S4C HD Today

6:00 AM
Og y Draenog Hapus
Animated series for preschool children
6:10 AM
Jen a Jim Pob Dim
Maths series for young children
6:25 AM
Children's fun with the adventurous gang
6:40 AM
Sali Mali
Adventures with Sali Mali, Jackdaw and friends
6:45 AM
With children from Ysgol y Gelli, Caernarfon
7:00 AM
Fun for pre-school children
7:10 AM
Sam Tan
Adventures with Fireman Sam
7:20 AM
Crads Bach y Traeth
Deri, Ceinwen and the shags show off their tricks
7:25 AM
Pablo is fascinated by the tiny strands of colour he can see in a piece of lint
7:40 AM
Pupils from another school join Ben Dant and Cadi for an exciting adventure
8:00 AM
A three-year-old bunny engages with the world around him
8:10 AM
Caru Canu a Stori
Series with popular songs for children
8:20 AM
Megan Llyn meets all sorts of animals - wild, tame and wonderful!
8:35 AM
Undersea adventures
8:45 AM
Science programme for children
9:05 AM
Sion y Chef
A marvellous mango roadshow comes to town
9:20 AM
Byd Tad-Cu
Storytelling show, starring Don Warrington
9:30 AM
Pentre Papur Pop
Help Llaw crafts the friends a theatre stage
9:45 AM
Deian a Loli
The council want to close Deian and Loli's favourite playground.
10:00 AM
Og y Draenog Hapus
Og is really disappointed when the rain ruins his plans for the day
10:10 AM
Jen a Jim Pob Dim
Plwmp wants to go for a paddle in the garden pond
10:25 AM
The word for this episode is Scales
10:40 AM
Sali Mali
Sali Mali wants to go camping, but loses some of her equipment
10:45 AM
With children from Ysgol y Ddwylan
11:00 AM
It is bathtime for Bobo and the Ceffylau Nen
11:10 AM
Sam Tan
Norman is keen to get a scoop in the local paper
11:20 AM
Crads Bach y Traeth
It is noisy and crowded on the clifftop
11:25 AM
The youngster sees colours coming from the radio
11:40 AM
Pupils from Ysgol Bro Eirwg face Capten Cnec's tasks
12:00 PM
Newyddion S4C a'r Tywydd
News and weather
12:05 PM
Sain Ffagan
The museum celebrates the Hindu festival of Diwali
12:30 PM
Y Byd ar Bedwar
Current affairs
1:00 PM
Prynhawn Da
Magazine programme
1:55 PM
Newyddion S4C a'r Tywydd
News and weather
2:00 PM
Seiclo: Tour de France
Live coverage of stage 18
4:50 PM
Sion y Chef
Siôn and his friends try their best to hide a surprise cow for Maggie
5:00 PM
Oi! Osgar
Animated adventures
5:10 PM
Y Doniolis
Mici Afal brings his talent contest to Cwm Doniol
5:15 PM
Byd Rwtsh Dai Potsh
Dave's first ever plane journey does not quite go to plan
5:30 PM
Bro Eirwg take on Twm o'r Nant
6:00 PM
Dan Do
Properties in Anglesey, Monmouth and Blaen y Coed
6:30 PM
Rownd a Rownd
Mel is adamant that Kelvin is seeing someone else
6:57 PM
Newyddion S4C
News headlines
7:00 PM
Magazine programme
7:30 PM
Newyddion S4C a'r Tywydd
News and weather
8:00 PM
Pobol y Cwm
Gwern isn't happy to be back in Cwmderi
8:25 PM
Rownd a Rownd
Everybody is worried about Mel following the accident
8:55 PM
Newyddion S4C a'r Tywydd
News and weather
9:00 PM
Byd Eithafol: Chwarae Teg?
Maxine Hughes investigates the debate over trans athletes in women's judo
10:00 PM
Seiclo: Tour de France
Highlights of Stage 18
10:30 PM
Sgwrs Dan y Lloer
Elin Fflur chats to Gwenno Saunders
11:00 PM
Cais Quinnell
Activities include zip lining, river tubing and ice sculpting
11:35 PM
6:00 AM
The little owl helps to clear up some overgrown nature trails
6:10 AM
Comedy art and singing series
6:20 AM
Guto Gwningen
Fun with the Beatrix Potter characters
6:35 AM
Tomos a'i Ffrindiau
Fun with Thomas the Tank Engine
6:45 AM
Comedy show for pre-school children