CBeebies Today

6:00 AM
The bunny is sad when his new orange balloon bursts
6:05 AM
A Mandarinteryx has moved into home base and is causing a b...
6:10 AM
Po prepares for an energetic Tubby Phone Dance
6:25 AM
Brewster gets himself in a jam when he accidentally ...
6:35 AM
Carrot comes to the rescue when Evil Pea kidnaps Supertato
6:45 AM
Tish Tash
The family are on a walk when Pola spots a glass-bottomed...
6:50 AM
Bing and Coco want to read Charlie a story. Bing wants t...
7:00 AM
In this inspiring musical episode, the Colourblocks remini...
7:05 AM
Hey Duggee
Norrie admits she can't ride her new bike because she finds it too difficult
7:15 AM
Hey Duggee
Duggee's nephew Dudley comes to stay
7:20 AM
Bluey's Father's Day card has to be perfect, but she ...
7:30 AM
Dad will need to embrace his inner kid if he wants to mak...
7:35 AM
Go Jetters
Foz, Kyan and Lars climb a Tepui in Venezuela
7:50 AM
Peter Rabbit
Felix and Nutkin quarrel
8:00 AM
Octonauts: Above & Beyond
A cold snap hits the Everglades, and Ranger Marsh calls the...
8:15 AM
Twenty-Six enters Fifteen's Talent Show... and fin...
8:20 AM
J is convinced she is a jaybird
8:25 AM
Nick Cope's Popcast
With the help of the Popcasters, Nick sings a song about...
8:30 AM
Small Potatoes
Moon Baby heads into orbit to look out over the galaxy
8:35 AM
Justin's House
Cherry makes a new pizza that no-one likes, but when t...
9:00 AM
The bunny tries to play his car park game with Flop
9:10 AM
Yakka Dee!
Dee encourages a friend to say 'chair', and we go on a wh...
9:15 AM
Lu and the Bally Bunch
Biba struggles to wait for her turn on a new trampoline.
9:20 AM
Dylan's Playtime Adventures
Dylan the Deep-Sea Diver wants to take a picture of the...
9:35 AM
Peekaboo is surprised to be on top of the tea machine
9:45 AM
Something Special
Strike! Mr Tumble tests his bowling skills with his s...
10:05 AM
Po goes so fast on the scooter that it takes off
10:20 AM
The Toddler Club
Nigel, Bailee Bear and Benjee Bair welcome toddlers Je...
10:35 AM
Kiri & Lou
While Kiri is playing with Rockaroonie, Lou finds an is...
10:40 AM
Roots and Fruits
Live from the Roots and Fruits theatre, it’s Leek, who w...
10:45 AM
Ginger and the baby Pea-Rexes must reclaim their yummy...
10:50 AM
Mum and Dad create their own Magic Claw machine at home, ...
11:00 AM
Evil Pea's throne has been stolen
11:10 AM
Raa Raa the Noisy Lion
The lion cub searches for his favourite noise
11:20 AM
Ranger Hamza's Eco Quest
Ranger Hamza and the Ramblers discover how allotments ...
11:35 AM
Down on the Farm
Storm Huntley visits a parsnip farm
11:50 AM
Our Family
Ted and his family visit a wildlife park and Ted gets to ...
12:00 PM
My World Kitchen
Pippa is making myama, a chicken stew that uses tasty s...
12:10 PM
Old Jack's Boat
Miss Bowline-Hitch's sundial needs the sun to shine on it
12:25 PM
Biff and Chip
Biff and Chip are playing detectives when they get a rea...
12:40 PM
Andy's Dinosaur Adventures
Travelling back to the time of the coelophysis
1:00 PM
Yakka Dee!
Dee encourages a friend to say 'teddy' and we go on a whi...
1:05 PM
The Numberblocks show viewers what they are made of in a song and dance
1:10 PM
Magic E makes mischief
1:13 PM
My Petsaurus
Close asks Topsy to fetch her slippers to warm her feet
1:15 PM
Hey Duggee
Duggee is reading the Squirrels one of his favourite comics
1:25 PM
Love Monster
It is Woodworking Day
1:30 PM
TapTap’s loud, fast drumming is driving everyone in ...
1:40 PM
The Colourblocks attempt to solve a rainbow puzzle with t...
1:45 PM
Something Special: We're All Friends
Justin and his friends step back in time, and Mr Tumbl...
2:05 PM
The Teletubbies enjoy watching children waving
2:20 PM
Vida the Vet
When Kipp doesn't know what made him giddy, it's up to V...
2:35 PM
Evil Pea and Supertato team up to find treasure
2:40 PM
Pinocchio and Friends
Mermaid Undine is the amazing new attraction at Mangi...
2:50 PM
Get Well Soon
Dr Ranj arrives on the ward to see Kiwa. She is a bit worr...
3:05 PM
Maddie's Do You Know?
Maddie learns how a lamp works and visits a factory to...
3:20 PM
A flock of pelicans is endangered by a floating garbage patch
3:30 PM
Yukee is desperate to meet the worms that live in the s...
3:40 PM
Hey Duggee
The squirrels decide it is time to tidy up. Luckily, Dugg...
3:45 PM
Peter Rabbit
The rabbits are forced out of their secret tree-house
4:00 PM
Andy's Prehistoric Adventures
Andy Day travels back in time three million years to the Great Rift Valley in Africa
4:15 PM
The Game Catchers
Five friends embark on an interstellar journey to explor...
4:25 PM
Bluey's Father's Day card has to be perfect, but she ...
4:30 PM
Dad will need to embrace his inner kid if he wants to mak...
4:40 PM
Chilli is determined to make it to the top of Cereal Mountain
4:45 PM
Vida the Vet
Vida helps Koa get over his fear of needles when he need...
5:00 PM
Arthur Sleep is joined by team captains Gail Force and...
5:15 PM
Waffle the Wonder Dog
It's the morning of Evie's first day at school
5:25 PM
Sarah & Duck
The duo try to help Donkey get his jumping confidence back
5:35 PM
JoJo & Gran Gran
Animated series about an almost five year-old girl a...
5:45 PM
Moon and Me
The friends are reading books together and thinking of th...
6:10 PM
Major Clanger invents a knitting machine for Granny
6:20 PM
In the Night Garden
Upsy Daisy shows Igglepiggle how to jump
6:50 PM
CBeebies Bedtime Stories
Pearl Mackie reads Interstellar Cinderella
6:00 AM
Flop and Pando play on the swings
6:05 AM
Ginger must navigate chaos amid rolling Coconutdons an...
6:10 AM
Dipsy's hat blows away
6:25 AM
Wilson and Brewster switch places for the day to prove...
6:35 AM
Evil Pea pretends to be Supertato's sidekick
6:45 AM
Tish Tash
During a football game with her friends, Tish notices ...
6:50 AM
Bing and Sula are planting seeds at Amma's when Coco arr...