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30 June 2022

Four in a Bed

Category: General
Episode 91 of 105 | Season 2016
Thu 30 Jun
2:10pm-2:40pm (30 minutes)
Starts in 6 hour(s) 5 minutes
2237 votes
by TVGuide.co.uk users
2237 votes
Bridge Hotel The competition kicks off at the Bridge Hotel in Scunthorpe, owned by Martin and Hannah Weaver. However, visitors Rob and Michelle from Seashells B&B find a condom by the entrance and Clare and Fran from The New Court Hotel are concerned about cleanliness. Tom and Samara from The Crown at Whitchurch think the rooms are little more than functional. Martin and Hannah try to impress their guests at breakfast by introducing them to their pet pig, but there are issues with eggs, but some harsh feedback disappoints the pair

Category: General

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Today’s show
Don’t like bossy Verity.Too sharp tongued for my liking.
Lizzie   1:32pm Tue 30 Nov Report Abuse

Mrs T
Wicked old bag!
gameplayer   5:04pm Sun 14 Mar Report Abuse

Ridiculous now
Guests paying £50 less more than ever. Fgs get real! Half price for high end rooms with one hair and a cobweb in a posh holiday resort....
borednow   4:48pm Wed 10 Mar Report Abuse

The programme is about bed AND breakfast, yet very little time goes toward actually showing the breakfasts that are served!
Lj   3:14pm Sat 20 Feb Report Abuse

Big breakfast
We are proper foodies....says the larger than life pair. Who knew?
DesperateDan   2:36pm Wed 10 Feb Report Abuse

Todays episode.
I've seen it at least five times. Was probably on 6 -8 weeks ago
Bored   5:35pm Tue 2 Feb Report Abuse

When was today's shows last on tv
Please settle an argument as to when today's set of 4 in a bed was last aired on the television
ORIGO   4:54pm Tue 2 Feb Report Abuse

Feed back
It should be left till everyone has Visited as this makes game players Maybe they get the feedback a day before pay day
Margaret g   9:23pm Tue 26 Jan Report Abuse

Off with her head
Oh my the landlady said “nitty gritty” .....twice!
Len   8:32pm Sat 23 Jan Report Abuse

The couple complaining about the size of the breakfast. ..Lol. No breakfast would be big enough!!
dietaware   3:30pm Thu 21 Jan Report Abuse

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