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Thursday 30 November
1:00 AM
Buying goods from home
7:00 AM
The Real Housewives of Cheshire
It's sun, sea and stand-offs as the Housewives continue their Malta holiday. Karen and Sheena struggle to get along, with Lystra caught in the middle, and Nicole hires a superyacht
8:00 AM
Project Bakeover
Steve comes to the rescue of a family-run bakery in Montreal, where bills are piling up and their dreams are hanging by a thread
9:00 AM
Chloe's Closet
The gang comes face to face with a gorilla causing havoc because he is suffering from hiccups
9:15 AM
Pogo wants to eat a Mang-Mang fruit, but it isn't ripe! Pogo must learn to wait.
9:20 AM
Lily's Driftwood Bay
Lily finds a pirate's scarf on the beach, which prompts her to search for treasure on Driftwood Bay with Puffin
9:30 AM
The Hive
A plant has been placed in the middle of the football pitch. Jasper thoughtlessly pulls off all its petals, so Katy Pillar suggests they sing to the plant to make it feel better
9:45 AM
Sir Bobblysock has to deal with a squatting squirrel in 112 Waggy Avenue
10:00 AM
A mermaid's curse causes Jeff to grow a fish tail whenever he gets wet.
10:10 AM
Ollie and Charles get carried away with rival celebrations for Mabel's birthday.
10:15 AM
The Sound Collector
The Sound Collector is playing the sounds of the trees today.
10:25 AM
Richard plans a show, but Sweep's bagpipes and batons cause nothing but trouble
10:40 AM
Pingu in the City
Pingu helps out the police by directing traffic after an accident causes a traffic jam. However, Pingu's whistling and signalling starts to look more and more like a dance.
10:50 AM
Bob the Builder
Scoop keeps bothering Bob for a lot of unimportant reasons, so when a real crisis occurs, he finds himself ignored
11:05 AM
Bob the Builder
The handyman and his team build a skate park for the Spring City Rockets. However, when Leo pretends he is a great skateboarder, it ends up backfiring
11:15 AM
Teletubbies Let's Go
The Teletubbies wash their dirty knees and chase Po.
11:25 AM
Postman Pat
Jess and Bonnie try to find people that could help when Pat gets stuck in a tree trunk
11:45 AM
Black Cat is acting very strangely
12:00 PM
Sugar Showdown
Three bakers compete in a speedy elimination round with Chinese five-spice powder to make a Chinese New Year-themed creation
12:25 PM
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Garcelle is honoured for her work with a local charity. Denise ruffles Lisa, Erika and Teddi's feathers when she turns up to Kyle's barbecue without her children
1:20 PM
The Only Way Is Essex
Chloe L tries to find out whether Jake really did sleep with Megan, while Georgia and Tommy's divided loyalties leave them at loggerheads
2:05 PM
The Big Bake: Holiday
From marvellous marching bands to fabulous floats, the baking teams are taking it to the streets with cakes for a parade.
3:05 PM
Million Dollar Listing: NYC
Ryan scores an amazing two-for-one property with a hidden apartment and Steve seals the deal on a historical property in New York City's beloved Ansonia building
4:05 PM
The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Reality series chronicling the lives of five affluent homemakers from the American state of New Jersey
5:00 PM
The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City
The chaos continues as designer shoes end up overboard and a luau dinner at the house leads to severe acrimony.
6:00 PM
Masters of Flip
Dave and Kortney Wilson decide to try an entirely new approach when the latest house they are flipping proves beyond their conventional tactics
7:00 PM
Project Bakeover
Steve comes to the aid of Monkey Cakes owner Jonathan, whose bakery in New Brunswick is in need of a new menu
8:00 PM
James Martin's Spanish Adventure
The chef visits the Boqueria market, eats Catalan paella in Sitges, takes a tour of a cava vineyard and we see how honey sweets are made
9:00 PM
A doctor who was duped into getting silicone injections in her face suffers staggering complications, while a former patient surprises the doctors with her transformation
10:00 PM
Love Island: Australia
Whilst some couples are finding their spark, others are in for a harsh reality check. Then, whilst the boys are away, the girls welcome two new hunky bombshells to the Villa.
11:10 PM
Vanderpump Rules
The tenth series reunion comes to a close as Raquel faces her former friends and the group revisits the girls' trip to Las Vegas and Lake Havasu.
12:05 AM
The Only Way Is Essex
Chloe is left horrified by what Jake has to say, Danni makes a decision about Lockie, Pete and Megan discuss their future and Bobby introduces Chris to Gemma
12:50 AM
Unwind with ITV
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1:00 AM
Buying goods from home