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19 August 2022

Highway to Heaven

Category: Fantasy
Episode 24 of 24 | Season 4
Sat 20 Aug
4:30am-5:15am (45 minutes)
Starts in 13 hour(s) 37 minutes
106 votes
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106 votes
The Whole Nine Yards Jonathan meets the chauvinistic coach of a high-school American football team, and tries to persuade him to allow girls to play

Category: Fantasy

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My review of Highway to..
10:00-23.11.2018 This episode was a story which touch's my heart as I had been diagnosed with a mental condition in 1999. The neighbours of the half house are much like the general community. In fact it is much worse than they acted out. Once again a bravo performance from the duo and supporting actors and actresses. Today's episode had no stage whispers!
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew   11:01am Fri 23 Nov Report Abuse

My review of Highway to..
9am-08.11.2018 This episode was moving. It is sad to see family rejecting family, though I know how stressful sharing can be. Another good performance by the duo and extra's. This episode had no or little stage whispering which settled me.
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew   10:13am Thu 8 Nov Report Abuse

Have you sought treatment for "hearing voices"?
Jlo   9:07am Thu 8 Nov Report Abuse

My review of Highway to..
8am-08.11.2018 This episode was enjoyable. As usually a happy ending. It would be nice to see many resolutions end this way. The stage whispers ended, so I felt settled (as I use to). I especially enjoyed the extra's performances.
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew   8:59am Thu 8 Nov Report Abuse

My review of Highway to..
7am-08.11.2018 I liked the theme music and music arrangement. It is always a pleasure to view Highway to Heaven, as I am a Christian. However, on the 7am show today, there was stage whispers, which puts me off.
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew   8:04am Thu 8 Nov Report Abuse

My review of Highway to..
I absolutely and completely admire and like this programme! I always enjoy it and the actors (regulars and supporting actors/ actresses) There is no stage whispering. I will watch regularly! Bravo!!! X
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew   12:16pm Wed 7 Nov Report Abuse

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