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21 May 2022

Live MotoGP

Category: Sports
Episode 65 | Season 2022
Fri 27 May
8:00am-3:00pm (7 hours)
3571 votes
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3571 votes
Live MotoGP: GP of Italy FP1 & FP2 MotoGP action from the opening day of the Grand Prix of Italy, taking place at Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello

Category: Sports

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

FP 3 for RoLaren
Yes it was.
I'm Wide Awake   8:05pm Sat 14 May Report Abuse

No idea
Yarra   1:24pm Sun 3 Apr Report Abuse

FP 3
Is FP3 not being shown live on Sat morning?
RoLaren   12:27pm Fri 17 Sep Report Abuse

Moto GP
The best value sport on TV Beats F1 into a ditch pure action by brave underpaid men.
Bazz   4:13pm Sat 30 Mar Report Abuse

The European 2016. I agree with you about the coverage but Crikey is teletext even still a thing? I was amazed to hear that blast from the past,if you are a time traveller from the 90's please get I touch and I will give you the first lottery numbers when it is launched buddy!
BogeyGregg   10:19pm Sat 16 Jun Report Abuse

go mm93
pistas96   8:38am Sun 6 May Report Abuse

BBC. How to ruin motogp.
The BBC have made a right mess of motogp, with boring commentry, and time information. Eurosport were way better, showing all three main races, live, with Moody & Ryder, who added to the enjoyment, with their entertaining banter, which was also informative. The greedy BBC, just had to have it, and ruin it, while also adding to our already oversize licence fee. BBC: Bumbling, Broadcasting, Company. They should stick to cooking programmes, and let the experts do motogp.
jack   11:39am Sun 11 Apr Report Abuse

Can't wait for gp it's gonna be good
Can't wait hope old danny pedrosa wins :-)
Tommy Taylor   8:38am Sun 4 Oct Report Abuse

coxy and Parry
Charlie Cox and Steve Parrish are brilliant...moto gp would be dull without them.
Paul Paston   2:20am Mon 22 Jun Report Abuse

BBC C**k Ups
Why do we have to put up with the irrevalent meanderings of that idiot parish? Find someone who knows about the sport, not a 'I was Barry's, (Sheene), best mate' which he wasn't! Plus the race commentary is absolute garbage, a child of 6 could do better. 125's & 250's on the red button ??? those comentators could just about commentate on paint drying, cos that's how they sound. No information, no nothing. It's diabolical. Recruit the ex Eurosport team of Moodie, Ryder & Mamola along with Suzi as the presenter. At least she manages to get some info from the teams, even if it is cos she's good to look at. Even better, shoot parish for the good of mankind. That's one we don't want in the gene pool.
HD Guy   10:59am Sun 14 Jun Report Abuse

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