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6:00 AM
Classic Emmerdale
Paddy manages to resist Zoe's blackmail attempts.
6:35 AM
Classic Emmerdale
Zoe's fate is decided as the court case concludes.
7:35 AM
Classic Coronation Street
Tommy tells Angela he suspects Sally is having an affair with Martin.
8:05 AM
Agatha Christie's Poirot
An actress's estranged husband is murdered
10:30 AM
The Royal
A new locum arrives at the hospital
11:35 AM
Blaketon offers to search for a woman's missing son
12:40 PM
A face from the dead returns
1:40 PM
Classic Emmerdale
Scott gets into a fight and punches Dawn in the face when she intervenes.
2:10 PM
Classic Emmerdale
Val is visited by bailiffs demanding £3,000 by the following day.
2:40 PM
Classic Coronation Street
Tommy attempts to gather evidence that Martin and Sally are having an affair.
3:15 PM
Classic Coronation Street
Ian admits to having had an affair with Della when Sally confronts him.
3:45 PM
Inspector Morse
A hospital benefactor is murdered
6:00 PM
Rosie gets a shock while walking her aunt's dog
7:00 PM
PC Younger's career is put on the line
8:00 PM
Doc Martin
The doctor's last day in Portwenn is filled with drama
9:00 PM
Doc Martin
The curmudgeonly GP struggles to come to terms with fatherhood
10:00 PM
Trigger Point
One of the terrorists is spotted by an off-duty policeman
11:00 PM
Trigger Point
Lana learns the terrorists intend her to be a key component of their next attack
11:55 PM
Agatha Christie's Poirot
A businessman is murdered on board the Orient Express
1:35 AM
Upstairs, Downstairs
Elizabeth joins the suffragette movement
2:30 AM
Home shopping
6:00 AM
Bless This House
Sid's boss visits
6:30 AM
Inspector Morse
A double murder baffles Morse