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news2day Weekly
Round-up of major stories
8:20 AM
Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
A ghost trucker terrorises the town
8:50 AM
A-Lad-in The Mitchelstown Cave, written by Karl Harpur and narrated by Doireann Garrihy
9:00 AM
The Deep
Animated adventure
9:25 AM
The Deep
Animated adventure
9:50 AM
Teen Titans Go!
Robin takes a DNA test to find out about his family history
10:10 AM
Teen Titans Go!
Robin is confined to his room with a telescope after breaking his leg
10:20 AM
Teen Titans Go!
Control Freak stages another edition of US game show Family Feud
10:35 AM
Drama following a group of teenagers who are regulars a...
11:05 AM
JourneyCam International
The adventures of Irish children as they travel across borders and continents
11:30 AM
Home and Away
Alf sticks up for John Palmer
12:00 PM
Home and Away
Harper avoids Felicity, and Mac's anxiety peaks
12:30 PM
Short Circuit 2
Sci-fi comedy sequel, with Fisher Stevens
2:30 PM
Live Six Nations Rugby Union
France v Italy (Kick-off 3.00pm)
5:30 PM
Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby
Giles Coren and Monica Galetti work in a Croatian hotel
6:30 PM
Science's Greatest Mysteries
Why the far side of the Moon is different from the surface visible from Earth
7:30 PM
The Alps
Part two of two. The hardships that accompany life during an Alpine winter
8:30 PM
Dynasties II: Making Of
How the natural history documentary was filmed
9:30 PM
Allianz League Sunday
A review of the weekend's Allianz League action
11:00 PM
Our Miracle Years: Boom Generation
Böcker wins the election - but Bijan and Gabriela cannot forgive him
11:55 PM
Alison's suspicions rise when she learns that Ethan argued with Sean on the beach
12:50 AM
Friday Night Dinner
Mum puts Dad on a diet for two weeks
1:25 AM
Jonathan lies to Claire about finding a new place to live
2:00 AM
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