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3 July 2022

Mr Bean

Category: Sitcom
Episode 10 of 14 | Season 1
Fri 8 Jul
8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes)
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315 votes
Mind the Baby, Mr Bean The bumbling hero tries his level best to turn a babysitting job into a fun-packed day at the fair, but predictably makes a hash of it. Slapstick comedy, starring Rowan Atkinson

Category: Sitcom

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well well well
this is funny. that is all i have to say. Bye£$%$$££$%^&^%*&^(
cheese54   11:19am Fri 23 Dec Report Abuse

$$$$ YO
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BLING DUDE
BLING PUNK $$$   9:00pm Thu 24 Feb Report Abuse

mr bean!!
kl hornt entertaining
hiya   5:14pm Wed 19 Jan Report Abuse

mr bean is the best
i think that mr bean is the definetly the best and you should put it on more often because every body loves it
REDNAXELA   9:07am Mon 9 Aug Report Abuse

Oh come on
Anyone saying Mr Bean is a bad influence is just a crap parent looking for something to blame. Try looking in the mirror if you want to see where the problems stem from.
Misanthrope   6:46pm Wed 9 Jun Report Abuse

Bad Influence?
Your kids must be the missing links - that is why they 'APE' around. My kids watch this and laugh - they know its not real - put your apes in cages if they get out of hand.
C. Darwin   7:06pm Thu 27 May Report Abuse

i dont like this
T-Bag   6:57pm Thu 27 May Report Abuse

Bad influence physically and mentally!
I'm the principal of a kindergarten school in India.I observed many kids who are glued to TV esp Mr.Bean. Its one of the most irritating kids serial i've ever seen.I've requested parents to ban their kids from watching Mr.Bean. There are many who walk like a duck aping Mr.Beans!and dont talk much. They show their funny silly face just like Mr.Bean! I feel its a very bad influence sicne kids at this age tend to ape the people around them and spending their time with TV characters, it is better to filter what they watch! Hoping to make a small difference in some child's life...
BAN Mr.Bean   1:56pm Mon 19 Apr Report Abuse

Mr Bean=legend
Mr bean is so funny and btw 'very bad influnce many of Bean Acts show mis-behavior to our young children's siow kia 4:23am Sat 26 Sep' y do u let your children watch this if you think its bad. pffff blaming mr bean on ur own misdoings
gr   8:36pm Sat 13 Mar Report Abuse

mr bean
jordan john speakes   7:17pm Tue 9 Feb Report Abuse

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