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Thursday 30 November
6:00 AM
Just when it looks like Sienna's all out of luck, she witnesses something that might just help her. On a night out, one resident locks lips with someone who isn't her husband
6:30 AM
A shock affair is revealed. Sienna must make a big decision. A couple are broken, with one person left wondering if they have made the wrong decision
7:00 AM
How I Met Your Mother
A lonely Robin invites Ted to her flat, placing him in a predicament as he awaits a phone call from Victoria
7:30 AM
How I Met Your Mother
Lily persuades Robin to gatecrash a high-school prom with her in an attempt to get a look at a potential band for her wedding
8:00 AM
Baby Daddy
Pilot episode of the comedy about a young man whose life is turned upside down when he finds a baby girl has been left on his doorstep by an ex-girlfriend. Jean-Luc Bilodeau stars
8:30 AM
Baby Daddy
Ben feels guilty about leaving Emma at home when he heads out on a date, and can only think about his little girl. Meanwhile, Bonnie tries to take over care of the child
9:00 AM
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
With time to kill before the Serbian president's arrival in Brooklyn, Peralta launches the Jimmy Jab Games, an eccentric series of races and contests held in the precinct building
9:30 AM
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
In another Halloween wager, Peralta bets Holt he can steal his treasured watch before midnight, and enlists criminal assistance to achieve his goal
10:00 AM
The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon feels threatened by a 15-year-old physics prodigy who is even cleverer than he is, and asks Leonard to help him discredit the teenager's research
10:30 AM
The Big Bang Theory
Leonard, Raj and Howard kick Sheldon off their quiz team, so he decides to prove his superiority by forming a rival squad of his own. Johnny Gale and Jim Parsons star
11:00 AM
The Goldbergs
Adam sets out to create his own sequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark, while Barry bets Murray he knows where to find the best cheesesteak sandwich
11:30 AM
The Goldbergs
Erica and her college room-mate get on each other's nerves, and when Beverly catches a glimpse of her soon-to-be empty nest, she replaces her children with the Mellor brothers
12:00 PM
The Big Bang Theory
Amy is disappointed when Sheldon favours a video-game marathon with the boys over accompanying her to a birthday party. Comedy, starring Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons
12:30 PM
The Big Bang Theory
Penny buys Leonard and Sheldon some Star Trek action figures, but the duo refuse to remove them from the packaging. Raj asks his parents to set up a date for him
1:00 PM
The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon is forced to confront his fear of driving when both Penny and Howard refuse to give him a lift to work. Guest starring Octavia Spencer
1:30 PM
The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon is flattered when a graduate student takes a shine to him, but she soon removes forces him to work on a troublesome scientific problem
2:00 PM
The Goldbergs
Erica gets a job at the new karaoke bar in town, and Murray tries to teach Barry and Lainey how to be financially responsible adults. Rick Springfield guest stars
2:30 PM
The Goldbergs
Geoff realises he does not want to follow in his father's footsteps and Adam tells Beverly that he does not want her to chaperone the school trip to a theme park
3:00 PM
Modern Family
Jerry comes to town to bequeath Dede's possessions to the family and Mitch and Claire receive a little more of her than they bargained for
3:30 PM
Modern Family
Hayley wants to give the family a Christmas gift they will never forget, while Jay, Gloria and Joe have to deal with some unwelcome visitors over the festive season
4:00 PM
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Peralta faces paying back all the money he has borrowed from his colleagues over the years, while Santiago and Captain Holt team up to reopen the Brooklyn Broiler arson case
4:30 PM
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
When Sophia's job gets in the way of her relationship with Peralta, he tries to win the favour of her boss, while Wuntch needs Holt's help with a job recommendation
5:00 PM
The Big Bang Theory
Leonard accompanies Sheldon on a road trip to end a family feud and persuade his reluctant brother George to come to the wedding. Jerry O'Connell guest stars
5:30 PM
The Big Bang Theory
Friends and family gather as Amy and Sheldon prepare to tie the knot - but it seems the couple's minds are elsewhere. Kathy Bates and Mark Hamill guest star
6:00 PM
The Big Bang Theory
The friends attend a Halloween party, Howard talks incessantly about his work at the International Space Station, and Penny and Leonard have a steamy encounter. Buzz Aldrin guests
6:30 PM
The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon upsets Stephen Hawking when they play an online game, while Penny enrols in a college class but decides to keep it a secret from Leonard
7:00 PM
Peri feels haunted by the past. Camilla leaves Nadira a warning about the Harcourts. A teen blurts out a shocking revelation - but is all as it seems?
7:30 PM
Young Sheldon
Missy's first heartbreak triggers a series of events that lead the Cooper family to the brink. Comedy, starring Iain Armitage
8:00 PM
Modern Family
Claire's newfound positivity leads her to inadvertently approve of Luke's new relationship with someone from work, while Phil gets a shock when he surprises Alex at school
8:30 PM
Modern Family
Haley and Dylan plan to quietly elope before the babies are born, but things do not go as smoothly as they had hoped, while Jay courts an Instagram celebrity for his business
9:00 PM
The armchair critics give their opinions on Coronation Street, Love Island, Sex Actually with Alice Levine, Starstruck, Cheat, Dancing on Ice, and Catfish UK
10:00 PM
First Dates
A self-confessed failure in life and love meets a child psychology student Rebecca, and an 82-year-old stand-up comedian is an instant hit with a green-fingered widower
11:05 PM
Naked Attraction
Marlie and Adam - both from Yorkshire - are invited to choose a potential new partner based on their naked bodies - and then even things up by taking their own clothes off
12:10 AM
The householders critique coverage of Prince Harry's wedding, All Round to Mrs Brown's, A Very English Scandal and Jamie's Quick & Easy Food. First shown in May 2018
1:15 AM
Rick and Morty
Summer and Morty spend time together with friends
1:50 AM
My Adventures with Superman
Clark tries to plan a normal date without any Superman problems, but gets interrupted when Mr Mxyzptlk sweeps him, Jimmy, and Lois into a multiverse-hopping chase
2:15 AM
Married at First Sight Australia
It is time for the first Commitment Ceremony, and while several couples recount a week full of highs, Bronte and Harrison's marital woes continue
3:40 AM
Below Deck Sailing Yacht
Demanding charter guests continue to keep the crew on their toes, and chef Marcos remains determined to impress them
4:25 AM
How I Met Your Mother
Victoria is offered a culinary scholarship in Germany, while Barney persuades Marshall to smarten up his appearance and sends him to see his tailor
4:50 AM
Pops, Dre and Junior go on a trip to heal old wounds. Diane and Jack contemplate their futures as they look at their college wish lists
5:15 AM
Pops and Ruby prepare to move away, Dre and Bow consider if they should make a big life change as well