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National Geographic WILD
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Cruise TV with LoveitBookit
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America's Funniest Home Videos: Animal Edition
A car-smashing elephant, a cat chases a bear, a beekeeper h...
9:00 AM
Swamp Men
Staff race to catch a nuisance alligator
10:00 AM
Search for King Cobra
Scientists monitor four of the deadly snakes in the wild
11:00 AM
Animals Gone Wild
A bird causes terror in Australia
12:00 PM
Snakes in the City: Simon Goes Wild
Simon Keys rescues some of the most dangerous snakes in South Africa
1:00 PM
Yukon Vet
Dr Michelle Oakley helps to relocate two black bears
2:00 PM
Madagascar's Weirdest
The island's most unusual wildlife
3:00 PM
Madagascar's Weirdest
Strange survival techniques on the island
4:00 PM
Secrets of the Zoo
A very pregnant rhino has keepers in Tampa on edge
5:00 PM
Animal Fight Club
Battles between wild animals
6:00 PM
Snakes in the City
It's mamba season and the deadly snakes are playing hard-to-get in the trees
7:00 PM
Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa
Romance is in full bloom at Zoo Tampa
8:00 PM
Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks Showdown
The Pinwheel team risks their lives and their boat
9:00 PM
Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks Showdown
The captains have just a few fishable days before an approaching storm
10:00 PM
Alaska Fish Wars
Faulty equipment causes trouble for the crews
11:00 PM
Lawless Island
Residents of Port Protection move a thousand-pound sawmill
12:00 AM
When Sharks Attack
An unexpected and mysterious shark species
1:00 AM
Africa's Deadliest
Deadly snakes which employ poison to kill their prey
2:00 AM
Yukon Vet
Dr Oakley heads to Sweden to observe brown bears
3:00 AM
Secrets of the Zoo
Documentary series about zoo vets
4:00 AM
Yukon Vet
A pack of dogs is in urgent need of Dr Oakley's attention
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Teleshopping. U.
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