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Quest Red +1
6:00 AM
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7:00 AM
Say Yes to the Dress
Brianna wants a frock themed on 50 Shades
8:00 AM
Say Yes to the Dress: Lancashire
Gok gets creative with his designs for fashion-lover Kirsty
9:00 AM
Curvy Brides Boutique
A bride with low self-esteem searches for a dress
10:00 AM
Say Yes to the Dress: UK
A bride disagrees with her 10-year-old daughter
10:30 AM
Say Yes to the Dress: UK
A bride wants a dress for a traditional Greek wedding
11:00 AM
Forensic Detectives
A sudden rise in a hospital's death rate
12:00 PM
Forensic Detectives
A tragic hunting death
1:00 PM
A case in which a mother and Bible teacher went missing
2:00 PM
The disappearance of 38-year-old Eric Franks
3:00 PM
Forbidden: Dying for Love
How teenage love led to disaster
4:00 PM
Forbidden: Dying for Love
How a heavenly relationship quickly became a hellish nightmare
5:00 PM
Desperate Measures
Dennis and Merna Koula wealth has become dangerous object of envy among their children
6:00 PM
Desperate Measures
A self-professed war hero hides a secret life from his partner
7:00 PM
Reasonable Doubt
The case of drug dealer Michael Crump
8:00 PM
The Mentalist
A death sheds light on a lucrative art-forgery ring
9:00 PM
The Mentalist
An adulterous woman is killed at a luxury resort
10:00 PM
Britain's Deadliest Kids
The murder of 17-year-old Ellie Gould
11:00 PM
A Killer's Mistake
Micah Rine Pate mysteriously disappears
12:00 AM
The Suitcase Murders
A suitcase containing a badly beaten body is discovered next to the motorway
1:00 AM
Nightmare Next Door
The disappearance of two youngsters
2:00 AM
Forensic Detectives
A case centred on a woman, whose body was found in the boot of a car
3:00 AM
Murder Comes to Town
The case of Kelly Eckart
4:00 AM
FBI Files
A case in which three prisoners escaped from their prison transport
5:00 AM
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