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12:55 AM
Home shopping
7:00 AM
Dinner Date
James from Brighton chooses three blind dates from five potential partners
8:00 AM
Buying and Selling
Jonathan and Drew Scott help a widowed father of five
9:00 AM
Chloe's Closet
Chloe goes to ancient Greece
9:10 AM
Lily's Driftwood Bay
Bull thinks Salty is ill, so takes it upon himself to nurse him back to health.
9:20 AM
Momolu & Friends
Huhu gets help from her friends when she can't get any sleep
9:30 AM
The Hive
Princess Beetrice comes up with a cunning plan
9:40 AM
Pip Ahoy!
Mice pirates enlist Pip to help them search for treasure
9:50 AM
Interstellar Ella
Animated series. Ella seeks the perfect gift for her mum's birthday.
10:00 AM
Newt becomes obsessed with protecting the cul-de-sac from a potential robbery
10:10 AM
Happy the Hoglet
The clouds are growling over Sunny River, and it makes Happy feel anxious
10:20 AM
The Sound Collector
The Sound Collector is amazed when he sees a horse being ridden past the mill.
10:25 AM
Richard is determined to get into shape at the new health spa
10:40 AM
Pingu in the City
Pingu and friends try and help the baker sell his bread
10:50 AM
Bob the Builder
Bob and the team install a satellite dish at Spring City News HQ
11:00 AM
Bob the Builder
The team is asked to build a wind farm
11:15 AM
Teletubbies Let's Go
The Teletubbies give each other lots of lovely big hugs.
11:25 AM
Bugs Bunny Builders
Animated series. The Looney Builders help Petunia build a greenhouse.
11:40 AM
Percy's Tiger Tales
The friends return the belongings of Tattoo's late hero, Shady Dave the Pirate.
11:50 AM
The friends have fun racing paper boats on the river
12:00 PM
Be Beautiful
Recreating the dramatic look Lady Gaga wore to the 2015 Grammy Awards
12:10 PM
Buying and Selling
Jonathan and Drew Scott help new parents Paul and Julie
1:05 PM
Fletchers' Family Farm
A break in the weather offers a chance to save the harvest
2:05 PM
The Only Way Is Essex
Reality series. Sparks fly as the group gather for Chloe's fundraiser.
3:05 PM
Billie and Greg: The Family Diaries
The Shepherds put all plans on hold when Margot is rushed to hospital.
4:05 PM
Drama Queens
Lucy heads to Amsterdam with Ryan. Will a proposal be on the cards?
5:00 PM
The Real Housewives of Cheshire
Lauren tries to handle being a local icon now that she's back in reality.
6:00 PM
Dinner Date
Maura from London looks for love
7:00 PM
Dinner Date
Sean from Derbyshire looks for love
8:00 PM
Celebrity Dinner Date
Comedian Donna Preston is given five menus to choose from
9:00 PM
Dr Paul Nassif helps a man who wants his ears back
10:00 PM
The doctors perform two radical surgeries
11:00 PM
My Mum, Your Dad Australia
More new arrivals get the mums and dads excited.
12:25 AM
Unwind with ITV
Daily escape designed to calm the mind and encourage relaxation and reflection
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Home shopping