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6:00 AM
The Hills
Heidi tries to persuade Lauren to attend her wedding
6:25 AM
16 and Pregnant
Taylor's mum wants her to choose adoption
7:10 AM
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
500 ladies put their dreams on the line as they try to be...
8:00 AM
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
The veterans join the audition process and must fight to keep their place on the team
9:00 AM
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
As training camp begins with 43 women, the pressure starts to build
10:00 AM
Catfish: Troublemakers
A man prepared to sacrifice his career to be with a woman he has never spoken to before
11:00 AM
Catfish: Troublemakers
Akirra contacts Catfish for help to stop her boyfriend's online ex from harassing them
12:00 PM
Catfish: Troublemakers
A woman tries to find out why her lover ended their relationship
1:00 PM
Catfish: Troublemakers
Nev and Kamie Crawford help a man figure out if his four-year online relationship
2:00 PM
Catfish: Troublemakers
Jayme has learned her online boyfriend is fake and catfishing other women too
3:00 PM
Catfish: Troublemakers
Zach needs help to find the truth about Lexi
4:00 PM
Catfish: Troublemakers
Blake seeks the truth about the online sweetheart he thought was the girl of his dreams
5:00 PM
Catfish: Troublemakers
Lucille faces the aftermath of a business relationship gone wrong
6:00 PM
MTV Cribs
Whitney Cummings and Dennis Rodman share their homes
6:30 PM
MTV Cribs
Iman Shumpert, Heidi and Spencer Pratt and Ceasar Millan tour their homes
6:55 PM
The Official UK No 1
Presenting the Official UK Number One
7:00 PM
Miley Cyrus Official Top 10
Exclusive countdown of Miley Cyrus' 10 biggest hits...
8:00 PM
Catfish: The TV Show
Mohammed needs help finding Ashley
9:00 PM
House of Food
The students learn how to cook the perfect medium rare steak
10:00 PM
Teen Mom Family Reunion
The villa is jolted by the arrival of three single mums looking to party
11:00 PM
End of a Gun
Thriller, starring Steven Seagal
1:00 AM
Behind the Music
New Kids On the Block look back on their career
2:00 AM
Ink Master
The artists cannot find any relief in a sculptural flash challenge
2:45 AM
Catfish UK
Oobah Butler and co-host Nella Rose are here to help yo...
3:35 AM
Teen Cribs
Brooke's mansion in Montana
4:00 AM
Home Shopping
6:00 AM
The Hills
The day of Spencer and Heidi's wedding arrives
6:45 AM
The Hills
Kristin makes a pass at Justin