TG4 Today
6:00 AM
Cúla 4
Fun for kids
6:02 AM
Zou and his friends prepare to play an important football match
6:14 AM
Finny an Siorc
Finny wants to be the superhero Wonder Shark one day
6:26 AM
Rita & Crogall
The duo go camping
6:31 AM
Pip and Posy
The friends help make a place for ants to stay in Jamila's bug hotel
6:38 AM
Bíp Bíp Cory Carson
Cory is delighted to move into his new bedroom
6:46 AM
Olobob Top
It's Gurdy's lots-of-birthdays-birthday
6:51 AM
Elmo Anseo
Elmo learns all about nursery rhymes
6:57 AM
Abby's Amazing Adventures
Abby and Rudy become construction workers
7:04 AM
Jack's friends are troubled by his boisterous behaviour
7:11 AM
Pikwik Pack
Double bill of cartoon fun
7:35 AM
Petronix Defenders
The Petronix Team tries to rescue a Condor from mean MacTrapp
7:47 AM
PJ Masks
The ninjalinos keep disappearing
8:00 AM
Cúla 4
Fun for kids
8:02 AM
The Garfield Show
Garfield saves his friends and planet Earth
8:16 AM
Pat an Madra
The Guanos steal Lola's mother's smartphone
8:23 AM
Zak Jinks
Zak pretends that he has a twin brother named Zeke
8:37 AM
Angelo Rules
A new cupcake chain arrives in town
8:48 AM
That's Joey
Joey, Yassine and Olive seek sports tuition from their school dinner lady
9:00 AM
Cúla 4
Fun for kids
9:02 AM
Seal le Timmy
Timmy has a go on his scooter
9:08 AM
Super Simple Amhráin
A fun song about being happy
9:11 AM
Ó a Sheáin
Seán goes on a picnic and brings vegetables and a comic book with him
9:16 AM
Bia Linn
A focus on potatoes
9:31 AM
Lá Le Mamó nó Daideo
Learning to make a seaweed bundle
9:38 AM
Is Mise
Joey visits a pet farm
9:49 AM
Béiriní is a Leabhair
The Bears learn about moderation
10:00 AM
Nuair a Bheidh Mé Mór
Faith-Leigh imagines her life as a librarian when she grows up
10:10 AM
Dinosaur Train
Buddy migrates with Annie Tyrannosaurus and her parents
10:24 AM
Mommy is interviewed by a local journalist
10:35 AM
Tour de France: Súil Siar
Highlights of stage 18
11:05 AM
Tour de France Beo
Coverage of stage 19
4:20 PM
Cúla 4
Fun for kids
4:22 PM
Mr Fuffernin pays a visit in order to review Mrs Muchmore's hospitality for his column
4:30 PM
SpongeBob SquarePants
Mr Krabs, Patrick, Spongebob and Squidward reminisce
4:44 PM
Zak Jinks
It is time for the end of year school reports to be sent out
5:00 PM
Tomaí, Éadaoin and Caoimhe fly, spin and leap
5:27 PM
An Aimsir Láithreach
National and international weather
5:30 PM
Moving West
Families who have moved to the west of Ireland
6:00 PM
Domhan an Dúlra: Equator's Wild Secrets
The rare and unusual flora and fauna of Borneo and Sumatra
6:57 PM
An Aimsir Láithreach
National and international weather
7:00 PM
Nuacht TG4
The latest headlines
7:30 PM
An Cósta Thiar
Áine Ní Bhreisleáin visits Árainn Mhór
8:00 PM
Opry le Daniel
Country gospel music from Cliona Hagan, Michael English, Chloe Agnew, and Patrick Feeney
9:00 PM
Tour de France: Súil Siar
Action from stage 19
9:30 PM
Two Mules for Sister Sara
Western, starring Clint Eastwood and Shirley MacLaine
11:33 PM
An Aimsir Láithreach
National and international weather
11:35 PM
Teach na Céibhe
A performance by Scottish band Capercaillie
12:10 AM
Muhammad Ali
Ken Burns' documentary about the sporting legend and activist
1:10 AM
The story of Maud Gonne
2:00 AM
Nuacht TG4
The latest headlines
2:30 AM
Creative Company
Workplaces are challenged to make pieces of art
3:25 AM
An Ríl Deal
Talented Irish dancers compete
4:20 AM
Glórtha ón Imeall
Niall Tóibín discusses the stories of Seán Mac Mathúna
4:45 AM
France 24
International news
6:00 AM
Cúla 4
Fun for kids
6:02 AM
Dora and Boots stand up to a bully
6:26 AM
Rita & Crogall
The duo go to the zoo
6:31 AM
JJ and the family are camping overnight in the garden
6:34 AM
JJ and his friends must dance when the music plays - but freeze when the music stops
6:38 AM
Digley & Dazey
Bandit Bus unlocks the town zoo - and lets the baby lion out
6:41 AM
Digley & Dazey
Digley is struggling to do his work
6:46 AM
Pip and Posy
The friends get into a disagreement
6:53 AM
Pompon An Béirín Beag
Pompon takes a shot at writing poetry