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5:15 AM
The Yorkshire Dales and the Lakes: Season by Season
Documentary following life in the national parks
6:10 AM
Vick Hope is in Dictionary Corner
6:50 AM
Part one of two. Lilith betrays Frasier
7:15 AM
Lilith plans to spend a year in a biosphere
7:40 AM
3rd Rock from the Sun
Dick boasts about casual sex
8:05 AM
3rd Rock from the Sun
Dick and Mary get locked in the school
8:30 AM
Everybody Loves Raymond
Debra upsets Ray
9:00 AM
Everybody Loves Raymond
Debra spends a day cooking with Marie
9:30 AM
Everybody Loves Raymond
Michael does badly at school
10:00 AM
Martin's romance is discussed on air
10:30 AM
Martin persuades Frasier to take part in a charity auction
11:00 AM
The Great House Giveaway
Nia and Marc transform a 1950s bungalow in Anglesey into an eco-home
12:00 PM
Channel 4 News Summary
Latest headlines
12:05 PM
Sun, Sea and Selling Houses
A Huddersfield couple look to build a new life in Spain
1:05 PM
Find It, Fix It, Flog It
Simon hatches a wacky plan to turn some old tanks into a pizza oven
2:10 PM
Vick Hope is in Dictionary Corner
3:00 PM
A Place in the Sun
A hunt for a holiday home on the Greek island of Crete
4:00 PM
A New Life in the Sun
In Italy, two Manchester foodies prepare a vegan banquet
5:00 PM
Chateau DIY
Janet and Philip's room renovation suffers setbacks at the Chateau de la Fare
6:00 PM
Come Dine with Me
In Birmingham, hairdresser Richard hopes his traditional feast will be a cut above the rest
6:30 PM
The Simpsons
Marge starts chatting to another man over the internet
7:00 PM
Channel 4 News
The day's headlines
8:00 PM
The Dog House
Two teenage brothers consider adopting a cute Chihuahua cross
9:00 PM
The Jury: Murder Trial
After closing speeches, the juries retire to decide their verdicts
10:00 PM
Alice & Jack
The loving duo face their greatest obstacle
11:05 PM
Wheel of Fortune, Trigger Point and Michael McIntyre's Big Show are appraised
12:05 AM
The Great British Bake Off and Strictly Come Dancing are critiqued
1:00 AM
Married at First Sight Australia
Nurse Ellie and travel guide Ben are soon smitten with each other
2:20 AM
The Simpsons
Angry dolphins attack Springfield
2:45 AM
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA
Gordon Ramsay visits a failing Greek restaurant in Queens, New York
3:30 AM
New Model Agency
A look at the modelling agency committed to making a change in fashion
4:25 AM
Grand Designs New Zealand
Turning a childhood treehouse dream into reality
5:15 AM
The Yorkshire Dales and the Lakes: Season by Season
A look at spring in the national parks