Huddle Up The guys uncover a Miami Dolphins souvenir from the team's very beginnings, and meet a customer who claims to have unseen footage of President Franklin D Roosevelt

Season 8 Episode 16
Bear-Ly There The guys try to make a deal over a valuable teddy bear, a 19th-century pistol and a Second World War gas mask

Season 8 Episode 17
James Gang Rides Again The team is offered antique photographs of outlaw Jesse James, and an amplifier for a 1950s organ

Season 8 Episode 18
Wild Thing Rick struggles to maintain his tough negotiating skills when offered a 1974 Volkswagen, and the team examines a Second World War fighter plane

Season 8 Episode 19
Zoodoo The gang sizes up some signed presidential memoirs and a toy of Robbie the robot from the movie Forbidden Planet - but question the value of a can of fake elephant manure

Season 8 Episode 20
Guns Blazing The team examines one of the rarest guns in American history, and a tyre that once belonged to Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt

Season 8 Episode 21
Pawn with the Wind The guys are thrilled at the chance to buy a dollar bill signed by Clark Gable, while Rick gets his hands on a memento of one-time US president Ulysses S Grant's funeral

Season 9 Episode 1
Corey's Big Burn The guys examine an exploding dye pack disguised as a stack of dollar bills, designed to identify bank robbers

Season 9 Episode 2
Guilty As Charged The guys are offered an 18th-century four-barrelled handgun, while Rick discovers some broken stock and examines the security cameras to find out how it happened

Season 9 Episode 3
To the Moon The guys consider a fair price for a silver commemorative plaque of Mount Rushmore and a ball from the first ever Super Bowl, signed by the winning team

Season 9 Episode 4
Like a Rock The team is offered a 1950s pick-up truck, a revolver and a telephone that once belonged to a US Navy admiral

Season 9 Episode 5
Bossy Pants The team examines a 16th-century bronze cannon and a gigantic pair of jeans made for a shop window display

Season 9 Episode 6
Trigger Happy The team comes across a rare make of shotgun, and Corey is offered a movie camera used by the US military during the Second World War

Season 9 Episode 7
Chum-P Change The guys take an antique rifle to a shooting range, and examine some money dating back to when Texas was an independent country

Season 9 Episode 8
What the Truck The team examines a German military vehicle designed to operate in virtually any terrain and a sign that used to hang on the Berlin Wall

Season 9 Episode 9
Three Hour Tour The guys examine a memento given to sailors who sank a submarine during the Second World War, some rare banknotes from the 1800s and a very loud toy gun

Season 9 Episode 10
Family Feud A rifle used in the famous Hatfield and McCoy family feud gets mixed up in another conflict as Rick competes with a rival to buy it. The guys examine the work of artist Denny Dent

Season 9 Episode 11
Silver Linings The guys try to buy a silver brick that is worth $35,000, are mystified by some strange ancient text and check out props from a Batman movie

Season 9 Episode 12
Pin It to Win It The team investigates the mysterious origins of a rifle, and checks out a collection of sports pins and a painting by artist LeRoy Neiman

Season 9 Episode 13
That Sinking Feeling Tensions mount as the guys try to make a deal on the price of a signed copy of aviator Charles Lindbergh's autobiography

Season 9 Episode 14
Hot and Colt The team examines a historic revolver, a 1950s truck, and an animation cel from a 1960s cartoon

Season 9 Episode 15
Stalled Deals The guys examine a tennis racket signed by Grand Slam champion Arthur Ashe, a set of fake books used for smuggling guns, and a 1918 touring car

Season 9 Episode 16
Free Willie The team values baseball player Willie Mays' uniform, a brass pistol, and a taxi from a sci-fi movie

Season 9 Episode 17
Dirty Sox The team values four original paintings by Andy Warhol, a pair of gold sunglasses, and a baseball signed by a team that was involved in an infamous match-fixing scandal in 1919

Season 9 Episode 18
Love Me Spender The guys examine a contract signed by Elvis Presley and a set of buttons once owned by Marie Antoinette

Season 9 Episode 19
Stuff It Stan is offered some creepy looking taxidermy animals. The team also considers buying a valuable gun and a collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics

Season 9 Episode 20
Jet Setters The team values a collection of aviation memorabilia and a watch inscribed with a message from an American Civil War veteran

Season 9 Episode 21
Kick the Can The guys value an oil can used for fuelling a lighthouse lamp, a steel guitar and a player's ring from the 1995 baseball World Series

Season 10 Episode 1
Cool as Ike New series. The guys are offered a copy of Dwight D Eisenhower's Second World War memoirs and a set of food bags designed for astronauts

Season 10 Episode 2
Bullitt Proof The team values a 19th-century handgun and a telegraph kit used by spies during the Second World War

Season 10 Episode 3
Some Like it Not Rick and Corey examine artwork painted by Hollywood star Tony Curtis, a sword from the American Civil War and a banknote allegedly from an infamous hijacker's hoard

Season 10 Episode 4
Say It Ain't So The guys get hold of a book signed by baseball star Joe Jackson, a statue made for the MTV Video Music Awards and a Navy pistol

Season 10 Episode 5
Fork It Over The team examines a fork that was found in the wreckage of the Hindenburg disaster, a rifle and a classic 1950s car

Season 10 Episode 6
Thirty Something The guys prepare a surprise for Chumlee's 30th birthday, and consider buying a police Identi-kit, used to create images of suspects

Season 10 Episode 7
What You Talkin' 'Bout Sturgis? Chumlee is surprised when the guys give him a motorcycle for his birthday, and the team examines blueprints for a battleship

Season 10 Episode 8
Sturgis and Acquisitions Olivia is left to mind the shop while the guys go to a motorcycle rally, where Rick spies a bargain in the form of a 1966 Honda CB160

Season 10 Episode 9
Lord of the Ring The guys find a ring that may have belonged to a Catholic cardinal and a copy of John Wayne's high-school yearbook

Season 10 Episode 10
Stick to Your Guns Chumlee gets in trouble for faking his working hours, and the team examines a gun that belonged to a famous lawman of the Wild West

Season 10 Episode 11
On Guard The guys value a uniform belonging to a British royal guard, a tortoise-shell guitar and an antique barbecue shaped like a pig

Season 10 Episode 12
Man. Make. Fire. Rick and the Old Man examine a classic car, and clients offer the team an ancient device for making fire and a fossilised mastodon tusk

Season 10 Episode 13
The Last Samurai Corey makes a risky attempt to prove he deserves an ownership stake in the store, and a unique item from the D-Day landings is brought in

Season 10 Episode 14
The Offer Corey gets offered a job at another shop, and the team examines a drag racing car and a magician's box of tricks

Season 10 Episode 15
Putt Putt Pawn The guys play a high-stakes game of miniature golf, as well as valuing a first-edition copy of John Milton's Paradise Lost and an unusual vending machine from the 1950s

Season 10 Episode 16
Trigger Happy The team comes across a rare make of shotgun, and Corey is offered a movie camera used by the US military during the Second World War

Season 10 Episode 17
Three Pawn Night The guys check out a rare baseball card and a keyboard used by the band Three Dog Night

Season 10 Episode 18
Take the Money and Run Corey gives Rick and the Old Man an ultimatum, and the team values an antique long rifle and an 18th-century map depicting California as an island

Season 10 Episode 19
Sweet Pawn of Mine The guys pray for a good deal on a pair of slippers that belonged to a former pope, and check out a driving licence once owned by Slash from Guns N' Roses

Season 10 Episode 20
It's a Wonderful Pawn Chumlee organises a Christmas party in the shop, as the guys check out a fighter pilot's bomber jacket and a menu for Christmas dinner at Alcatraz in 1912

Season 10 Episode 21
Silent but Chumlee The guys consider buying an original painting by surrealist artist Salvador Dali, some armour from the Napoleonic wars and a sniper arcade game

Season 10 Episode 22
Little Pawn Shop of Horrors Chumlee finds some movie memorabilia that inspires him to make a film of his own, while the team values a 1920s banjo and a signed American football

Season 10 Episode 23
Santa Chum The team examines some original artwork by Salvador Dali, a French suit of armour and a sniper arcade game

Season 10 Episode 24
I Herd That Rick wants to buy a buffalo rifle from the 1870s, and examines a document signed by Mark Twain

Season 10 Episode 25
Funny Money The guys consider buying an original Picasso, a saddle used by John Wayne in the film True Grit and a 19th-century knife

Season 10 Episode 26
Spare the Rodman The ex-wife of basketball star Dennis Rodman visits the shop hoping to sell some memorabilia, and a 1950s pedal tractor is brought in

Season 10 Episode 27
Hair Force One The guys try to make a deal on a strand of George Washington's hair, and decide that Chumlee needs to lose some weight

Season 10 Episode 28
Million Dali Baby Chumlee and Olivia are offered a sculpture supposedly made by Salvador Dali, but cannot be sure whether it is the real thing or a fake

Season 10 Episode 29
Comic Con The guys are offered a set of sketches that the owner claims were drawn by Spider-Man creator Stan Lee - but they are not convinced the artwork is genuine

Season 10 Episode 30
Off the Hook The guys examine drawings from a famous murder trial, and Corey calls in sick - but may not be as ill as he claims

Season 11 Episode 1
Hello, Goodbye New series. Steve Carell visits the shop, and the guys value alternative cover designs for a Beatles album and lithographs by artists Joan Mir and Marc Chagall

Season 11 Episode 2
Just Shoe It The team examines a collection of trainers with a $1million price tag, as well as a rare timepiece and a set of vintage handcuffs

Season 11 Episode 3
Room and Hoard The guys come across a set of keys to Al Capone's jail cell and one of the most sought after video game collectibles in the world, and also discover one of the Old Man's secrets

Season 11 Episode 4
Lunch Larceny The team values a gun from the American Civil War and a letter by President Franklin Roosevelt, while Rick tries to work out who keeps stealing his lunch

Season 11 Episode 5
Grand Theft Corey The guys consider buying a customised 1930s car, a diploma from the 1912 Olympics and a Marilyn Manson doll

Season 11 Episode 6
Beam Me Up Chumlee decides he deserves his own desk, while the team values props from the original Star Trek series and a postcard signed by boxer Jack Johnson

Season 11 Episode 7
Shekel and Hyde Rick realises he has unwittingly bought stolen goods, while the team examines a 2,000-year-old coin and a pair of pistols

Season 11 Episode 8
Book 'Em Rick The guys face a tough decision when a customer offers them one of the first books ever printed, and also get their hands on Evel Knievel's ID card

Season 11 Episode 9
Corey, I Am Your Father Corey admits he has never seen Star Wars, so the guys force him to watch it. The team also values an American Civil War gun and a poster from John F Kennedy's election campaign

Season 11 Episode 10
Close, but No Cigar The team gets the chance to buy President John F Kennedy's cigar box, and examines a medal from the 1988 Olympics

Season 12 Episode 1
One Way Ticket Corey gets in trouble when he plays a prank on Chumlee, and the guys examine a gold record signed by rock band Kiss

Season 12 Episode 2
Unprankable The guys value a cheque signed by a former US vice president and a 1960s car, while Corey plots to get his own back on Chumlee

Season 12 Episode 3
Ready to Rumble A set of punching bags owned by Rocky Marciano leads to a demonstration of boxing skills, and Rick is intrigued by an old watch

Season 12 Episode 4
Rick 'n' Roll Rick goes to a camp for aspiring rock stars and gets to perform on stage with Roger Daltrey. The guys examine a 19th-century medical instrument for removing tonsils

Season 12 Episode 5
A Hard Day's Pawn The guys stumble on a collection of Beatles memorabilia signed by all four members of the group, and try to find a new hobby for the Old Man

Season 12 Episode 6
Fool's Gold Customers offer the shop a toilet seat from a space shuttle and a signed copy of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Season 12 Episode 7
World Series of Pawn The guys examine a pennant from the baseball world series signed by Frank Sinatra and a replica of the car from Back to the Future

Season 12 Episode 8
Rage Against that Machine The guys examine a pair of 19th-century hunting rifles and a set of cleats worn by famous baseball player Bucky Dent

Season 12 Episode 9
Colt to the Touch A customer presents the team with a revolver that may have been the gun used to kill Jesse James, while Rick and Corey check out a car driven by Steve McQueen in his last film

Season 12 Episode 10
Chum-Parazzi Chumlee searches for a famous autograph, and the guys examine a poem written by scientific pioneer Nikola Tesla

Season 12 Episode 11
The Pawntridge Family The team values a collection of Metallica memorabilia signed by the band and a first edition copy of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Season 12 Episode 12
Dog Day Afternoon Corey brings his dog to work, and the team examines a sword used by John Wayne in the movie Rio Grande and a medical syringe from the American Civil War

Season 12 Episode 13
King of Pain The shop is short-staffed when one of the team suffers an injury, and the remaining guys value a custom-built motorcycle and an oil painting

Season 12 Episode 14
Free Agent The guys examine an American Civil War pistol and try to prove whether a signed painting of President Benjamin Harrison is genuine

Season 12 Episode 15
Sticks And Stones Customers bring in an antique pogo stick, a collection of 1940s police badges and a letter signed by Napoleon Bonaparte

Season 12 Episode 16
The Chum-Sake The team is offered a set of medieval pole-axes and a collection of rare test notes dating from the US Mint, dating from a time when a new printing press was being tried out

Season 12 Episode 17
Corey's Big Splurge A customer brings in a piece of original artwork by Banksy, but Chumlee has a hard time convincing the Old Man that it is valuable. Corey hopes to buy his dream car

Season 12 Episode 18
On a Mission to Pawn The guys value a blueprint to a prison's electric chair and a replica of a car used in The Blues Brothers

Season 12 Episode 19
Goldfish and Silver The guys value a picture of the Rolling Stones signed by all five band members, including the late Brian Jones, and also check out an all terrain vehicle

Season 12 Episode 20
Grumpy Old Man Rick listens to an audio recording of President Kennedy in a bad mood, while Chumlee plans to secretly record the Old Man

Season 12 Episode 21
What Happens in Vegas The guys examine some sex education records from 1948 and a Las Vegas sheriff's department handbook

Season 12 Episode 22
You're Out Corey gets some financial advice, while the team tries to make deals on a 1960s car and a baseball scorebook

Season 12 Episode 23
Every Day I'm Shufflin' Tensions mount between Chumlee and the Old Man, and the team is offered a prop from The Godfather and a 1950s bowling machine

Season 12 Episode 24
The Bald and the Beautiful The team is offered a coat made for Elvis Presley, and Chumlee drives a Mercedes golf cart

Season 12 Episode 25
Say It Don't Spray It Chumlee paints graffiti on the outside of the shop, while Corey and the Old Man check out a toy rocket from the 1930s

Season 12 Episode 26
The Enigma The guys are offered an Enigma code-breaking machine from the Second World War and a photograph of famous gunfighter Doc Holliday

Season 12 Episode 27
No Shoes No Shirt No Service Chumlee designs a new uniform for the team, while the guys examine a guitar that appeared in a James Bond movie

Season 12 Episode 28
Comfortably Chum A car dealer visits the shop, while Rick and Corey check out some uniforms that belonged to an American Civil War general

Season 12 Episode 29
Brush with Greatness The team examines a painting by boxing legend Muhammad Ali, and find a Colt Dragoon revolver with an interesting history

Season 12 Episode 30
Winchester Lose or Draw The pawnbrokers check out a rifle used in the Wounded Knee Massacre before looking at a nickel slot machine from the 1940s

Season 12 Episode 31
The Merchant of Vegas Chumlee designs a commemorative coin for the shop, while Rick and Corey examine a rubber bullet and shell casing from the Bloody Sunday massacre

Season 12 Episode 32
The Bachelor Rick Harrison celebrates his stag night with the guys, while at the shop, a rare copy of Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is brought in

Season 12 Episode 33
Chum Dog Grillionaire Rick and Corey check out a Rolls-Royce once owned by country star Johnny Cash, while Chumlee fills in at a friend's hot-dog stand

Season 12 Episode 34
Rebel Rebel Rick and Corey check out a letter written by George Washington during the Whiskey Rebellion. Later, Chumlee decides to throw a housewarming party

Season 12 Episode 35
Open and Shut Case The staff check out a briefcase once owned by American aviator, inventor and explorer Charles Lindbergh, before examining a prototype military vehicle

Season 12 Episode 36
Bad to the Bone The guys haggle over a miniature saw used for amputating fingers during the American Civil War, while a simple errand turns into a nightmare for Corey

Season 12 Episode 37
Gnarly Harley The guys face a tough decision over a vintage motorbike, and consider buying a crank organ from the 1900s

Season 12 Episode 38
Woah Pilgrim The guys are offered a hat worn by John Wayne in the movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and a card-playing book from 1866

Season 12 Episode 39
The Amazing Chumlee The team is offered a copy of a comic book featuring the first appearance of Spider-Man, while Corey takes a test that he hopes will result in a promotion

Season 12 Episode 40
Lost in Spacelander The guys are offered an unusual bicycle from the 1960s and a desk made by John Wilkes Booth's doctor while he was in prison

Season 12 Episode 41
Put Your Hands Up The team tries to get hold of a wanted poster for notorious bank robber John Dillinger, and a vintage motor scooter is brought into the shop

Season 12 Episode 42
Finding Fonzie The guys are offered a poem handwritten by Marilyn Monroe, while Rick searches for a missing Henry Winkler autograph

Season 12 Episode 43
You Say You Wanna Revolution Chumlee is punished for his laziness by being given a week of the shop's hardest tasks, and the guys value an annual register from the year of the Declaration of Independence

Season 12 Episode 44
Truly Trivial Rick and Chumlee compete in a trivia contest, while the guys check out a motorbike made for James Caan and a lithograph by caricaturist Al Hirschfeld

Season 12 Episode 45
Whodunit? Rick learns a secret about his staff, while the team examines a medallion owned by Liberace and a pair of trainers signed by Michael Jordan

Season 12 Episode 46
I'll Be Doggone Rick gets the chance to buy a jetpack from the 1960s space program, and Chumlee checks out a Snoopy comic book featuring a personal drawing by Charles Schulz

Season 12 Episode 47
Can't Buy Me Love The guys get the chance to buy the original recording contract signed by the Beatles and their manager Brian Epstein

Season 12 Episode 48
Any Time Any Mace The team is offered a medieval mace and a set of 1950s cap guns, while a simple errand ends up taking all day

Season 12 Episode 49
Silent Stars and Rebel Cars Corey examines a car that may have belonged to Fidel Castro, while Rick is offered Charlie Chaplin's driver's license

Season 12 Episode 50
Rescue 9-1-Chum Chumlee gets in trouble for being late for work, and the team is offered an air pump from a fire fighter's breathing apparatus

Season 12 Episode 51
Smurf and Turf An old friend overstays his welcome, while the team considers buying a 19th-century iron casket and a massive collection of smurfs

Season 12 Episode 52
Chum of All Fears Corey and Chumlee have big plans for their Halloween costumes, and Rick struggles to contain himself when presented with an iconic object from his childhood

Season 12 Episode 53
Another Christmas Story The guys hold a competition to make Christmas cards and a customer offers them an original puppet made by Jim Henson's Creature Shop

Season 13 Episode 1
Extreme Pawnover Chumlee checks out a unique Ford Model A, Corey casts his eyes over vintage Pinocchio and Donald Duck toys and Rick makes expensive renovations

Season 13 Episode 2
Rough and Tumble The guys check out a piece of a flag once carried by Teddy Roosevelt's cavalry regiment, a foot massager and some items signed by Grizzly Adams star Dan Haggerty

Season 13 Episode 3
Brew Master Chumlee attempts to brew his own beer, Corey races to check out a souvenir from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and a customer offers the team a rare medal

Season 13 Episode 4
Sunday Funday The guys check out a range of American football memorabilia, including a ball signed by Hall of Fame member Walter Payton

Season 13 Episode 5
Rock Bottom The guys try to solve the problem of their bad internet reviews, while Rick checks out an off-road vehicle and Corey finds a jersey worn by Olympic sprinter Bob Hayes

Season 13 Episode 6
Chords, Swords and Rewards Chumlee asks for a pay rise, while the guys check out a sword used in Masonic rituals and a valuable guitar

Season 13 Episode 7
Chords, Swords and Rewards Chumlee asks for a pay rise, while the guys check out a sword used in Masonic rituals and a valuable guitar

Season 13 Episode 8
Magic Bus Rick checks out a rare model of a 1960s Volkswagen Samba that has been fully restored, and the winner of the employee of the month award is announced

Season 13 Episode 9
Field Trip A class of children visits the shop for a school trip, while Rick examines a rare guitar and the Old Man and Chumlee find signed images of famous plane the Enola Gay

Season 13 Episode 10
Bang Bang The guys examine an antique pistol, a first issue of the Spider-Man comic and a mining certificate made out to Mark Twain

Season 13 Episode 11
You Snooze You Lose Rick checks out a double-handed German sword, while Corey makes an offer on a set of 1930s baseball cards

Season 13 Episode 12
McKinley Family Jewels Rick receives a mystery package and is taken with a former first lady's family heirloom. A vintage Felix the Cat toy is brought into the shop

Season 13 Episode 13
Ponies and Phonies Lili the intern is given an appraisal, and the team examines a bible that may have belonged to a pony express rider and a Star Wars-themed soft drinks dispenser

Season 13 Episode 14
Head Games Pendants from the first two Super Bowls are brought into the shop, and Rick examines a pair of antique spears from the Philippines

Season 13 Episode 15
Choo Choo Chum The guys examine a Howard Hughes autograph, a rifle and a model train

Season 13 Episode 16
Brew Master Chumlee attempts to brew his own beer, Corey races to check out a souvenir from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and a customer offers the team a rare medal

Season 13 Episode 18
Tee'd Off A piece of golfing memorabilia inspires Chumlee and Corey to play a round and place a wager on the game. Rick checks out an organ belonging to Aerosmith singer Steve Tyler

Season 13 Episode 19
Chum's Revenge The Harrisons get their portraits painted, but Chumlee is missed out. The team is offered a 1956 Buick and a Neil Diamond jacket

Season 13 Episode 20
Shamrocked The guys celebrate St Patrick's Day, but not everyone is in a holiday mood. A jacket from a historic American football match and a 1960s car are brought into the shop

Season 13 Episode 21
Sleeping Giant The Old Man is caught asleep on the job, and the guys try to make a deal on a 1969 guitar

Season 13 Episode 22
April Fooled The Old Man becomes nostalgic for his time in the navy as he examines memorabilia from the ship he served on, the USS Chowanoc. Corey examines a sword from the American Civil War



Pawn Stars Episode Guide.  



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