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21 May 2022

Police Interceptors

Category: Education/Science/Factual
Episode 8 of 10 | Season 7
Sun 22 May
12:15pm-1:10pm (55 minutes)
Starts in 20 hour(s) 6 minutes
Subtitles Repeat
1445 votes
by TVGuide.co.uk users
1445 votes
Officers step in to deal with a rowdy reveller when things get out of hand on New Year's Eve in Lincoln city centre, while Suzie Ranyard catches out a motorist who claims he has been driving with a dodgy number plate for 18 years. Jon Moon arrests a shoplifter more than happy to admit to his crime and a young lad discovers how hard it is to pull the wool over the eyes of Jon Peacock

Category: Education/Science/Factual

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OBEY ZE cheap tv.
OBEY ZE LAW cheap tv OBEY ZE LAW cheap tv OBEY ZE LAW cheap tv
Fred   1:04pm Mon 13 Apr Report Abuse

Goon Sqaud
Meet the Meat Puppets
The Puppetmaster   8:59pm Fri 28 Dec Report Abuse

For the dimwitted.
PP   2:22pm Tue 16 May Report Abuse

S6 E5
Totally misleading write up. NO tv legends in it.
The Critic   6:28pm Wed 15 Mar Report Abuse

bob holness
i really love blockbusters
jeremy kyle   7:02pm Tue 15 Mar Report Abuse

Who is the pr*t giving the commentary to this programme? Why can't he speak like a normal person, instead of adding his own vocabulary? Better still, grow up and get a proper job mate!
P V   12:30pm Sun 14 Sep Report Abuse

So predictable
Give a moron a uniform and set him off to abuse his authority.
Bill   5:37pm Mon 2 Jul Report Abuse

pigs should be on farms
conditioning the sheep
Milly   7:17pm Wed 27 Jun Report Abuse

propaganda at it's best..... We are all criminals... the cops are the only good guys.... PLEASE spare me the propaganda
treat me like a criminal   6:30pm Tue 7 Feb Report Abuse

Who votes for this sort of show?
All these types of shows are so obviously fake that the only people who can possibly think they are any good are the coppers who fake it in the first place.
Robert Peel   4:07pm Mon 30 Jan Report Abuse

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