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6:00 AM
House Doctor
A Manchester loft apartment
6:20 AM
Entertainment News on 5
Showbiz news and gossip
6:30 AM
Peppa Pig
George joins the playgroup
6:35 AM
Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures!
Thomas has to bring a dragon to the Chinese New Year celebrations
6:45 AM
Paw Patrol
Danny's new remote control accidentally takes control of Everest's SnoCat
7:00 AM
Brave Bunnies
An impatient Kit can't beat her big sister's triple-jump record
7:05 AM
Peppa Pig
Daddy Pig takes Peppa and George to visit a house that Mr Bull is building
7:10 AM
Peppa Pig
Daddy teaches the children how to play basketball
7:20 AM
Peppa Pig
A parcel arrives from Aunt Dottie
7:25 AM
Pip and Posy
Pip wants Posy to go to the park
7:30 AM
Bud and Louie turn out to be geniuses at leaf spotting
7:40 AM
Tweedy & Fluff
Fluff discovers the power of sound
7:45 AM
Fireman Sam
Norman tries to train Radar to be a sheepdog but fails miserably
7:55 AM
Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!
Kana wants to speed fast enough to turn her electric crackle a bright red
8:05 AM
Peppa Pig
Daddy, George and Peppa explore the shopping centre
8:10 AM
Peppa Pig
Madame Gazelle is teaching the children fun games to play with paper
8:15 AM
Paw Patrol
Mayor Humdinger challenges the Adventure Bay team to a soccer match
8:30 AM
Pip and Posy
The duo craft a mermaid's tail made out of sand
8:35 AM
The Adventures of Paddington
It's world book day, so Paddington helps Mateo dress up
8:55 AM
Milo, Lofty and Lark offer to write Commander Cottontail's biography
9:10 AM
Paw Patrol
The Adventure Bay school bus blows all its tyres out
9:25 AM
Peppa Pig
Daddy Pig's football shirt gets dirty
9:35 AM
Peppa Pig
Peppa and George's boat runs aground
9:40 AM
Peppa Pig
The piglet's French friend Delphine comes to stay
9:45 AM
Pop Paper City
Hooper takes his friends to see a long-lost palace
9:55 AM
Meet the Experts
Connor explains the basics of taekwondo
10:05 AM
Milkshake! Secret Life of the Forest
Trees help to create the air we all breathe. Every year...
10:15 AM
Jeremy Vine
The broadcaster discusses the issues of the day
12:15 PM
Storm Huntley
Debate on the day's talking points continues
1:45 PM
Monica celebrates her engagement
2:10 PM
Monica starts making wedding plans
2:40 PM
5 News at Lunchtime
The day's headlines
2:45 PM
Home and Away
Justin is in disbelief when Kirby tells him the truth about Theo
3:15 PM
Lies Between Friends
Thriller, starring Zibby Allen
5:00 PM
Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun
Cameras follow Beckii and Simon on a big day
6:00 PM
5 News at 5
The day's headlines
7:00 PM
Police Interceptors
Officers track down a 17-year-old suspected of a serious robbery
7:55 PM
5 News Update
8:00 PM
Jane McDonald: Lost in Japan
The singer explores Osaka
8:55 PM
5 News Update
9:00 PM
The Big Steam Adventure: Here We Go Again!
John, Peter and Piglet explore the Scottish Highlands
10:00 PM
Sue Perkins: Lost in Thailand
Sue visits the country's heady capital, Bangkok
11:00 PM
The Cancellation of Jim Davidson
The comedian and presenter offers an in-depth exploration of his life
12:30 AM
When 80s TV Goes Horribly Wrong
A look at some of the small screen disasters from the 1980s
2:25 AM
PlayOJO Live Casino Show
Interactive gambling
4:25 AM
10 Years Younger in 10 Days
A woman gets help erasing the scars left by skin cancer
5:10 AM
Tesco: Panic in the Aisles
How the supermarket chain coped with panic buying at the start of the coronavirus crisis
6:00 AM
House Doctor
A cluttered property in the Cotswolds
6:25 AM
Entertainment News on 5
Showbiz news and gossip
6:30 AM
Peppa Pig
Peppa and George play computer games
6:35 AM
Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures!
The engines tease Thomas that Rosie is his special friend
6:45 AM
Paw Patrol
Adventure following a squad of six heroic puppies