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26 May 2022

Holby City

Category: Soap
Episode 49 of 52 | Season 18
Fri 27 May
9:40am-11:00am (1 hour 20 minutes)
Starts in 7 hour(s) 49 minutes
5274 votes
by TVGuide.co.uk users
5274 votes
Say a Little Prayer Fletch is in the grip of a creeping paralysis after losing feeling in his feet, but Raf struggles to make the diagnosis that will save his life. In the dark about Ollie's relationship with Jasmine, Zosia begins to think about the possibility of a reconciliation and a happily engaged patient and her partner present a vision of what might have been for Sacha and Essie

Category: Soap

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

No dignity
Why are they all standing round her death bed watching as she waits for the transplant procedures……………no respect, invasion of privacy, disgusting!
No dignity   7:26pm Tue 29 Mar Report Abuse

Cheeky Cow
So the nurse will have to keep the dress now she tore the label off! What a message to send out wearing clothes and then returning them. Disgusting!
Marina   8:49pm Tue 11 Jan Report Abuse

Bad scripts, ridiculous storylines, boring characters, misery personified!
LLW   8:23pm Tue 2 Nov Report Abuse

Is it about to be blown up literally. Good!
Max   9:03pm Tue 31 Aug Report Abuse

It's being scrapped.
Not before time - hopefully Casualty next.
Looky   5:56pm Tue 31 Aug Report Abuse

Prev comm
No point now as Holby is being scrapped.
Max   10:17pm Tue 17 Aug Report Abuse

Holby city
I would like you change the old theme song back as it was before
Michael smith   7:03pm Tue 17 Aug Report Abuse

Jac Naylor striding up and down corridors in high heels and doing nothing else. Is it any wonder why the show is to scrapped?
Carley   9:06pm Tue 27 Jul Report Abuse

I have watched Holby from day 1, and loved it up until Jac left. It went down over night and after only two episodes I threw in the towel. What a shame, so many of us have been so badly let down by the BBC once again.
Rona   9:58am Wed 26 May Report Abuse

boring holby city
I have been watching Holby since day one, and looked forward every week to watching it, but now I find the story lines so miserable, and now Sacha has gone out of it because Dominic has got him into trouble, Dominic’s character has been changed beyond recognition, and more misery to follow, I am nearly throwing in the towel, it goes from one boring line straight to another
Dee   11:14pm Tue 25 May Report Abuse

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