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6:00 AM
Cúla 4
Fun for kids
6:02 AM
Uncle Zavier gets a VIZ (Very Important Zebra) medal
6:14 AM
Finny an Siorc
When Papa Shark has a toothache, Finny shows him how to be brave
6:25 AM
Rita & Crogall
Rita opens Muiris's gift on her way to his birthday party
6:30 AM
Pip and Posy
Pip makes a surprise treasure hunt for Posy at the sandpit
6:37 AM
Balloon Barnyard
Fraidy Rat gets lost in the long grass
6:44 AM
The Saur family competes with the Raptorsons
6:50 AM
Elmo Anseo
Elmo learns all about patterns
6:56 AM
Abby's Amazing Adventures
Abby and Rudy learn how actors show their emotions
7:02 AM
Cecelia tries to avoid doing her share of house work
7:10 AM
Pikwik Pack
Double bill
7:34 AM
Petronix Defenders
Petswiper unleashes chaos with her bubblificator
7:47 AM
PJ Masks
Catboy tries to stop new villains the Wolfies
8:00 AM
Cúla 4
Welcome to Cúla4's new channel! Join us in celebratin...
8:02 AM
The Garfield Show
The fat cat finds a lasagna tree
8:15 AM
Pat an Madra
Marcus and Sleamhnaí try to steal Victor's game console
8:23 AM
Zak Jinks
A fair is organised to raise money for a school trip
8:37 AM
Angelo Rules
Angelo is in charge of the school
8:48 AM
That's Joey
The youngster has the chance to be the teacher
8:59 AM
Cúla 4
Fun for kids
9:01 AM
Seal le Timmy
It's time to spring clean the Nursery
9:07 AM
Super Simple Amhráin
A fun song - Mary Had a Kangaroo
9:11 AM
Ó a Sheáin
Seán busks in the park
9:16 AM
Bia Linn
Muireann creates dishes using apples
9:31 AM
Lá Le Mamó nó Daideo
Feilimí practises his swimming skills
9:38 AM
Is Mise
Joey visits a castle and a garden
9:49 AM
Béiriní is a Leabhair
Art tries to get an apple from a tree
10:00 AM
Nuair a Bheidh Mé Mór
Isabelle imagines her life as a coast guard when she grows up
10:11 AM
Dinosaur Train
The drill bit on the Drill Engine Train breaks
10:24 AM
The kittens have a snowball fight
10:30 AM
The Numberblocks try to figure out some numbers by using art
10:35 AM
Scoil Bheag Helen
Helen decides to set each student a puzzle
10:47 AM
Clifford Óg
Mrs Clayton has a party to welcome the new postman
11:00 AM
An Siopa Ealaíne
Neasa is in her art shop and has just made some origami dogs by folding paper
11:12 AM
Woozle & Pip
The friends go on a picnic
11:17 AM
Peg + Cat
The duo must tidy their room
11:29 AM
Cúla 4
Welcome to Cúla4's new channel! Join us in celebratin...
11:31 AM
The Garfield Show
Doc Boy finds love
11:45 AM
Is Eolaí Mé
Peadar places sound under investigation
12:13 PM
Éadaoin, Tomaí and Caoimhe face the most ferocious animals in the world
12:38 PM
Eco Laoch
Children inspire people to clean up their beaches
1:04 PM
Traolach is convinced he and Aifric are getting a new sibling
1:30 PM
Haigh Tusa! Céard Faoi..
In this episode we ask the question: what if you could liv...
1:36 PM
Angelo Rules
Angelo has to share his room with Peter
1:47 PM
Animal Fanpedia
Common farm animals
1:58 PM
Cúla 4
Fun for kids
2:00 PM
Curious George
Double bill. The inquisitive monkey builds a boat
2:23 PM
Dee Dee
Mewmew's house key is lost
2:34 PM
Chip and Potato
An unwell Chip wants to remain in school
2:48 PM
Seó Luna
Scratches, injuries and healing, allow the childre...
3:00 PM
Cúla 4
Welcome to Cúla4's new channel! Join us in celebratin...
3:02 PM
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
When Master Fu's past comes back to haunt him, he takes ...
3:24 PM
The Garfield Show
Garfield saves his friends and planet Earth
3:38 PM
Dónall Dána
Dónall is made some kind of ambassador
3:48 PM
Dónall Dána
Dónall gives away all of his toys
4:00 PM
Scraggs the Racoon comes up with a plan to have a better life for himself
4:08 PM
Angelo Rules
The 11-year-old and his friends try to outsmart their adversaries
4:20 PM
Camp Lakebottom
McGee and Buttsquat battle over who can make the best chilli
4:31 PM
SpongeBob SquarePants
Plankton shrinks himself down
4:45 PM
Zak Jinks
Zak plays pranks to play on the substitute teachers
5:00 PM
Beasts vie for the title of the world's noisiest animal
5:30 PM
Joe turns 12
5:41 PM
Pat an Madra
Sleamhnaí hides a stolen necklace
5:48 PM
Pat an Madra
Lola's toy building planks are stolen
6:01 PM
Maroro needs to be repaired in Paroa.
6:26 PM
When Mish and Mash pretend to have come from the future ...
6:33 PM
Campa Fiáin
This week on Campa Fiáin Colm and his friends Lorcán, Ao...
7:00 PM
The youngster looks forward to the village busking competition
7:25 PM
Camp Lakebottom
The campers find a cursed gem
7:37 PM
Bentley takes Taffy for a walk in a garden maze
8:00 PM
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Cláir ag tosú ag 06:00
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6:00 AM
Cúla 4
Fun for kids
6:02 AM
Part one of two. Dora and Boots find themselves in Fairytale Land
6:29 AM
Rita & Crogall
Rita loves to go cycling in the park with Crocodile
6:34 AM
The friends have fun singing and riding along in a fun cardboard bus
6:38 AM
Digley & Dazey
The crew has to build a crazy golf course
6:41 AM
Digley & Dazey
The crew is just about to start the day when a fire alarm goes off
6:46 AM
Pip and Posy
Jamila picks up worms on a rainy day in the park
6:53 AM
Pompon An Béirín Beag
Dad teaches Pompon how to fish