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Thursday 30 November
6:00 AM
The Larkins
Hetty decides that it is time for Eddie to realise how Myrtle really feels, and Alf tries to become more dominant after a newspaper personality poll describes him as henpecked
6:30 AM
Mystery Junction
A well-known crime writer is on a train journey when a man is found murdered. Crime drama, starring Sydney Tafler, Martin Benson and Barbara Murray
7:50 AM
Reel Stories: The Projectionists
The unseen work behind the cinema screen undertaken by projectionists
9:00 AM
Law of the Plainsman
am travels by stagecoach when he escorts an outlaw to prison, but must defend his fellow passengers from his captive's gang
9:30 AM
A gangster lets an innocent bystander take the blame for a robbery he committed, but a detective on the case is not easily deceived. Thriller, starring John Ireland and Sheila Ryan
11:00 AM
The Girl In the Picture
A man goes in search of a mysterious woman who may be the only person able to identify his brother's killer. Thriller, starring Donald Houston and Patrick Holt
12:15 PM
Love is a Ball
A professional matchmaker decides to train up a few helpers in his art, but soon has cause to regret it. Romantic comedy, starring Glenn Ford and Charles Boyer
2:30 PM
Crown Court
Part two of three. Rita claims she never knew how the fatal trick worked, and a lingerie model gives her account of the night in question
3:00 PM
Melvyn's Talking Pictures
Melvyn Hayes introduces Mimi
3:10 PM
A struggling playwright in 1850s France finds fresh inspiration in a new love. Romantic drama, starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Gertrude Lawrence
5:00 PM
Melvyn's Talking Pictures
Preview of next week's film
5:10 PM
My Man Godfrey
An aristocratic woman hires a tramp as her butler, little anticipating how valuable he will prove. Comedy, starring William Powell and Carole Lombard
7:00 PM
Derek Fowlds: A Part Well Played
The actor, best known for his TV roles in Yes Minister and Heartbeat, looks back on his 60-year career
7:40 PM
Talking Thunderbirds: John and Wanda Brown
Interview with two puppeteers who worked on the iconic TV show
8:00 PM
Danger UXB
Ash employs some new technology that does not work. A new recruit gets some training, and a magazine article causes tension amid the team's superior officers
9:00 PM
Rumpole of the Bailey
The lawyer defends a dealer charged with insider trading. Courtroom drama, featuring Elizabeth Hurley in an early role, alongside Leo McKern
10:05 PM
The Snorkel
A teenager tries to prove that her mother did not kill herself, but was murdered by her stepfather. Thriller, starring Mandy Miller and Peter Van Eyck
11:50 PM
A mentally unstable ventriloquist falls under the influence of his dummy. Richard Attenborough's psychological horror, starring Anthony Hopkins and Ann-Margret
2:00 AM
The Main Chance
Margaret helps a woman intimidated by her husband, as David faces a terrible situation in Cuba
3:00 AM
Experiment in Terror
A bank clerk is blackmailed into stealing $100,000 to save her sister from a psychopathic kidnapper. Thriller, starring Glenn Ford and Lee Remick
5:30 AM
Four Star Theatre
Uncle Fred, reluctantly accompanied by his nephew, disrupts the lives of a family living in the suburbs