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Thursday 30 November
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Teleshopping. U.
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Teleshopping. U.
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Cruise TV with LoveitBookit
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8:00 AM
America's Funniest Home Videos: Animal Edition
As some spoiled cats enjoy a spa day, a crab builds itself a home, a girl leads an army of chickens and a seal surprises a surfer
9:00 AM
America's National Parks
Documentary profiling the range of animals residing in America's national parks, beginning the orcas, sea lions, black bears and Roosevelt elk of Washington's Olympic
10:00 AM
China's Wild Empire
Meet two family clans of golden snub-nosed monkey in China's Shennongjia National Park, as they battle it out for food, mates and status
11:00 AM
Africa's Deadliest
The vast wetlands of Africa are a refuge and lifeline to many animals, but these swamps hide dark and dangerous secrets
12:00 PM
Snakes in the City
Simon takes on a big green mamba, Siouxsie meets an angry monitor lizard, and their apprentice gets a fright when a black mamba turns on her
1:00 PM
Yukon Vet
Dr Michelle Oakley leads a herd of bison to their new home, and also treats a bald eagle with a blow to the head and a cat with a confusing case of curled claws
2:00 PM
When Sharks Attack
Two children are attacked by sharks within an hour on the New York resort of Fire Island. Experts try to uncover the cause of the first attacks in the state in more than 60 years
3:00 PM
Hostile Planet
Animals that survive in the world's deserts, including hyenas, meerkats, and sand-dwelling spiders, and how they cope with the challenges of an increasingly hot climate
4:00 PM
Secrets of the Zoo
A deep dive into a rhino's mouth, a group reindeer pedicure, a saucy monkey, a cuddly koala, and an afternoon stroll with a vulture
5:00 PM
Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks Showdown
The Gloucester champions take advantage of good weather, strategising to find big bites and gain ground against the tough Southern competition
6:00 PM
Snakes in the City
The fire brigade helps out with a dangerous capture, as Simon and Siouxsie hunt down mambas all over the city
7:00 PM
Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa
A beloved Clouded Leopard has a mystery illness, the binturong family keeps growing, and the zoo assembles their first ever herd of female giraffes
8:00 PM
Wicked Tuna
As time runs out, the Hard Merchandise fights to hold onto the top spot while the Wicked Pissah follows hot on their heels
9:00 PM
Wicked Tuna
All eyes are on top contenders Hard Merchandise and Wicked Pissah, as the quota reaches its fill and the fleet searches for their final pay checks
10:00 PM
Survive the Tribe
Wilderness instructor Hazen Audel immerses himself in the lives of some of the world's fiercest and most isolated tribes, beginning with the Samburu of Kenya
11:00 PM
World's Deadliest Jellyfish
Types of jellyfish can grow longer than a blue whale and are the deadliest creature on the planet
12:00 AM
When Sharks Attack
The story of a team of investigators in search of the reasons behind a mysterious rise in shark attacks off the Miami coast in 2017 that claimed nine victims
1:00 AM
Africa's Deadliest
The rivers of Africa - long held in myth and legend for the life they bring and the monsters they hide
2:00 AM
Wild Russia: Earth's Last Great Wilderness
Wildlife in the far east of Russia, a unique environment where mountain regions meet temperate rainforests
3:00 AM
Secrets of the Zoo
This week at the Columbus Zoo, daredevil flying goats, adorable cheetah cubs, a cranky female tiger, a lethal king cobra and a rhino that paints
4:00 AM
Yukon Vet
Dr Oakley checks up on a herd of reindeer, two alpacas are introduced to a new friend, and a bison proves harder to sedate than expected
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