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Thursday 30 November
6:00 AM
Wheeler Dealers
Mike and Elvis have one of their toughest challenges yet: can they make an Audi RS6 estate car faster than a sportscar? Elvis has doubts after a hazardous test drive
7:00 AM
Gold Rush: Mine Rescue with Freddy & Juan
The Paradis brothers left oil fields to follow a mining dream but now they can't find gold. Juan modifies their wash plant while Freddy hunts for new ground
8:00 AM
Gold Rush: White Water
Dakota Fred locks horns with a 50-ton monster in the ultimate treasure hunt for gold. Meanwhile, Dustin's crew refuses to yield to a looming danger above
9:00 AM
Gold Divers
Part two of two. As tempers flare, the conflict between Shawn and the Kellys becomes physical. Meanwhile, mechanical difficulties plague the Mistress
10:00 AM
Bitchin' Rides
A regular client enlists Dave and the gang in a mission to make a long-held dream of a father and son road trip along route 66 become reality
11:00 AM
Diesel Brothers
Heavy D takes a chance on a unique double Corvette while Muscle takes the lead on a Denali for their latest giveaway
12:00 PM
Salvage Hunters
Drew Pritchard goes climbing at a 17th-century mansion in Cambridge, before he encounters a tough negotiator on a visit to a large salvage yard
1:00 PM
Building Off the Grid
A novice builder attempts to construct a cabin in Vermont's White River Valley, but the harsh winter and his lack of experience make this a challenging build
2:00 PM
Building Off the Grid
A couple build a sustainable straw bale panel house in the Hudson Valley, the first of this type in America, but they need to finish it before winter arrives
3:00 PM
Alaskan Bush People
Birdie goes on a treacherous hunt to bring home meat for the family and save her chickens from slaughter. Later, Noah constructs an automatic diaper machine
4:00 PM
Blowing Up History
Experts use cutting-edge technology to reveal what lies beneath Mount Rushmore, one of North America's most iconic landmarks
5:00 PM
Wheeler Dealers
Car dealer Mike Brewer and mechanic Ant Anstead restore a 1971 Chevrolet C10 Truck with a 350 turbo engine that they can sell for a profit at their Los Angeles based shop
6:00 PM
Salvage Hunters
Drew Pritchard makes a startling discovery at a 13th-century house in the Lake District, before he meets a classic-car collector in Hertfordshire
7:00 PM
Outback Truckers
Steve is hauling a heavy load 2,400km across three treacherous deserts. Robbie faces a major challenge as he moves a home from Brisbane to a town near Mount Tyson
8:00 PM
Railroad Alaska
A family faces down a threat to its food supply, a man makes a grueling five-hour hike in the wilderness and an ice storm threatens to derail a scheduled freight train
9:00 PM
Survive the Raft
Tensions run high as CJ struggles to recover from his blow-up with Tara, who is now dead set on throwing him overboard
10:00 PM
Naked and Afraid Brazil
Léti, Érika and Itamar face a difficult challenge without energy or harmony in the group. Gi and Joedson play their last cards before they run out of energy
11:30 PM
Expedition Unknown
Josh finds coins from an epic pirate treasure. He leaps into the frigid North Atlantic to recover the riches of feared pirate, Henry Avery
12:30 AM
Documentary following the efforts of illegal whiskey brewers, providing an insight into their lifestyles
1:30 AM
Naked and Afraid Brazil
Léti, Érika and Itamar face a difficult challenge without energy or harmony in the group. Gi and Joedson play their last cards before they run out of energy
3:00 AM
Wheeler Dealers
A Peugeot 205 T16 inspires Mike to upgrade its under-powered UK counterpart for a track race. Can Mike's 205 Rallye compete with a Eurospec Peugeot?
4:00 AM
Wheeler Dealers
Mike thinks there's money to be made on a soft-top Saab 900, but with a dicey clutch and woolly steering, Elvis has concerns. Can they get it back to its best?
5:00 AM
Buying goods from home
5:30 AM
Buying goods from home