MTV HD Today

6:00 AM
Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County
The annual winter formal ball arrives
6:25 AM
Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Lexi takes steps to move on from Kyler
7:10 AM
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
Kelli makes a huge decision before announcing the squad
8:00 AM
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
Twenty one of the best ever Rookie Candidates enter Training Camp
9:00 AM
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
Kelli and Judy face making some tough decisions
10:00 AM
Catfish: Villains
Brittany's reeling from a bad breakup and hopes she's being catfished by her ex
11:00 AM
Catfish: Villains
A girl seeks to find out whether her web-based boyfriend really is a US Marine
12:00 PM
Catfish: Villains
Eli needs help finding Boulevard
1:00 PM
Catfish: Villains
A Long Island girl discovers her Tennessee sweetheart is not quite what he seems
2:00 PM
Catfish: Villains
Jasmine writes to Nev and Max asking for help for a 'friend'
3:00 PM
Catfish: Villains
A love-struck stepdad-to-be hopes the single mum he met online is the real deal
4:00 PM
Catfish: Villains
Catfish brings together couples who've interacted solely through LCD screens
5:00 PM
Catfish: Villains
Victoria calls Catfish to help her meet her man
6:00 PM
Teen Mom: The Next Chapter
Jade visits her mum in rehab
7:00 PM
Spray Tan Mums: Single and Proud
Danielle agrees to undergo a spot of spiritual healing with reiki master Kev
8:00 PM
MTV Cribs
Rumer Willis, Jesse Metcalfe and Jenna Jameson share their homes
8:30 PM
MTV Cribs
The homes of Vivica A Fox, Gus Kenworthy and CJ Perry
9:00 PM
Just Tattoo of Us
Best pals Millie and Jordan take the ultimate trust test
10:00 PM
Jersey Shore Family Vacation
The crew go on their wildest vacation yet
11:00 PM
Geordie Shore
The Geordie's head out for their biggest night in Cyprus so far
11:55 PM
Selena Gomez: Video Premiere
Check out the brand new vid from Selena Gomez!
12:00 AM
Rob, Steelo, and Camille Kostek sit in the 'splash zone'
12:30 AM
Rob, Steelo, and Camille Kostek find out what happens when you don't 'eat at the table'
1:00 AM
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
Erica Banks finds out her new label might be 'plaintiff'
2:00 AM
Ink Master
The Judges test the Artists' understanding of colour theo...
2:45 AM
Catfish: The TV Show
Mike meets his online partner Caroline for the first time
3:35 AM
Teen Cribs
Tours of homes in Florida and Georgia
4:00 AM
Home Shopping