MTV Ireland Today
MTV Ireland
6:00 AM
Love Squad
Lateysha calls in her Love Squad to help search for her dream man
6:25 AM
Teen Mom 2
Jenelle goes to court
7:15 AM
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
The veterans join the auditions to help choose the new hopefuls
8:00 AM
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
Kelli lays down the law at the first training session
9:00 AM
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
The women are given the classic Dallas Cowboys cheerleader look
10:00 AM
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
Kelli trains the rookies in handling media interviews
11:00 AM
Catfish: Shockers
Jeni needs help finding out who Elijah really is
12:00 PM
Catfish: Shockers
Dianela fled her home in Venezuela to start a new life with a man she's never met
1:00 PM
Catfish: Shockers
Daisy wants to know why Marcus won't speak to her on the phone
2:00 PM
Catfish: Shockers
A woman seeks help investigating her granddaughter's online boyfriend
3:00 PM
Catfish: Shockers
Nev and co-host Jane Carrey help a man with a tough choice
4:00 PM
Catfish: Shockers
Rap star R Prophet investigates the identity of a girl he met online
5:00 PM
Catfish: Shockers
Max returns to help Zahra find out who T is
6:00 PM
Catfish: Shockers
Mohammed needs help finding Ashley
7:00 PM
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
The candidates are put under a new level of pressure at Training Camp
8:00 PM
Catfish: The TV Show
Ayla calls the team to help her find Gabby
9:00 PM
Badass Brides
Cameras follow brides-to-be
10:00 PM
Geordie Shore
The Geordie's are left reeling by Charlotte and Jake's shock exit
11:00 PM
Jenna suffers humiliating experiences at her party and in the school cafeteria
11:30 PM
Matty asks Jenna on their first real date
12:00 AM
Rob, Steelo and Arielle Vandenberg witness influencer mishaps
12:30 AM
Rob, Steelo, and Carly Aquilino fail to board some boats in 'boat averse'
1:00 AM
Ink Master
A head tattoo causes a fight between Al and Bili
1:55 AM
Ink Master
Photo Realism tattoos turn disastrous
2:45 AM
Geordie Shore
Gaz's pulling competition causes a bust-up for Aaron and Scott
3:35 AM
Teen Cribs
With Brichon and Aishah
4:00 AM
Home Shopping
6:00 AM
MTV Cribs UK
The homes of Joey Essex and Charlotte Dawson
6:30 AM
Teen Mom 2
Chelsea sits a test in her GED class