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19 August 2022

True Blood

Category: Fantasy
Episode 7 of 12 | Season 2
Sat 20 Aug
3:10am-4:10am (1 hour)
Starts in 4 hour(s) 56 minutes
1759 votes
by TVGuide.co.uk users
1759 votes
Release Me Sam is left at the mercy of Maryann and her minions after being betrayed by Daphne, and Sookie uses her telepathic gift to reach out to Bill, who is being detained at the hotel by Lorena. Elsewhere, Jason tries to sever his ties with the Fellowship of the Sun, but meets resistance from Steve and Gabe

Category: Fantasy

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Where's the next episode?
Why is Sky Atlantic not showing season 4 episode 2 next week?
Aaaaa   11:29pm Thu 11 Jun Report Abuse

When does Season 4 start? I am a total fan.
Truebob   7:03pm Sat 10 Dec Report Abuse

its gone tits up
season one was great and then they turned it into a soap opera as per usual
seggy   12:12am Wed 19 Oct Report Abuse

Astang Otina
Astang McGay   6:31am Thu 16 Dec Report Abuse

Astang Otina
Otin ni astang gamay. Mao sa laki nlang siya ga palobot. Bayot si Astang nga naay otin ni tubo sa iyang ulo.
Astang McGay   6:31am Thu 16 Dec Report Abuse

Complaining about time?
This is the 21st century, the era of video on demand etc. IF you don't have sky+/Tivo/HDD etc, surely you have an old vcr? Even in the 80s people recorded things that were on too late for them.
whining idiots   8:01pm Thu 18 Nov Report Abuse

Totally agree. Ridiculous that it has to be shown so late at night during the week. We've been watching it online on the PC - which is not exactly great with such a small screen :-(
Bee&Jay   8:02pm Thu 4 Nov Report Abuse

Some of us have to work
Please stop putting it on later and later - are you taking the p*ss!!??!! - I have to get up for work at 0600 and this is the only programme worth watching...
damneddave   6:32am Fri 29 Oct Report Abuse

Will tonights episode repeat at any time?
TickTock   10:54pm Thu 28 Oct Report Abuse

why is inot at the correcr rime
Amillion pound drop not true blood why
simba   10:46pm Thu 28 Oct Report Abuse

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